sausage forest, anyone?

Want any ideas for your child’s bento/lunch box?


How about forest theme?





You can also opt for an Under the Sea theme. The tanukis (the ones above the squid-shaped ones) of course is with the forest theme.


And nope I didn’t make these. Nor did I took these photos in an exhibit. These were on display in a supermarket. Of course we helped ourselves with the samplers (and bought some as well).



Hello Kitty T rolls

Had a long inner debate whether to post this or not. But they’re just so cute not to share.

Went inside a drug store to buy a small pack of wet tissue. But Mayumi and I saw these and of course we just had to buy although we still have quite a number of rolls at home. πŸ˜€

Pink one is candy scented while the green one is melon scented. πŸ™‚


Paalam, Kuya

When my grandmother died last November, I couldn’t sing for two days. Not even Moirraine’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. When I learned about Jom’s death last December, I could only ease out what I feel by singing – most particularly Paglisan. But when Kuya Julz death was confirmed last Monday, I became speechless; I couldn’t articulate my thoughts and feelings and could only say “Kuya” with a frowney face on my status on social networks – me who’s usually expressive in written form and more especially when emotional.

When we first heard of the siege Wednesday night, it seemed our world revolved around it (aside from work for Atsushi and me taking care of Yui of course). The day is spent on reading the news and waiting for news within the company. Topic over dinner is about the latest update of the siege. Hearts fearful yet dearly hoping the news about deaths is not true.

Sunday came and we received the news that allayed our fears – Kuya is safe! We were still saddened for the other colleagues (Hubs was getting depressed) yet we were rejoicing that our prayers had been answered – Kuya is safe! I found myself mentally drafting my email to him, to let him know of our relief over his safety. I found myself looking forward as well, to hear about his survival story. I found myself wondering if he’d give a sort of press conference, at least to the P department in Manila, sharing his experience to department-mates who consider him as a dear friend, a mentor, a Kuya (older brother), a Daddy.

But Monday came and brought a terrible news. The real news was that Kuya didn’t make it. It seemed like all the tension and fear in the last five days caused some black hole and took all my words after saying “No”.

Such a terrible way to die, especially for a good man as Kuya had been…..and with this, I find myself lost for words again as I start to try to express myself and try to get a grasp of why it had to happen.

Kuya Julz, I know you can see us all now and know how we’ve been unsettled with your passing; unsettled being an understatement. I can just imagine how your family feel right now because even us, your friends and colleagues all around the globe had been mourning for days; mourning yet still unbelieving. And even when it hurts us a lot, with the unfairness of it, I can only imagine how your friends who share the same office with you must feel; they, who are reminded of you with every corner in the office.

Am surprised I’ve already written quite a lot albeit I still haven’t expressed a fraction of my thoughts and feelings.

I am sorry Kuya that I can’t even write a decent eulogy for you. But know that in my heart, there’s only one Kuya for me – only you and nobody else.

It hurts to say this but I have to because you have to – Rest in Peace, Kuya.
They say it comes in threes. Please. Let Kuya be the last.

a social butterfly?

Moirraine and I were waiting for the lift in the mall last week when a fellow shopper – one who’s probably already a grandmother – edged closer to us, talked to me about my baby and cooed to Moirraine. Within a few seconds, Moirraine was already all smiles at her and was even gurgling.

During our vacation in the last holidays, we visited hubs’ cousin who also had a baby just a month before we had Moirraine. Thinking that a baby would be curious to see another baby, I moved closer to the cousin’s baby (held by the mom) with Moirraine in my arms and tried to introduce the two. Moirraine was all attention and was staring intently at the other baby. The other baby however, turned her head from side to side, trying to avoid Moirraine’s intent gaze. When at last she couldn’t take the staring anymore she finally cried. Moirraine kept on looking with rapt, wide-eyed attention.

Me-an visited us last Monday (oh yeah by the way, it was such a treat last Monday to watch the heavy snow fall on already-heavy-with-snow trees while we’re all having lunch) and thankfully Moirraine kept to her schedule, awake and sleeping in her usual times, despite having a visitor. She hasn’t showered Me-an her smiles though albeit she allowed Me-an to carry her.

I really do wonder albeit I’m almost convinced I do have a social butterfly for a baby. Happy mom me of course and hope this continues. πŸ™‚

books for 2013

Welcomed 2012 with these books by my bedside. And so for the rest of the year, the books I was inclined on reading were leaning on fiction and fantasy (Games of Thrones, yeah!!!), with most of them being books intentionally made for children.

This year, I’m still reading books for children – but that of very young ones ie babies! Teehee. Will try to post about Moirraine’s books which to date, already numbers 17. And oh, Moirraine is still 4 months, yes.

As for my own selection, aside from the “What to Expect the First Year”, these books are also by my bedside.



All the serious stuff is offset by the baby books. And this (!!), which both baby and Mom loves.


Oh how attentive baby is when I read to her a story from this book! And the Mom finds it ver~y interesting. I bought only the first volume albeit I’d probably hit the bookstore soon for the other volumes.

And this one’s by the bedside as well. I’ve just enrolled in a class yesterday. Goodluck to me!


Manno Koen

The whole park, illumined. Sugoi. Took 500,000 lights. Sugoi.


baby hanger

The Mom got crazy last week with cuteness overload in a baby goods store. The culprit? Baby hangers.

This one is just so cute! It’s made of some felt cloth so can only be used when hanging dry clothes.

I didn’t buy a set earlier but we’d probably go back there again sometime very soon. πŸ˜€ haven’t seen quite like it in Yokohama. πŸ˜€

Moirraine seems to be accumulating a lot of Minnie Mouse stuff so for a time I had my eye on this one.


But this one finally made it to our cart.


Lovin’ the kitty detail albeit my shot on it didn’t give it justice.


Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Here’s to a great year ahead! Thank you Lord, for the blessings that we are about to receive. So excited for them! πŸ™‚


Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu is the Japanese greeting for when the new year has finally unfolded.

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