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I’ve always loved those little quotes pinned on cute little stands in Cafe Mary Grace tables. Seemed to me that every time I eat there, the quote I chance upon is always applicable to me.

Chancing upon this note, which almost sums up what Hubs and I feel for each other, on the eve of our wedding anniversary makes it all the more sweeter.

Thank you for the love you are giving me, for the joy you are bringing me. But most of all, thank you for bringing yourself into my life. – Karen Skonicki

Happy anniversary A & M!! 🙂

sunkissed water

sunkissed water

yet again, unedited.


pretty stragglers

Long before the sakura in the other parts of the region has fell off and turned lifeless brown on the road, the sakura in our neighbourhood still gives us much delight. These many-petaled ones took a long time to bloom. But they’re such a delight now that their peers has given the “stage” to them.


healthy goodness tetra pak

Now THIS must be the healthiest tetra pak drink I’ve ever had.



Look at the vitamins and minerals it contain! Vitamin C alone is 1000mg! And look at its folic acid content (the top one on the right column)! A woman trying to conceive is advised to take 400mcg daily and 600mcg once pregnant albeit I also read taking 400mcg still once pregnant. But this 200ml drink alone can contain 200~600mcg not to mention all the other vitamins and minerals enumerated!

As for the price, sold at 105yen in the convenience store, it is sold just like any of the other (comparatively less nutritious) drinks on the shelf.

No wonder maternity clinics and hospitals here doesn’t give away vitamins for preggers. Enough nutrition is available just off the shelf.

our wedding is on Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines!

I remember it was a busy day in late November. My mind was still bent on figuring out the depressuring calculation for the LNG service at supercritical phase when the lights were turned off for lunch break. Mind wholly preoccupied, I was like a zombie when I opened my gmail and logged in. Then I saw Martha Stewart on my inbox. And thought that it was a spam mail. I almost tagged it as spam mail. And then the zombie me decided to open it. Of course from thereon I wasn’t zombie mode anymore! Suffice it to say that every part of me was tingling with excitement! 😉

Back when I was still doing the preps, I had dreams of our wedding being featured on a bridal magazine (mostly I dreamed of MSW haha) or bridal websites like Bridalbook. But after the wedding, I decided not to submit our photos in bridal magazines or websites. Was thinking that posting photos of our wedding on our blog was enough. Hence MSW emailing out of the blue was much sweeter and thrilling. 🙂

Liezl, the section Editor was really sweet with her email saying MSW is interested in featuring our wedding in their March issue and that they were wondering if we were willing to be featured. Of course we are willing! 🙂 it’s a dream come true! She then replied how they loved our sweet details especially our little girls in kimono. Knowing how they probably encounter many über sweet and cute wedding details everyday in their work, my heart glowed with pride when I read how the MSW team loved our wedding details.

Leizl then advised me that I’d later be contacted by their writer who’ll be covering our story. True enough, a couple days later, sweet Mimi emailed me introducing herself before getting on with the interview. Because we are based overseas, our interview was by email. Mimi gave us quite a set of questions and well, me being more expressive in writing, our answers were quite lengthy. 😀

The feature was really a great blessing and a bride’s dream come true, especially now that it came out just when we are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. But there was one boon with the feature aside from it being a venue to reminisce – it provided us a venue for Atsushi to express some more what he felt during our wedding. Because of the nature of the questions, it made us reveal some more what we felt, hence hubs expressed what he felt then. And even for that alone, I am already very thankful for the feature. Yes, I was kilig to the bones with Atsushi’s answers. 🙂

March rolled by however and MSW still wasn’t out. If truth be told, I was already having doubts that our feature pushed through, afraid they changed mind. I was already convincing myself (and I really am convinced!) that the special moment Atsushi and I had when we were answering the questions was a blessing enough already and of course the thought that we were considered to be featured out of the many weddings last year.

April rolled by and still nothing. My friends Kat and Rey were already checking the magazine racks everyday – haha, thanks guys!! And finally, all the waiting and checking bore fruit yesterday.

I thought we’ll just be designated half a page or one whole page at most. Was so amazed we got four whole pages!! 🙂





The cover in this issue.


What better way to reminisce your wedding day on your anniversary than seeing your wedding featured in print – and in a Martha Stewart magazine at that?! Thank you Martha Stewart Weddings Philipines! 🙂

Can’t wait to see the actual print next week!! 🙂
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. – Over the Rainbow, Wizard of Oz

sakura dori

After a hard rain, it always is a beautiful day the day after, making today’s walk to office even lovelier what with the blue skies highlighting the sakura trees, that has blossomed in its prime, lining the whole Sakura avenue in front of the office. And this week is even lovelier what with the sakura petals falling, as if it’s snowing with pink and white petals.

Our office, masked with sakura blooms.


a happy pregger

One of my project mates got back from his vacation in Shikoku. His omiyage made me a happy pregger today. 🙂



I loved it so much I was given two extra packs teehee.

It’s warabimochi powdered with kinoko, the roasted soybean flour that’s packed with B vitamins and protein. Truly a delicious and healthy snack. I just love kinoko!! 🙂

Ookagawa Sakuramatsuri

Been waiting for weeks for this weather. Thankfully, the great weather came on a weekend when most of the sakura where already in full bloom, roughly 80%. Of course, it’s gonna be a busy weekend.

First destination for the sakura season: mobile sakura matsuri (cherry blossoms festival) traversing the 4.5 km Ooka River. There were so many people as expected. But I’m happy I was lucky enough to take some shots of “serenity” and not chaos.

Love the last photo.

I also love shots of the sakura against the water.

Hello there duck!

Now these are both our (Atsushi’s and mine) favorite. Reminds me of my favorite line in my favorite cartoon movie Mulan,

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

But lo, how beautiful the illuminated sakura is!!

But of course, it being a matsuri/festival, food stalls also line the street selling traditional Japanese street food like yakitori, takoyaki and okonomiyaki among MANY others.

Popular among kids are the candied strawberries, apple and banana.

Ahh tsukareta (tired). But it was fun indeed! Especially since we met up with Atsushi’s friend Kamio-san. I love listening to their laughter as they patiently wait for me while I was busy clicking around.

Time for bed as tomorrow is gonna be a busy one as well. 🙂

Thank you for today Lord! And thank you for technology – with it, my parents can see how big I am already even when they’re oceans away.





walking hanami

Thank you Lord for granting us a great weather that’s perfect for our walking sakura-viewing (hanami). Perfect weather weekend just when the sakura blooms are in their prime.


reminiscing Czech and Vienna

It’s the season for photo ops again hence its just but time to finally free up my SD cards and organize the photos we had during our trips ever since September. Was reminded again of how many blog-worthy photos I haven’t posted yet, especially during our trip  in Czech Republic and Vienna and during our New Year celebrations in Takamatsu. Of course we weren’t able to browse everything. Yet there were tons that I could easily identify as favorite photos. Among of which (all unedited and taken using our ever dependable Canon G12)….

Me, walking along Kärntner Strasse, Vienna. Pardon, I just love back shots. 😀 😀

Me, so color-coordinated, atop a castle tower in UNESCO World Heritage Český Krumlov. Kakulay ko ang mga bubong! (My attire is of the same color as the roof!)

Goodness, how thin was I six months ago!

This is one of my fave Atsushi photos (among so many!). Taken in front of the Statue of Maria Theresia in front of Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History).

I so hope I can post more blogs about that trip!

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