First artwork!

The first one involved putting stickers/seal on the snail/かたつもり. So organised isn’t it? 🙂


baby diaries: first kiss

You were such a charmer today Yui. Everyone who coos and looks at you you would lavish with a big cheery smile hence you got quite a lot of compliments today.

During lunch, after one of your recent “explosions”, you were happily playing on my lap. You were moving a lot that you were at one time facing away from Mommy or towards Mommy. You were then facing me when suddenly you extended your arm and HUGGED me and then – the most surprising – kissed me! Well it’s more like “slobbered on my cheeks and chin” but it’s the thought that counts 😀

Hugged and kissed for the first time. Ahh. I don’t think I’m quipped with enough words to fully describe how GOOD that felt. Thank you baby.

a bookworm? an author?

We had our first orientation in the daycare last Sunday. Because the instructions/discussion/materials were in Japanese and because Yui started to babble loudly, I went out the room so as not to disturb the other parents and hence joined the other babies with the teachers playing outside.

While chatting with a teacher, we let Yui play with a Lego piece and a ball. But Yui soon ditched these over a book. At home, Yui actually has more books than toys so I can understand how she’d be interested with the musical book she found.

What was more interesting however was how Yui portrayed her love for the book. I had her sitting on my lap while the teacher was holding the book for Yui to flip the pages on. Yui however was about to tear the page so I gently removed her hand from the page while her sensei lifted the book higher. Just right after I’ve let go of Yui’s hand however, she lifted her butt from my lap to stand and reach for the book. With no support whatsoever to help her stand. First time!

Happy Mom, proud Mom that Yui was able to stand on her own. I wonder when will she consistently do it. And I think I just might have a daughter who’s just as addicted with books as her Dad.

baby diaries: eng-ge

Been observing for quite some time now baby and Mommy thinks she nailed already what seems to be your first baby word: eng-ge, which seems to be your language for when you feel hot/warm.

Eng-ge, eng-ge. 😀

Yui’s first word?

Yui usually is sunny the moment she wakes up, brandishing a smile the moment she has an eye contact with either me or her dad. But there are times, she’s also cranky. And so on those times, we hurry to her side, cradle her and calm her down.

This afternoon, she had that cranky bout. I rushed to her and carried her in my arms to soothe her back to sleep. The moment she was in my arms, she started to calm down but was still crying and was babbling.

Agoo. Yah. Uha. Gugu. MA. Yayay. Ah. Oh. Uha. MA. Aga. Uwa. Yoyo. Wa. Ya.

Ma. She said Ma. She said Ma!!! Yey! 🙂

first time on solids!

The materials. Check.


Her table wares. Check.


The baby in her (oversized) cover-all bib. Check.


Moirraine was more than ready to get started on solids. Everything that the book said were signs that your baby is ready (stable neck, able to sit, reduced drooling, increased appetite, keen interest in the food the adults partake, chewing motion, increase in weight) Moirraine had exhibited weeks ago. Hence when we finally introduced her first solids – rice cereal – this morning, Moirraine was almost like a pro. I readied myself for some head turning or a stubbornly closed mouth. We had an eager mouth instead. Yey!


Pigeon’s Mag Mag Spout cup

Our baby girl already tends to hold her bottle when drinking milk. Hence I thought it’s time for her to try out sippy cups with the handles. If truth be told, i’m excited to use the (very cute) sippy cups she has which were given by her Ninang and friends. But she’s still too young for them; milk would probably be all over.

Fortunately, Pigeon has a no-spill sippy cup spout designed for 5 month-old babies. Pigeon actually have this series of Mag Mag cups (cute cups with handles) which is designed to cater to the changing drinking pattern of babies as they grow – from teat top (from 3 months), to spout top (from 5 months), to training cup top (from 8 months) and straw top (from 8 months). You just simply change the top as your baby grows.


The spout base is hard but the spout itself is soft that can help provide some teething relief. The crosshairs cut on the spout ensures milk won’t be spilled.


Moirraine used it for the first time this evening. I only prepared 80ml so that there’ll be less milk that’ll spoil if in case Moirraine doesn’t like her new cup – she’s choosy with her bottles. So far, she only liked Pigeon among the four brands I’ve used. Verdict? Moirraine cried when the 80ml was finished. She wanted more. Yey!

all together now

In which today, Moirraine finally held her toys using both hands. 😀


She finally did rollover

This post is for Feb 1.

Was about to pick up Moirraine since she was starting to fuss after a few minutes on her tummy.


Thankfully, I delayed for a minute. She finally rolled over after a couple of weeks of teetering and almost rolling over. 🙂


that first laughter

Moira was all ready to cap her day after having had her warm bath and her milk. I then sang her a lullaby with her still in my arms after her milk. But I had to stop my singing and have to coo because I heard her talk. And she was then talking some more – in a singsong tone which suspiciously sounds like she was singing. Mommy indeed was grinning from ear to ear.

Then I laid her down on her bed and continued to sing a lullaby. But yet again I had to stop so as to return back her smile. My smiling back egged her on and made her smile go wider and wider until it became a full fledged laughter that went on for quite a long while. Her first real laughter with her looking at us; she has been laughing ever since she was five weeks old but it was while she’s sleeping.

Mommy had tears of joy in her eyes and grinning ear to ear whilst daddy was laughing as well; their grip on each other’s hand real tight. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside I almost forgot it’s winter now.

Thank you Lord for a happy baby. 🙂

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