3 months exactly

Our wedding is gonna be hopefully exactly three months from now!Ā  šŸ™‚

I’m really all hoity-toity and giddy today because our invites has already been finalized by Lene! Why giddy? Because it’s soooo pretty!! And creative. And out of the box. I just love Lene Dee-Dragon! And we’ve attained what we’ve been aiming for – your not so usual travel-themed invite. Will share it here on our wedsite once we’ve had our invites delivered to our invitees.

So thankful for Lene who’s designing our invites free of charge, to Rey and Dee sisterhood for giving us a warm stay at their place and for MOH Kat who stayed with me in the Dee household to support and keep me company.

For now, I need to update the invitees list to finalize the total number of guests so as to estimate total number of invitations we need (plus allowance) to makeĀ as well asĀ the number ofĀ reserved seat for each guest (no allowance) thatĀ we will put on the RSVP card.

Yet another ASAP item as well is that I need to update our “Tagaytay Hotels and Sites” page since, well, I made a reference to it on our invites.

We are also currently starting discussions for detailing on Reception styling. And you know what? I just love Detalye. šŸ™‚

Dhonna and Ghepoi on our Cord

The past week has been a couple of heartaches – concerning entourage guests who couldn’t come. I would understand that they won’t be able to come. But I would have really appreciated it if they informed me in a proper manner. A bride-to-be or one who has been a bride before would have understood how I felt.Ā 

In any case, let us not dwell on the sad part. Let’s celebrate instead happy things!

Ā One, I have a very supportive MOH who’s always ready to hear me out. I also have very excited Ninangs haha.Ā Second, Lene already sent me her draft for my invites. Yey!!

And third,Ā which really made my day, was Dhonna and Ghepoi’s news. They offered toĀ make our cord!! So sweet of them.

I wanted our cord to be something special but my hands and I are really intimidated on any handicraft-related project. And indeed it couldn’t get any special than having a cord made by one of my bestfriend. And together with her hubbie at that.Ā A very pleasant surprise for meĀ and one thatĀ is certainly a big helpĀ on crossing offĀ one to-do off my list. Distance (they’re currently based in US) didn’t stop them from helping me out with my wedding preps.

I love how they thought of using different beads sizes rather than just one plain one. And I love how there has to be silver stoppers haha.

Above all, what I really am thankful for is their time, effort and thoughtfulness. Thank you Ghepoi and Dhonna!

Dhonna was also the one who DIY-ed her cord. And yes, they’re all beads. Really pretty handiwork isn’t it?

I was thinking of borrowing this for my “Something old, something borrowed”. But Dhonna gave me a much better option. ^_^.

anything rustic

Rustic is just so romantic. Hope we can have these arrangements without the extra cost if possible.

Although not rustic, this one by Zenas Pineda is just so nice.

Message wall

With a large venue as ours with only a limited number of guests, a message wall that could take up some space and at the same time spice up and prettify some moreĀ our venue would be good.

As MOH Kat pointed out, this is reminiscent of the Tanabata, a Japanese summer festival where people hang their wishes on a bamboo. Why not indeed?

This one is just so cute!! Message cards are secured with wooden clips on a glass bead curtain.

A flowerwall in our colors would be really really pretty. It would be kinda expensive though, I think.


Mood board yet again. Have to finish collating idea-inspirations for the reception.

our colors

Who wouldn’t go kilig with these? ^_^

Pictures from Pat Pastilero of Spruce Floral Designs

Davao-Manila VV, booked!

Thanks to Cebu Pacific, I was finally able to book my family at a priceĀ that was less than what Hubbie and I paid for our Davao-Boracay-Manila flights last December.

Phase 1: I had to wait for when Cebu Pacific announces their seat sales covering the dates around our wedding date. Jan 17, they announced Php888 per person per flight for flights from Mar 1 to April 30.

Total cost: 13,176 php for 11 adults, 1 kid (same price as adult) and 1 infant. Sugoi ne?

I had to book my family with only a one-way flight to Manila though. Risky yes. So in tenterhooks, I waited for when they will announce the next seat sale.

Phase 2: Yey! My worries were allayed. Cebu Pacific offered the same Php888 sale for Davao-Manila vv flights for travels from Mar 1 to May 30! This one was a bit of a headache though. The flights got sold out faster than in the first phase that I had to book my family in two batches!! Total booking time was 3 and half hours!! First batch flies to Davao at 7:30AM, second one flies at 7:30PM.

Total cost: 12,974.72 php for 11 adults, 1 kid (same price as adult) and 1 infant. Apparently, booking them in two batches saved me a couple of hundred pesos haha.

Booking was a challenge!!! But i’m thankful for this blessing as this is one majorĀ to-do off my list. Time for sleep! Time check: 1:47AM.

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