rainy days for the mom and the baby



one boon in having a baby girl….

…is you can dress her up in the cutest dresses there are.


Or use the cutest gadgets! Yes, even with thermometers.


Happy Hearts Day everyone!

Hello Kitty T rolls

Had a long inner debate whether to post this or not. But they’re just so cute not to share.

Went inside a drug store to buy a small pack of wet tissue. But Mayumi and I saw these and of course we just had to buy although we still have quite a number of rolls at home. πŸ˜€

Pink one is candy scented while the green one is melon scented. πŸ™‚


baby hanger

The Mom got crazy last week with cuteness overload in a baby goods store. The culprit? Baby hangers.

This one is just so cute! It’s made of some felt cloth so can only be used when hanging dry clothes.

I didn’t buy a set earlier but we’d probably go back there again sometime very soon. πŸ˜€ haven’t seen quite like it in Yokohama. πŸ˜€

Moirraine seems to be accumulating a lot of Minnie Mouse stuff so for a time I had my eye on this one.


But this one finally made it to our cart.


Lovin’ the kitty detail albeit my shot on it didn’t give it justice.


Scarf for winter

Except for buying shoes which I awfully need, all the shopping that I’ve done in the last three months were only for my daughter. It’s like when I’m in a mall or shopping online, I only remember the things Yui needs (and what I want for Yui to wear, teehee). The moment I arrive home or is done with online shopping, that’s when I remember the things I need. But try as I might to shop for myself nowadays, I get bored within 5 minutes of looking around, preferring to hang out instead in the baby’s section.

But I found this one and for the first time in months, I actually felt that I would like to have this for myself.


But then again, I don’t think I’ll be buying it.

happy birthday Mayumi!

It was difficult to surprise Mayumi with the cake. But at least she was surprised with the gifts.

Mayumi blowing a wish.


It was my first time to take a long look on Shu Eumura’s fake eyelash collection for sale – there were more than 30 types!! I had these on shortlist for Mayumi.


I did well in choosing I think hehe, despite my inexperience.

I wonder if Yui would also grow up to be the kind of girl who’d wear false eyelashes on a daily basis.

girdle it out

Growing up, and because those whom I personally encounter are not really celebrities, most of the moms I saw can be identified easily – they all sport this protruding belly even if some of them may be thin. I don’t look down on it though. I considered it way back then as a kind of champion belt like boxing champions have; sort of like something to be proud after having a baby, I thought so at that time when getting married and having babies was still so far removed from my mind.

When I was two months with baby though, it started to concern me. Yes of course I still consider it as an achievement. But my prevailing question was that isn’t there a way not to make it appear so obvious??! A Filipino colleague however who gave birth a little over a year ago said that there really is no escaping it; that moms would have to deal with this protruding belly for the rest of your life. Kind of like a sentence for imprisonment isn’t it.

And so I chewed on my lip, worried. And then I thought, how does Japanese women do it?? I mean, sure they’re gifted with slim figures and they’re gifted as well with the genes of still being trim even when heavy with baby. But surely at 9 months their bellies expand as well, even when the other parts of their bodies doesn’t. So how do they make the stretched muscles compress back in?

After much browsing with baby magazines, Okasan confirmed as well what I have had suspicions on – right after giving birth, moms wear a special kind of belt or binder to squeeze back their uterus and figures in.



Our maternity hospital gave us a list of what we should bring and what the hospital will be providing. This girdle practice is so engrained in the Japanese pregnancies that the hospital is even providing me one set of this binder in my whole stay in the hospital – 5 days at the least.

Seeing how effective it is for the Japanese women, I do hope that this practice will also be done in the Philippines albeit a far as I know, for those who have had cesarians, they are also required to wear binders.

Why I’m hoping so is so that more Pinay moms would be more aware that they do have a choice – that they can have their old figures back after having a baby and that they needn’t be a celebrity nor exercise to death (although of course exercise is a big help) to get rid of the baby belly.

It isn’t just genes; a Filipino friend-colleague could attest the boon of these binders. She now still have her old figure, even after having her baby. And I so dearly hope it will have the same effect on me.

Blancheur nail salon

I can’t reach my feet anymore. Hence, even when it costs TEN TIMES it would in the Philippines, I had to have my toenails done in a nail salon here. And mind you, that’s just basic pedi, no scrub nor spa nor paraffin wax.

Anyways, we settled with Blancheur nail salon in Motomachi. Thankfully, their salon has good ventilation and doesn’t smell of nail polish at all hence pretty safe for preggers.

They’ve quite a number of nail color selection and I’m really quite happy with the color I chose as it blended well with my feet color.


What was amazing with this salon though was that the woman who did my nails has incredibly made-up nails. Yet despite her very long nails, she did an excellent job on my toenails.


Sugoi desu yo?

foot massage

Here’s Hubs taking advantage of the free foot massage we have at the hotel. We have free one, daily but we usually go back to the hotel after 11 so it’s only now that we were able to avail.


I’m up next. Yey!

Will post photos of the fun meet ups we’ve been having recently once we go back to Japan and able to download photos from our camera.

what’s your perfume?

Ever since the onset of my “morning sickness” I became to dislike the perfume I used during our wedding (hubs used the equivalent perfume for men). I feel that the smell is too musky.


Thankfully, I still like Tommy Girl that I always use in going to the office.


I also use a L’Occitane perfume which I keep in the office. For those times when we’ve had lunch in a place where the smell is so overpowering you’d surely bring it back to your desk.

I have a new love though. Attimo L’Eau Florale. It’s so floral and so feminine and so spring-y it’s just perfect for the season.


I hope though my altering smell preference wouldn’t have me disliking these perfumes again come few weeks from now. πŸ˜€

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