wedding centerpiece inspirations 4

I just fell in love with these. By Pat Pastelero, Spruce Floral Designs.



Richie Ortega-Torres first mentioned her to me the first time Richie and I met. But at that time, I was already in contact with Dylan of Vatel Manila whom I’m so much a fan of and whom everybody else in W@W is raving about. However, at the time that Richie and I were talking, I forgot that Dylan will only be providing the entourage flowers. Also (and I think this was more the reason), I had this concept that we cannot afford Pat anymore, considering the budget we’re running.

Right now however, I still haven’t seen the florist whom I’d like to prettify (some more) our ceremony place.

Until I encountered Pat, or more like, Pat’s work. 

I loved her arrangements so much that I inquired, even when it was with trepidation that we may not be able to afford her. No harm in asking, anyways.

And as I wait for her reply, I can only hope….

wedding centerpiece inspirations 3

This arrangement is really lovely. Why again? Yes, it has our colors.


Ville Sommet has a high ceiling. I haven’t really paid full attention to it yet but yes, some worry about this high ceiling does start to burn at the back of my mind. (I think reading Markus Zusak’s “Book Thief” the whole day has affected the manner with which I write haha).

Anyways, I digress again. So back to the ceiling. Friends in W@W gave an excellent suggestion – have alternating tall and low flower arrangements to help in reaching out for the ceiling.



And please, can anyone tell me what is the name of this flower??? If this flower symbolizes something positive, then it’ll be perfect to adorn our tall vases. Any advise on this, pretty please?


all about chairs

One should take advantage of the holidays, yes. Hence, i’m still on a roll with browsing for ideas and blogging them all up.

This time, limelight’s on chairs. I’m not really sure if incorporating these ideas would entail an upgrade with our caterer. I sure do hope not. I hope at least one of ’em’s possible to be incorporated on our setup without the additional cost because I really don’t like to have ghost-looking chairs (all draped with white) for our reception.

The orange rununculus with the ferns would just about carry our wedding colors.


 I find this really charming. I wonder if K by Cunanan have green-colored Tiffany chairs, if there ever is one.


 The succulents look really lovely.


tulle wedding gown

This is a jewelled tulle wedding gown by Monique Lhuiller. Tulle, the very same material that my couturier Richie Ortega-Torres will use on my gown. Love the dreamy effect it creates.

Ahh, can’t wait to see my gown! And Hubbie is very much looking forward to it as well. 🙂


orange and lime green

Look! Our wedding colors. Lovely aren’t they? Hubbie really was right with his choice of colors. =)

from martha stewart weddings


Cashew escort cards

In my previous post, I said in a heartbroken tone how it may be seemingly difficult for us to have an origami of airplanes, let alone a hundred or more origami airplanes at that.

But I felt a bit better when I came across this idea. We can pack some cashew nuts and have them as our escort cards. Having the cashew nuts would be more meaningful for me and Hubbie. ^_^

from Martha Stewart weddings

Wishlist: Airplane escort cards

NB by Wifey, Dec 1: I was wrong after all! Hubbie knows how to play airplane origami! yey!

When I saw this on a wedding magazine, I just can’t get my mind off it. My wedding coordinators (Detalye) are gonna provide our escort cards and although I haven’t contacted Erika about this yet, I know it’s a tall order so I really wouldn’t strongly request that they provide us this.

But origami-crafting are really not among the talents that Hubbie and I have hence, I may have to add this on my (insane and seemingly impossible) wishlist being – lovely to behold, but too impractical to obtain.

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