for our little traveler

Would hopefully be travelling to Atsushi’s hometown soon, for the holidays. So we bought our little traveller her own suitcase. (Her diaper pail is reflected on the suitcase lol).


Love the inner pockets. For her kikay stuff. πŸ˜€



Indeed, this is one thing to be thankful for. Was able to buy hubs this iMac as my Christmas gift. Thankful because back when we were planning to get married, we had our worries that I wouldn’t be able to work. But thankfully, I was able to. Hence this.


Hubs was teasing me though that finally, he can use the iPad as I’d be busy with Tofu – the nickname we gave our iMac. I always mistakenly refer to hubs’ old dog who died as Tofu instead of Taro haha thus he named our new iMac as tofu. It kind of stuck in. bagay πŸ™‚

Dec 2 – something to be thankful for

Thank you Patchi. I guess I was really touched because what you just did is one of my “language of love” for receiving.

Yet even with my language of love being different, your gift was just so pretty in that Atsushi and I were simply speechless and can only exclaim “WOW” as we turn every page. Definitely this is one of the most amazing cards we’ve ever received.

And of course, it will not end this Christmas. And yes, indeed we are thankful for the friendship. πŸ™‚



by the front door

Merry Christmas everyone!

~ A and M


early Christmas

The day immediately after Halloween, jack o’lanterns and witches’ hats and brooms were taken off to give way to Christmas trees and decors. It may not be as early as Christmas in Philippines and you may not hear Christmas carols as often, still, this year’s Christmas decors are up early compared to how I remember my previous Christmases here in Japan. Indeed, they are such a joy to behold! πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas everyone!



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