I’m one of the bears

Visited the area where Mom and Dad works. 🙂



While Hubs bought his “daily goods” in the nearby Japanese Bookstore, I’m enjoying my book as well, with a nice view.


sakura dori

After a hard rain, it always is a beautiful day the day after, making today’s walk to office even lovelier what with the blue skies highlighting the sakura trees, that has blossomed in its prime, lining the whole Sakura avenue in front of the office. And this week is even lovelier what with the sakura petals falling, as if it’s snowing with pink and white petals.

Our office, masked with sakura blooms.


look who’s in love

It’s been a particularly cold and dreary-looking day with the clouds looking heavy. I wish I could say they’re heavy with snow, but no they aren’t.

In this overcast day though, what was usually ignored took a lot of notice. There was this particular side of the building which is the least interesting to look at. But not today.

We fondly refer to it as “the building that’s in love”.



Already 9pm but both of us are still working. On a Friday at that. But it’s worth the while to stop for a few minutes and appreciate the view. I hope though I could get to take photos of the breathtaking sunsets we’ve been having these days. Next time!




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