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I have wanted this for the loooongest time. Ever since we started this blog. But we were just so busy back then. Not than I’m less busy now. In fact, I’m much more busier now. But I figure, if we won’t do this now, it’d even be harder to do it later, after going back to work. So we’re doing this now.

We’re finally moving on. And have our own self-hosted blog. Not really to monetize (though it certainly will be a plus when and if we’d get good traffic in the future). But mainly, just because. Well, one is that we want our own theme that’s particularly ours. And also since I spend a lot of my time blogging, it’d be great to have it on a place that is really designed as our own.

So we’re moving on.

This blog started with this header. Photo taken by Russell Olaguer during our early autumn prenup back in September 2010. (Hubs really look so cool here! ^_^)

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 4.56.11 PM


A month after our wedding, we changed it to one taken by our official wedding photographer Dino Lara.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 4.51.56 PM

When our daughter was born, of course our chocolate hill journey is now with her.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 4.42.45 PM

Right now, our new blog site is still a newborn, minutes old.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.01.10 PM

In a while, i’d be exporting/importing files and the new site would have content. But work is just getting started.

So excited for the new, exciting things to come! πŸ™‚

And with this I pray for an overflowing cup on this new endeavor. πŸ™‚


This is why I love Kidfolio. Not only do I get to read daily know how on baby care but I can also have some memento on Yui’s firsts. Love the little badges too!


One advise to Kidfolio though: it’d be good if several badges can be assigned to one photo as there may be days when several milestones were achieved.


Indeed, this is one thing to be thankful for. Was able to buy hubs this iMac as my Christmas gift. Thankful because back when we were planning to get married, we had our worries that I wouldn’t be able to work. But thankfully, I was able to. Hence this.


Hubs was teasing me though that finally, he can use the iPad as I’d be busy with Tofu – the nickname we gave our iMac. I always mistakenly refer to hubs’ old dog who died as Tofu instead of Taro haha thus he named our new iMac as tofu. It kind of stuck in. bagay πŸ™‚

Panasonic Nanoe humidifier heater

Winter is my favorite season. Don’t ask me why as I myself can’t really point a finger as to the exact reason. I can allude some reasons but I know they’d be not quite the full reason. Nevertheless, suffice it to say that it is a happy season for me which would probably quite sum up why I love winter.

The season is against my body makeup though. This season is just so dry you had to apply rich lotion every now and then or else your skin will be very dry and would crack. Moreover, around early february, nature would start gearing itself for spring, sending wind to carry pollens. Pollens being minute particles, along with dust, my nose would surely suffer from it.

Thankfully, the Japanese has found ways to alleviate the suffering of people like me and that thankfully, hubs is totally concerned with my predicament. Hence, hubs decided to buy us this portable heater (on top of the built in heaters at home) cum humidifier cum air freshener.



It comes with a jug of course to fill water in to help humidify the room. Thus addressing the problem of a very dry ambient.


This model is the nanoe model which keeps allergens from sticking into fabrics. What is nanoe exactly? According to THIS WEBSITE,

Nanoe are water wrapped long-life particles that can penetrate into fabric thoroughly and reach to every corner of the room to effectively inhibit allergens and odour in the air.

The Characteristics of [Nanoe]

Plentiful of Moisture – [nanoe] contain moisture more than 1,000 times to minus ion. Being wrapped in water molecules, it is long-life and able to retain its effectiveness even moving for long distance.
Microscopic Scale – [nanoe] are extremely small in volume size that can deeply penetrate into fabrics to restrain dirt.

So there, hopefully this does help with my allergies. It definitely helps with the cold. As for better-smelling ambient, hubs walked into the dining room (where we’ve currently placed our new gadget), and animatedly exclaimed that the room smelled much better. And now, even after only one hour and even with sitting in the same place, It does smell better. πŸ™‚ thanks hubby!

Microsoft office

We bought this in preparation for tomorrow’s delivery. Can’t wait!! πŸ™‚



Ever thought of wanting your camera to instantly share your pictures on the web? And I don’t mean through your phone camera/iPhone/iPad. I mean with your digital cameras or probably your SLRs. Like this point and shoot Canon G12.


Segue. Oh yes, finally we have a decent camera. Yey! I originally wanted the pretty white Olympus PEN E-P3 but Hubs and I are really not photography enthusiasts and it’d take us more time to take full advantage of this camera’s feature. And both Hubs and I really don’t want to bring a heavy camera with us as we travel. Hence, I followed the advice of my photography enthusiast friend, Russell, and bought a compact point and shoot with excellent quality – Canon G-12.

I love it’s case! Although it would have been perfect had it been white (I just have this penchant on having white for any techie related stuff).


Ok I digressed enough. Back to eye-fi.
Yep, with the Eye-fi SD card, you can have the convenience to upload your photo from your camera to your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, android) and post it immediately in Facebook, Picasa, Kodakgallery, Evernote, und so weiter. Sans the cables. Sans removing your SD from your camera.



Perfect when you’re on the go. Swell isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Of course, we had to try a photo to post here. Photo got synched with our computer a second after the shot was taken. Hubs also synched it with the Dropbox cloud hence all photos will be automatically saved and organized even when you’re still busy clicking away.

There’s also an iPhone/iPad app wherein you can automatically synched your photo even sans wifi router or wife hotspot. But so far I’m not successful with it yet. Tomorrow I’ll figure it out.

Oh yeah, here you go. Uploaded! A second after.


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