A day before we herald in a new month! And it’s actually mid 2013 already! Would have wanted to post more this month- there sure were quite a number of blog worthy stuff as its been a packed month! – but I usually find myself forgetting the existence of my phone, where I do most of my blogging, once I’m with Yui at the end of the day.

Work has been pretty exciting. I’m working for only six hours a day (mommy privilege) yet now, my workload is for a nine or ten hour work day. But I’m not complaining! Because it’s been pretty interesting thus far. And to help manage my time, I only read emails during lunch time, including work emails unless a particular email has got to do with my work at hand. I only pray that I’ll continue to have the energy and health to pursue the work I want while attending to the other important part of me – my husband and baby!

Hubs had been away twice this month for business trips overseas. It’s a first for us to be away from each other for more than a day and with the baby at that. It’s the reality of our work, free travel but away from family and we have to cope with it.

As for the baby, like all the other babies who has to go to daycare/kindergarten, she is also having her share in getting sick. It sure is very hectic especially when there’s poop explosion or vomiting at 3am or just when you’re about to go out of the house for daycare/work or when you’re in the middle of your dinner. And we hope and pray that real soon, Yui’s system could already adjust. Real soon please, otherwise these worry lines on my forehead would already become permanent. But really, it’s so heartbreaking to see your baby having a hard time.

For the atsushiandmarjorie.com venture, design works are still in progress. If this be an EPC project, we’re soooo delayed already on our ready-for-start-up target schedule. So please bear with us. ๐Ÿ˜€

And speaking of blogs, I thought it’d be better for us to start posting “pins” that we’d love to have for our dream house. Not that we plan to build one anytime soon (no 60million yen yet!) but just so we can gather the elements we like and get to have an image of what it is we really like for our house.

Would be posting next time the beautiful interiors I’ve come across recently but for now here’s an element I like that I found in an ad placed on our mailbox. Our current apartment doesn’t have this hence I really see the convenience of this design.


The shelf right on top of the washing machine would be great to hold our laundry detergents and similar items. But my favourite part here is the topmost movable cabinet that can store our towels. It’s definitely a space saver, maximising the available vertical area and great for the likes of me who’s not gifted with height. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dream on!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

When I got home yesterday, our glass vase already had an identical twin vase and was holding this delicately twirled bamboo (and some more flowers that we couldn’t identify).


Hubs also bought some rattan holders.


They sure are so pretty to behold they practically make us bubbly.

My nasal allergies got worse again today. Oh please leave me now allergies as I’ve got a big day tomorrow. It’ll be my first day at work after almost 8 and half months!!

Early to bed now.


Hubs went out to buy minced lean chicken and pork and pumpkin, all for Yui’s dinner. He went home bringing more – strawberries (and condensed milk too!) and flowers and new plants! Now the dining area looks like this.



The petite lavender dahlias now occupy the mini basket Hubs gave me for valentines this year (the ivy and begonia didn’t survive). It’s my first to see red carnations too!

Ahhh. Thankful for Hubs’ hobby. ๐Ÿ™‚

child proofing the house

With Hello Kitty! ๐Ÿ˜€




bedroom ala Laura Ashley

Took a couple of snaps of bedroom arrangements that I liked when we visited the Laura Ashley shop in Motomachi for our curtains.

I like the bedroom that looks cozy and comfy and charming. I definitely prefer it over the modern look.



I prefer a bigger bed though.
This wallpaper is just is just lovely. Note to self, hopefully someday. ๐Ÿ˜€


center table

My kind of dream center table. But it’s sold at ยฅ118,000 (bigger one) and ยฅ88,000 (smaller one). Ouch.


home interior inspiration board – World Porters edition

We’re currently lounging under this incredibly blue early autumn sky, the landmark towering over us and the wind ruffling our hair. There’s a couple of unknown nationality near us, making out, in plain sight; enjoying just as everyone else is enjoying this perfectly great weather.


We just scoured the 4th floor of the World Porters, still visible from the hill we’re currently on, sipping our coffee, sitting on the grass.


The wife and homemaker part of me got excited as we looked around the whole floor, concocting up home furnishing preferences as we go.

I realize though that I have to at least get started with an inspiration board or at least a collection of a motley of the designs that I liked so that later on, I/we can decide on the final theme of our home. Because currently, there doesn’t seem to be a theme that’s trending when it comes to my preference on home furnishing. Some days I like it rustic. Some days I like it Asian. Some days I like it elegant. Some days I like it modern art deco.

So it’s best to gather them all first and then decide later on when it’s time to decide.

Clocks. I love these quirky ones.




Loved this corner set.


But Hubs says it’s too big for the two of us, for now. This one though is just perfect for the tatami room, for the two of us.


I’m not one for elaborate crystal chandeliers. I prefer these.









So liked this pretty throw pillow.


As well as this dainty bed cover.


Wall hooks.



These fashionable pots caught hubby’s eye of course.


And and! I just love this center table.



All of these inside a house with bricks of these shades.


Utopia? We dearly hope not.

And oh let’s not forget the carpets.



Fell in love the first time I saw the second carpet above in that I was ecstatic when there was a smaller version of it, on sale at 1980yen! Just perfect by our front door.


Made another purchase as well, in Village Vanguard, located on the 3rd floor. Garbage are collected here on Japan on a certain schedule. For our area, burnables and perishables are on Monday and Friday, PET bottles and glass on Tuesday, etc etc (yes, segregation is the word). Hence we need to store the perishable garbage in a closed compartment to keep the stink from contaminating the house. Problem is, your perishables garbage bin (yes, because of segregation you end up having a number of bins) would be forever stinky and you have to wash it every now and then. But it’s difficult for me to do that. When I saw this, my problem was solved. It has a cover and yet your garbage goes directly to the garbage bag hence there’s no container that’s forever stinky.



Can’t wait to set these up when we get home!!! But first, badminton. ๐Ÿ™‚

storage boxes!

Finally, after months of watching out for the right kind of storage box, I found the one I was looking for this afternoon in basement 1 of Colette Mare. Perfect to house our wedding-related stuff and stationeries including the greeting cards and money cards given us as well as the receipts of all the payments we did.


I would have wanted a light colored one so it would lend light on the storage room. But then if you need to store something for a long time, might as well store it in a box that wouldn’t get dirty easily.

It has a cloth lining hence our beloved stuff are protected.


Love the way the strings of the lining are tied at the back.


Bigger one is at 1030 yen whilst the smaller one is at 620 yen.

Ja, time to clean up!

stationeries and fixtures


No, this is not our living room setup. Wish it was! Love the lampshade and the elegant rug. This is one of the three couches located in the cinema floor in Colette mare, right in front of a row of restaurants. But it’s free to dream, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

Now this probably is one of my favorite office supplies. Why so? They can keep intact something that is falling apart. It can salvage those papers that are threatening to break loose from its binder rings. These vinyl reinforcements are the office supplies representatives of hope – nothing is too hopeless that can’t be salvaged. Which reminds me, erasable pens and markers are hope-givers too! (yeah I know, I might have taken things too seriously).


talk about home

If you have Six Million Philippine Pesos, it would go a long way in the Philippinesย if you’re planning to buy a house and lot and decorate it besides.

But we’re not based in the Philippines and we have to plan accordingly based on where we are based. Now, Japan. And if you live in the city like we do, and a city close to Tokyo at that, real estate prices really do skyrocket. Our previous researches points to houses with area of ~60sq.m. that’s priced at roughly (tadaan!) 60 MILLION YEN.

And that’s just the house. You have to buy your furnitures and home fixtures and home decors right? Plus the curtains, the carpet, the rugs, the linen. And of course you need to have those home interior goodies coordinate and compliment with each other in terms of colors and theme right?

I was window shopping yesterday in Bo Concept in Queens. I was daydreaming already as I walked around the place (and I’d say they have such a huge place for their display) and wondering how much should we earn for us to have our dream home already. The good store lady gave me a brochure. Guess, I’ll continue daydreaming with that.

Earlier, I was complaining about the expensive furnitures here in Japan with some colleagues and Teof recommended I go visit Nitori in Jack’s Mall. He said though that it would be good to browse their website first.

And boy it was such a good suggestion. The website told me it’s not a bad idea to dream, alright.

Do browse. http://www.nitori.co.jp/en/index.html

I love their digital catalogues. And I most love the kitchen part. Do check out the oh-so-convenient cupboards. Even if you’re of a petite stature, you don’t have to get a chair or a small ladder just so you can access your cupboards.

Ja. It’s 11:45 pm now. I guess it’s high time to continue dreaming about our dream house.

Happy dreaming minna-san (everyone)!

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