Scarf for winter

Except for buying shoes which I awfully need, all the shopping that I’ve done in the last three months were only for my daughter. It’s like when I’m in a mall or shopping online, I only remember the things Yui needs (and what I want for Yui to wear, teehee). The moment I arrive home or is done with online shopping, that’s when I remember the things I need. But try as I might to shop for myself nowadays, I get bored within 5 minutes of looking around, preferring to hang out instead in the baby’s section.

But I found this one and for the first time in months, I actually felt that I would like to have this for myself.


But then again, I don’t think I’ll be buying it.


The nearest Kobeya bakeshop in our area is in Kamiooka station, one station further from our station if coming from Sakuragicho. Yet even when out of the way, Hubs went there just to surprise me and buy me my bread before going home from office. Touched. Thank you A. Thank you.

one of the lucky few

Indeed we’re thankful to be blessed and be one of the few. Yui (I’d probably be calling her Moira from now. I’d blog soon about how this came about) actually started having her six-hours sleep at night ever since her sixth week. Thankful.


I’m one of the bears

Visited the area where Mom and Dad works. 🙂


Vaccines galore

Yui had her first vaccination today (or rather, yesterday since it’s 2am now). With some hoped-for travels in the near future in mind, we decided to have our daughter be vaccinated per both US and Japanese standards. Below is the list of recommended vaccines by CDC US and the timing with which they need to be administered.


Japan and US are same except that BCG is required in Japan and that RV, HepA and B and Varicella are not required. Since said four vaccines are not required here, they are not given for free, but for a fee.

RV (which would protect Yui against rotavirus) costs a whopping 13,000yen per shot whilst HepB (yep this is against Hepa B) costs 5,500yen per shot. Both vaccines needs to be administered three times. Ouch yes. But it’s for Yui’s sake so we have to go for it.

With advise from the doctor and with consideration on the Japanese recommended timing of immunizations, we decided to have her DPT (against Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus), Polio (speaks for itself) and BCG (against Tuberculosis) vaccinations on her third month, all free.

So thankfully yesterday afternoon, Yui only had to endure three injections since RV is taken orally (whew!) – PCV (against pneumococcal bacteria that causes pneumonia, meningitis), Hib (against haemophilus influenzae type b which causes meningitis) and HepB.

Yui looked so ready for her vaccine shots.


But oh how she screamed in pain. 😦


Her band-aids are so cute though!!


Us adults also had our influenza vaccine but our band-aid is the usual boring one. I want a Hello Kitty one too! 😀 And I’ve a mind to copy my daughter with the screaming – my vaccine hurt too! Hehe.

Thankfully Yui didn’t fuss much after her immunization. She just slept to pass off the pain.
Her pedia’s clinic is near Motomachi hence Mayumi and I dropped by to look for fleece/down jacket for Yui which her Dad had asked me to buy for her to use at home. The traditional Gap jacket solved the jacket hunt.


Shopped some other clothes and a pair of boots (for Yui) besides. But this is my favorite purchase in this afternoon’s shopping. Our little miss would look so fashionable (and warm) in this cute poncho.


If Yui is a bit older, this can actually be considered as her reward for the afternoon’s pain. 🙂

Such a sweet kid!


Early this morning there was a rustle in the bed. I glanced toward the bedroom to see a little pajama foot dangling off of the side.

Little Eli groaned and grunted as he stretched. His arms hands reached as far as his arms would allow. His toes danced as his body began to wake up.

I ran my hand through his messy curls and tried to tame the sprout of hair that stuck straight up.

He smiled at me sleepily.

“Hi, my mama.”

“Hi, my baby.”

“Mama. You’s a cupcake ‘dis morning.”

“Oh okay…wait. What?”

“You’s a pretty cupcake.”

I laughed and pointed to my hair wrapped in a towel.

“He nodded. Yups. You’s look yummy and pwretty. You’s my favorites cupcake.”

There you have it, friends. I am his favorite cupcake and am officially on cloud nine.

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baby diaries: conversations

I love our conversations anak. When you gurgle some and then flash me a wide smile that extends to your eyes – Oh, how my heart melts. I hope you’ll flash the same to Daddy, soon. I’m sure he’ll cry with happiness.

I especially love it when we have our conversations with you in my arms. But you lying on your bed is no less heart-melting.


Grow well and healthy our dear Yui.

baby thermometer

Yui has this very cute Snoopy thermometer.


It has a bendable tip for hyper kids.


But that’s the thing. It’s for kids. Kids who can be told or coaxed to stay put. Not for babies. Whenever I try to measure Yui’s temperature and put it on her underarm, she would squirm and fuss and try to taste the thermometer by moving her mouth against the thermometer. And one other thing, it often takes more than one minute – forever for babies – for the beep to be on, indicating that measuring is done. And oh, she’s wearing layers now because of the cold season so at times it’s quite a challenge to try and insert the tip in Yui’s armpit.

Hence we finally bought this thermometer that could take a baby’s temperature within 1 second.


Since you’ll be putting the nozzle on your baby’s ear, it may, after a couple or so of use become dirty. Hence nozzle covers are also included in the package.


If the nozzle cover runs out, you can buy a set of nozzle covers in Akachan Honpo or in drug stores.

As for the price, we bought the Snoopy one at ~¥1700 whilst Omron one is more than ¥3000.

For now, Snoopy will have to wait till Yui gets older or, us older people can use it. 😀


This is why I love Kidfolio. Not only do I get to read daily know how on baby care but I can also have some memento on Yui’s firsts. Love the little badges too!


One advise to Kidfolio though: it’d be good if several badges can be assigned to one photo as there may be days when several milestones were achieved.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

I so hope we’d get to dine in and visit this mansion on one of our Manila trips!

Click here to start that La Cocina de Tita Moning experience.

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