Thankful, mindful, purposeful. Yoi Otoshi Wo!

And so we’re down to the last day of the year; now just hours away from heralding a new year in, again with Hubs’ family whom I’d always be thankful for, for being always kind to me. It has been a BIG year for us in so many ways. Yes, 2012 is an unforgettable year in so many ways.

This year brought us a Big blessing from above. First month of the year we learned that I was with child (well honestly, first week of the year and first week of my pregnancy I already knew that I was expecting). Quite a very exciting way to start the year, right? And so because of how nature does things, within the year, we were already able to hold our big (very pretty) blessing in our arms and had her blessed by the Church as well.


In which within the year I finally knew how it feels to be a mother. The love, the joy, the worries, the tenderness I feel for my daughter is almost indescribable. We couldn’t be thankful enough to have had this blessing. As the new year buds, we are filled with much happy excitement as we look forward to seeing her grow and reaching milestones by the day.

The year brought me new friendships as well. Some can be said highly unlikely had circumstances been different. But it weren’t and I am so glad and thankful for the gift of friendship. Here’s a cheer to deeper and stronger friendships this coming new year!

And there’s work of course; in which I have reached some personal milestones. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Late this year however brought us Big sadness as well. My admirable paternal grandmother Lola Basing left us back in November and a dear selfless friend, Joms, silently and unexpectedly left us just days ago. Till now, I’m still unbelieving with their passing away; that somehow, part of me still thinks I’d get to see them the next time we visit Philippines or Singapore/Houston for Joms’ case. Their passing had left a chip in my heart that can never be filled again. But we have to learn to accept that their time has come and I do believe that their last wishes had been granted and that they’re happy in heaven now.

But still quite a very sad yearender, yes. So when we had flurries of snow earlier whilst the sun was setting, with it’s glorious orange glow, somehow, it comforted me and made me smile and made me even more hopeful for the new year ahead.
We have things planned at the start of the year and I couldn’t wait to get started on it. We’re looking forward to more happy firsts with Moirraine. Indeed, many happy moments/things to look forward to, with God’s grace. We may be heralding the new year in with a grieving heart but still, we have to remind ourselves of happy things and blessings to look forward to.

Yoi Otoshi Wo!

Yoi Otoshi Wo is what the Japanese say when wishing one another a happy new year before the new year has unfolded.

The toshikoshi soba in above photo is the Japanese traditional yearender meal.


Proof of how much a wanderer I was during my single days stint in Japan – happened to look at a list of famous sites in Japan and I realise I have been to all of them, and other places besides. And no, they’re not located in the same region.


so long, Joms

You wake up one day thinking that everything is still as it is. Never knowing that sometime later you’ll know that you are one friend less.

A friend asks if you’ve heard the news. You reply eagerly, thinking that it’s just news of another friend moving to another country for work. Or two friends getting together. Never expecting the news is of a friend leaving everyone behind.

You go about the rest of the day, thinking of all the times you’ve been together, all the laughter he brought, how loyal a friend he has been, how good he made everyone feel, all the bear hugs he gave you, all the “bottoms up, Ate Marj!”. Knowing that all of those, you won’t have again, in the future.

Know Joms that you are much loved. That all of us are really really sad to not to hear you laugh again nor make another person laugh again. That you would be sorely missed. That it would take us quite some time to really accept that we won’t see you again.

Too soon. Too early.

Rest in peace, dear Joms.



baby diaries: your morning smile

I love it baby that the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning is to tilt your head a bit to look me in the eye and then give me a big, sweet smile.

I am blessed enough already that you sleep through the night when you were yet six weeks old. I am blessed enough already that it’s very rare for you to wake up in the morning crying. But to have you wake up in a good mood, looking for me and bestowing upon me that very angelic smile, God indeed is very good.

Love you, Moirraine anak. Grow up well, my pretty.

Christmas 2012

Where there’s queso de bola, hamon and/or lechon among other handa for Philippine Christmas, there’s fried chicken and Christmas cake for us in Japan.

So cute isn’t it? Santa is edible by the way. πŸ™‚


Baby is eyeing the cake, looking as if she wants a piece for herself.


A Merry Christmas to one and all from our little reindeer who’s having her tummy time in this photo.


precious moments

Moirraine is getting social by the day. She already looks at people when they look at her, rather than sleeping like she used to. But it’s still a very rare chance for her to smile at people other than at me, her dad and her aunt who lives with us.

The first time she did smile at a “stranger” was with Maj, her Ninang. But it took two meetings before Moirraine smiled at Maj. Albeit when she did smile, she made me so happy with her milestone my smile was ear to ear myself.

But earlier today, Moirraine’s second smile at a “stranger” was to somebody whom she only got to see closely that very first time: her great-grandmother. What a joy it was.


Precious moment indeed. Merry Christmas everyone! πŸ™‚

Moirraine’s froggy friends



Bath tub thermometer!


Sleep sack!


Her favourite rattle!


Her almost-outgrown socks!


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