baby diaries: Happy half birthday baby

Six months flew by so fast, anak. Seemed like it was only yesterday when I kissed your red lips for the first time in the operating room, right after the doctors took you out of Mommy’s tummy. Well, Mom would probably say that “seemed like only yesterday” a number of times from now.

But really, you grow so fast. Your Dad and I marvelled the week your hair finally grew back when the week before that you were still bald. You grow up so fast and of course your Mom and Dad are happy and relieved.

Today, we had your half birthday photoshoot. Dad and Mom are so proud and happy to see you laughing a lot with the photo shop crew. Just three months ago, it was to only me and your Dad that you laughed with. Your horizons are expanding.

And soon, it’ll expand even more. Soon, you’ll be going to daycare. Someone else other than Mom and Dad would be taking care of you. It gives my heart a twinge baby, a little sad even, knowing you’d probably establish a bond with your new caregiver, knowing she’ll witness some of your firsts. But your going to daycare is for your own good as well as for Mom’s own good.

You’ll get to learn early on about your Japanese heritage that has a culture so rich and varied which Mom wishes you will uphold and continue for your children and children’s children. If you would be with Mom at home, you would be missing a lot. That and more other reasons besides. Expand your horizons baby.

Mommy needs to take some time for herself too. And pursue her dreams while taking care of you and Daddy. So that Mom can be a better Mom. There’s this line in MomME Circle, a website celebrating purposeful moms, that sums up why Mom has to go back to work and what Mom yearns to teach you.

She works towards living a brilliant, thriving life because she wants to set a good example for her kids. She knows they are watching and this is what she wants them to learn: to believe in themselves, to know that dreams can come true, and to live purposeful, inspiring lives.

Your Dad is making a lot of effort as well, by the day, in becoming a better dad. Earlier at the Church, Dad, who was then carrying you was swaying and making some small dance steps so that you’d continue in your slumber. Yes there were lots of people around and behind him yet Dad didn’t mind them. This from your Dad who’s shy.

Mom and Dad are not perfect honey. Imperfect though we are, we love you so much and would do our best to give you everything that’s best for you.

Grow well Yui. And may you grow up with a kind heart and a confident spirit. That and many other well wishes besides.

Mom and Dad

Happy half Birthday!


today’s cute finds at Babies R Us

Met with a colleague friend earlier who also have a baby who’s just days younger than Yui. The afternoon’s agenda: show her Babies R Us location in our area. Told her when we met last week that the store has lots of super cute yet affordable bibs that I haven’t found yet in other stores (my bestfriend in US who has twins said cover-all bibs aren’t available in the US; at least she hasn’t found any in her area). Me mentioning the bibs was just right on time because my colleague friend also needs to buy quite a number of new bibs for her daughter who is soon to start daycare on April 1st.

Of course, I took the opportunity to look around for Yui’s stuff. Bought her very cute pink, frilly ruffle skirt and shirt as well but these are my favourites in today’s purchases:

Minny Mouse Joint mat. I initially wanted a cute Hello Kitty joint mat but decided against it because the colours and design of the mat was too loud. This is just nice.


Bought this Hello Kitty hand sanitizer though.


This oversized bib with towel that has wonderfully balanced both fashion and function.


Where’s the towel? Here!


So if your baby’s burp spit up turned to full blown vomiting, you have a handy towel to wipe the vomit up.


I also bought Yui a lullaby CD by Jewel. It turned out however that Yui preferred my version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Hehe! But I bought the CD for both Yui and the Dad. Turned out my hunch was right. Hubs loved the songs in that the one hour or so playlist got played for four solid hours. @_@


Cover-all bibs for sending to US.


Didn’t buy yet the stuff needed for Yui’s daycare as we still await for instructions from the ward office and meeting with the daycare nurses. From what my friend has been telling me earlier, I’m excited for Yui. ๐Ÿ™‚

Incomplete, an act of kindness, Yui’s first solids preps

Tonight and tomorrow night, Hubs is away for a stay-in workshop organised by the company, him being one of the lecturers. I’m happy for Hubs for this opportunity but I sorely miss him; this being the first night we’ve been away from each other ever since our church wedding two years ago let alone the first since Yui was born. Yui seemed to be out of sorts herself as well this evening. Not crying thankfully but more clingy than usual. Nighttime is actually her bonding time with Dad as I go about doing household chores. Funny how she finally settled for the night after hearing her dad on the phone when Hubs called to say goodnight. I am more tired as well since I have to take care of the baby AND do household chores; this after coming home carting a baby in my arms, a bulky baby bag on one shoulder and dragging a stroller/baby car on one hand (Mayumi carried the shopped goods thankfully). But still I’m real thankful because Yui at least wasn’t cranky this evening. In fact she was smiling a lot. So even when I was already very tired, I found myself still having the energy to do some household chores at 1:30am. Thanks to Yui’s help. The miracles of being a mom – you thought you’re tired already yet you still find yourself going and going and going. But really, aside from the lending arm that Hubs gives when he’s around, it definitely is lonely without Atsushi around. Two nights seem to be very long.

Yui is soon to start her solids already and I planned for today and tomorrow to buy the stuff necessary for the first few weeks at least. Been researching on giving baby solids for quite some time now and it’s finally time to actually buy the stuff for us to get started.

For today’s destination, we had to ride the JR train. Unfortunately however, the station we went to doesn’t have an elevator. We had Yui on a baby car and it’s really quite a feat to climb a long flight of stairs with a baby and a big bag albeit Mayumi will carry the folded stroller. The train master however kindly offered to carry Yui’s baby car and even offered that I put my big bag on the stroller for him to carry which of course I had to graciously refuse. When we got up to the platform, he didn’t leave us immediately the moment he set down the stroller. He waited till I was able to safely tuck Yui in in the stroller. Such a kind act. Thankful. Touched. Impressed.

The baby goods shopping was successful. Was really happy with these girly cover-all bibs; hello kitty and suzzy’s zoo being washable cloth type and the owl and flower design being easy to wipe plastic type. We’re ready for solids yey!


baby-safe home

After almost a month of hiatus, Hubs and I went about mall hopping again looking for baby stuff (and of course shopping for ourselves, on the side ^_^), with Babies R Us as our main objective this time.

We realised that the benefits of window shopping (onsite and online) is that as we get to see more options, what we want gets pretty more defined.

Earlier today, I was telling Hubs that when hopefully Baby already started walking, we should find a way to lock the cabinets in the kitchen, especially the ones under the sink, where the knives are – I do shiver at the thought.

When we looked around Babies R Us earlier, we found really cute options that could help us keep our home safer for Baby.

Cute electric plug socket covers.



And THIS is what we need to lock our cabinets.


I have a feeling Baby will have a lot of Miffy stuff; there’s so many cute baby stuff with Miffy. ๐Ÿ™‚

This one’s to lock the fridge.


Even as an adult, I still get my finger pinched between the door and its frame by accident. Knowing how painful it is, this one makes it a must to protect baby from getting pinched.


This on the other HAND, is for unsafe corners.


Who says fashion and function can’t go together? I’ve always been a proponent of fashion and function’s togetherness. Because really, they can.

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