bouquet/garter games, anyone?

I have mixed feelings with the traditional bouquet and garter games. When I was still single, I always grunted whenever this part of the reception is around. I try to wriggle myself out of it, if I can. It’s like, “MUST I be here??”. But then come the games, I find myself enjoying it.

There were also times when the couple modified this part and asked married couples to join in on the game instead of singles. It’s fun to have this, for a change, and it’s fun to see married couples enjoying the game. But then some part of me was thinking, “ah, I wonder who would have been the couple if it were singles in this game”.

There were also times when the games were obviously scripted. That there was some pre-arranged couple who should emerge as winners. This one is nice especially when the couple is really game with it and that their being the winners would help the party be more lively (e.g. they’re the crowd’s favorite and that everyone wants them to be together as a couple or want them to get hitched already). But then again, it would be nice also to have some element of surprise; to let good ol’ fate to decide who should have the bouquet and the garter.

See? Mixed feelings. What’s your thoughts?

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