Holy Week online retreat

What our retreat coordinator said back in College was really spot on – that we should take advantage of our yearly retreats as we wouldn’t have it as often anymore after graduation. Indeed she was right as 7 years after graduation saw me without undergoing any retreats.

Hence when I learned about the Philippine Jesuits’ online retreat two years ago, it was like finding a treasure.

These online retreats have come to be really meaningful and enriching for me. As I live in a country where Good Friday is a normal working day, these online retreats I such a treasure.

Last year, their theme was about the Fugitives of Lent. I remember having had to keep hubs on hold in our Skype conversation because I was still full of emotions from the night’s session. I hope this year I can do it with hubs.

This is the theme for this year.


For those who cannot go to retreat places or on a pilgrimage like me, please know that you can also have a retreat in the quiet of your home. It won’t take more than thirty minutes of your time, for only three days.

Make your Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday richer and more meaningful.

Click here to know more about the online retreat organised by the Philippine Jesuits.

30 March – things to be thankful for today

1. Thankful for a very kind Area lead who understands when and why I get angry at work. He totally gets me.

2. We had a project party to welcome the new comers. But it was also some sort of milestone party. In it, our team’s top boss announced and gave prizes to the team who performed best during last month’s HAZOP. And yep, it was our team! I keep on saying though that it’s mostly due to my other teammates’ units, which diluted the recommendations on my unit. Haha. Nevertheless, I’m happy we got the award!
My prize.


3. Somebody gave up her seat for me in the train this evening. Yey! πŸ™‚ it’s getting more frequent.

28 March – things to be thankful for today

In order of events.

1. Thankful I didn’t blow my top
2. Thankful I wasn’t discouraged despite meeting overly sarcastic people
3. Thankful hubs and I were able to go to office together and walk home together
4. A guy gave up his seat for me in the train when he saw my badge. A rare occurrence!
5. Thankful to see this early bloomer. I hope to post the morning version soon.


6. Thankful about the good news that Hubs’ parents told us. Thankful for hubs’ sis’ generosity with her time. πŸ™‚

By the way, here’s the morning version of the early bloomer sakura.


the story of the mackerel and a concerned foreigner

Fish is highly essential in a pregnant woman’s diet because of the DHA and omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial on the brain development of her unborn child.

Not all fish is safe for consumption of pregnant women however. Shark (who would ever eat a shark???!!!), tilefish, tuna and king mackerel were the constant names mentioned in almost all books/websites I came across, highlighted as the types of fish which SHOULD be avoided owing to their high mercury content.

As I have this image that these types of fish were big ones, I made a mental note to just eat small ones.

Thinking I needed more intake of fish, we decided to have lunch at Ootoya where my favorite grilled fish meal is.


I asked hubby what was the name of the fish I was eating. To which he answered that it was called “Saba”. I asked what was its English name. But hubby didn’t know. I just shrugged it off and continued in eating my fish. I find it really delicious and I was eating it with much gusto, happily thinking as well that baby is having a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

As usual, hubby finished eating first and excused himself to go to toilet.

Now, the people on the table nearest us were two guys – one a silent Japanese and the other a western guy who did most of the talking. He wasn’t eating as well. It was only his Japanese companion who was eating.

A minute after Hubs left, I heard the western guy said “it’s none of my business but I’ll say it anyway”. I found this weird but of course it’s also none of my business if he acts weird or not. And then in a flash he was already standing in front of me and saying something to me. Because of my surprise, it took me a while to understand what he was saying.

I had to shake my head to clear it from the shock and asked him to repeat what he was saying (for the third time):

it’s mackerel. The English name of what you’re eating – it’s mackerel.

When he saw that I finally understood what he was saying he then went back to his seat.

Meanwhile I had already recovered from my shock of him approaching me. But now I have a different worry. That i wasn’t supposed to eat what I was eating.

So then I called out to him.
Me: you helped me a lot in here. I wasn’t supposed to be eating this fish Thank you.

Guy: why not? Why are you not supposed to eat it? (yes he’s pretty confident)

Me: Because pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat mackerel.

Guy: Oh….. Well, congratulations anyway.

Me: arigatou. (smiling)

I still finished my fish though because I realized I’d be eating it for the last time for the next six months.

Thank you stranger, for intervening which could be life saving. I’ll pay it forward next time. Hubs and I had a good laugh about it later on but really sometimes, it helps to care even when supposedly “it’s none of your business”.

what’s your perfume?

Ever since the onset of my “morning sickness” I became to dislike the perfume I used during our wedding (hubs used the equivalent perfume for men). I feel that the smell is too musky.


Thankfully, I still like Tommy Girl that I always use in going to the office.


I also use a L’Occitane perfume which I keep in the office. For those times when we’ve had lunch in a place where the smell is so overpowering you’d surely bring it back to your desk.

I have a new love though. Attimo L’Eau Florale. It’s so floral and so feminine and so spring-y it’s just perfect for the season.


I hope though my altering smell preference wouldn’t have me disliking these perfumes again come few weeks from now. πŸ˜€

a story of life and love

I was resting in bed, reading about pregnancy stuff again, listening to the faint sound of hubs’ guitar playing in the dining room. When I got up to get something in the dining area, Hubs urged me to watch a video. Said it’s just 3 minutes.

Seven minutes and two runs after, the both of us were puffy-eyed already.

Do watch. And be changed. (click on the link below)


milkfish (bangus)!!

I’ve been craving for one soon after my pregnancy started. There were times I wanted bangus so badly the idea of going to Philippines just to eat the food I want to eat has been floating in my head.

We finally caved in and bought a pack of marinated bangus in the Asian store, disregarding our earlier hesitations that it’d be packed with preservatives. Checked the packaging and there wasn’t any – only vinegar, garlic and salt. There were also similar packaged bangus I saw before in malls in Manila. So we bought it.

And it was as good as I have fantasized it to be. Yes, “fantasize” is the word.


In between “oishis”, hubs peppered me with questions such as where does milkfish thrived and if it’s only in the Philippines. From what I know, milkfish is abundant in the Pacific area but that milkfish is farmed in many fish farms in the Philippines. And oh yeah, milkfish is the Philippines’ national fish (pambansang isda) haha.

So good. I think we’d buy another pack soon.

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