Supplier Review: Vatel Manila

As Dylan Yap-Gozum really was excellent with his services, this post is actually not a “review” but more like sharing the beautiful bouquets that Dylan of Vatel Manila did for us.

As i’ve shared in my previous post, I ran the risk of limiting Dylan’s creativity because of my being a stickler with regards to flower meanings. True, I also ran the risk of not having the most beautiful of flowers for our wedding. But the symbolism is really important for me and since there really are lots of other beautiful (and affordable) flowers that have beautiful symbolisms, I stuck on with my requirement. Besides, I was also pretty confident that Dylan can deliver and can still be creative despite my imposed limitations.

And of course, Dylan didn’t fail me.

The moment I saw my bouquet during the wedding day, the two words that I can describe it with are abundance and profusion. It was a rich ball of flowers. “Rich” not just in terms of quantity of flowers but literally rich because my bouquet was composed of only tulips and orchids which really are quite expensive.

Orchids for love, luxury, beauty and strength. Tulips in general symbolize perfect love, grace and elegance with orange tulips signifying energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion. Again, somebody sometime ago may just have made this all up. But then again, it’s all in the mindset. If you think you’re surrounded with all these positivity, and even holding one that symbolizes such positivity, I believe it’ll surely influence how you think and how you act.

Our wedding was at 6pm in Tagaytay. Since our coordinator Erika (of Detalye Weddings and Events) picked it up in the morning (Dylan makes his deliveries really early in the morning), the tulips run the risk of opening fully even before the wedding. Hence, I was really glad of Dylan’s thoughtfulness – see the plastic ring round the tulip? 😀

Love this brooch.

My ball of orange flowers went perfectly against my green preps dress, completing our wedding colors.

And of course, it was perfect against the whiteness of our wedding garb.

Our pretty ladies had their share of the beautiful flowers as well.

The day before our wedding was the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Dylan got inspired with the British Royal Couple’s bouquet and included Sweet William – dark pink (?) ones – into the bouquets of our entourage. He was confident the flower’s symbolism would pass my strict requirements. And sure enough, it did, with much giggling besides. The symbolism? The flower symbolizes “gallantry, finesse and perfection”. Love it.

Beautiful isn’t it? The rose cactus is really so pretty.

The carnation pomanders were just perfect for the little girls.

Symbolizing fidelity, optimism, joy and long life, the chrysanthemums (or “mums”) were just apt pillow for our rings and arrhae.

I had a fortune bouquet for the bouquet toss tradition. I myself also wanted to pick a fortune. haha.

To top it all off, Dylan gave us a lovely suprise – a bridal car bouquet as freebie. And it’s nowhere small at that!

Thank you much Dylan!! 🙂

Oh, one thing more. Not only were his flowers beautiful and joyful-giving, Dylan himself is one positive person that a bride should hang around with. True, I’ve only had contact with Dylan through emails but all his emails were like a breath of fresh air. Keep it up Dylan!! 🙂

Supplier: Dylan Yap-Gozum of Vatel Manila

Ratings: 5/5

Contact details:,


All photos above, save for the one entitled “entourage flowers” (taken by my bridesmaid-friend Cindy), were courtesy of Dino Lara Photography.

our colors

Who wouldn’t go kilig with these? ^_^

Pictures from Pat Pastilero of Spruce Floral Designs

Wishlist: Spruce Floral Designs

We’ve already booked our major suppliers and being in the almost-final leg of booking for our suppliers, we are already nearing the high alarm point on our budget. Suffice it to say that we cannot afford to splurge anymore and that we have to tighten the belt.

This fact makes me wish I found Pat and Spruce Floral Designs earlier to prettify the Church some more and to add more style to Ville Sommet’s Glasshouse. But I have to let go.

Please do check out Pat Pastelero’s arrangements on Spruce’s Facebook account and on her tumblr account The Floralist.  Her designs are j-u-s-t lovely.

One thing with Pat is that not only her arrangements really good but that she’s great to work with as well. We only corresponded through emails but she was so fun to talk to and she wasn’t stingy with suggesting her ideas. When she learned we have travel theme for our wedding, she listed a number of ideas on how to emphasize our theme on the reception venue. And they certainly were ideas that I like!

What I initially liked with her was that on her specs sheet, the question “flowers you DON’T like” was included. And of course I have a number of it. She’s so easy to work with.

But again, sigh. I have to let go.

It’s a bit of a torture though. Because everytime I’ll have my fitting with Richie, I’d get to see Pat’s arrangement since Pat and Richie (both having the same name Patricia) share the same unit in Palm Village.

wifey’s note: all posts with “wishlist” are not what we hope to receive on our wedding. Rather, they are stuff that we would love to have but we’ve found we cannot have for our wedding anymore owing primarily to practicality.

flower talk

Not until Dylan Gozum (of Vatel Manila) pointed it out, did I realize that not all brides are particular with the types of flowers that will be used in their wedding. I thought all brides were as stringent as I am. And I thought all brides were strict on the symbols and meanings of flowers. But apparently no.

Flowers just make my day. They just about complete my birthday and any special event I have, one of which is our civil marriage. The flowers caps the event and at the same time bouys me up some more. In all sense, i’ve come to associate flowers with special and happy events.

Of course, foremost in my selection is the beauty of the flower. But then since almost all flowers are beautiful to begin with, I think the competition will just have to be meted out with the symbol they portray.

Although yellow is such a happy color, I definitely wouldn’t want to have them on my wedding as yellow flowers generally symbolize jealousy. I don’t want any calla lilies on our wedding as well as they are also associated with funerals.

Initially, I have this list as a guide in checking my florists’ proposals:

Tulips generally symbolize fame and perfect love whilst orange tulips in particular means energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion.

Stargazer lily symbolizes wealth, prosperity and aspiration. I love its scent as well!

Peony for romance and prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage. I am so happy when Macy Dy (of K by Cunanan) confirmed that having peonies for our centerpieces in the reception would not entail flower upgrade. Yey, happy!

Hydrangea, symbolizes friendship, devotion and understanding.

Iris, symbolizes faith, wisdom, cherished friendship, hope, valor, promise in love.

Rununculus, means “I am dazzled by your charms”

I figure that florists would need filler flowers on our bouquets. Hence, I’ve included Forget me nots, which is quite literal really in what they mean – please don’t forget me.

Orange rose, symbolizes enthusiasm and desire. Yes, it has to be orange. No red please.

Yet another filler flower – Heather for admiration and goodluck.

In general, Carnation means bonds of affection, health and energy, fascination, admiration whilst white carnation signifies sweetness and loveliness, innocence, pure love.

For all we know, somebody some time ago just came up with the flower meanings out of mischief. But then again, if flower lovers in the cyberworld agree that so and so flowers has this particular symbol and meaning, it’d be fun to play along with the game. After all, it somehow helps knowing that as you walk down the aisle, you are surrounded with such positive forces albeit it may just only be symbolic and a made-up one at that.

Later, when everything has been fixed, I’ll post articles of my florists to give them due credit.

wedding centerpiece inspirations 4

I just fell in love with these. By Pat Pastelero, Spruce Floral Designs.



Richie Ortega-Torres first mentioned her to me the first time Richie and I met. But at that time, I was already in contact with Dylan of Vatel Manila whom I’m so much a fan of and whom everybody else in W@W is raving about. However, at the time that Richie and I were talking, I forgot that Dylan will only be providing the entourage flowers. Also (and I think this was more the reason), I had this concept that we cannot afford Pat anymore, considering the budget we’re running.

Right now however, I still haven’t seen the florist whom I’d like to prettify (some more) our ceremony place.

Until I encountered Pat, or more like, Pat’s work. 

I loved her arrangements so much that I inquired, even when it was with trepidation that we may not be able to afford her. No harm in asking, anyways.

And as I wait for her reply, I can only hope….

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