crib bumpers

As I’ve mentioned before, Kidfolio is one of the apps I refer to on a daily basis to help me get more knowledge on how to take care of my baby Yui.

Today’s topic as highlighted below is about crib bumpers.

(photo credits: Amazon US)

This doesn’t come as a surprise for me though as I’ve read a lot already about the dangers of and how unnecessary crib bumpers are.

Just this morning (and a number of times before that) I woke up with Yui’s face jammed right into the slats of her crib. I shiver at the thought what could have happened had I been vain enough to put a crib bumper on Yui’s crib.

Maybe they’re safe if you can be sure that your baby will be rooted on the same place you’ve laid her on in her crib. But of course you couldn’t be sure. So yes, crib bumpers are definitely no-nos on a baby’s crib.


4 Weeks, Day 5
When you were pregnant, you probably imagined a coordinated nursery complete with crib bumpers that matched the curtains. But crib bumpers can be dangerous. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a reminder for parents to place babies on their backs in a crib without stuffed animals, pillows, and cushioned bumpers. There have been many documented cases where newborns were smothered by bumpers, and older babies can use them to try to climb out of their cribs. Small babies can become trapped between the bumper and the crib rails. So, for the sake of your baby’s safety, return bumpers to the baby store in exchange for something more useful, and embrace the crib’s sleek, clean look.

Check out Kidfolio!

Click here to get it from the iTunes App Store.

Kidfolio is also available for Android and on the web at

Want more info? Click here to find out more about Kidfolio from Alt12 Apps, the makers of BabyBump.

cradle – swing

Saw cradles in Lalaport last weekend so we somehow have some idea already on the price range. Online shopping though, is still cheaper. Amazon has the swing varieties to boot.





From Rakuten’s global page. It’s for the Japanese household so more compact style.



With all the choices, I do hope we get to buy the best for baby, at a reasonable price of course.

diaper bags

Just like during wedding preps, I’ve decided to post here pegs for baby stuff that we like, for our (very near future) reference when we actually buy already. And yes, we probably really need to buy within the next month or so.

Diaper bags!
all photos were from where we probably are going to make our purchase for these bags since so far I haven’t seen a diaper bag that I like in the malls. Saw one before in Greenbelt in Manila but alas we didn’t buy it – a reminder to really buy what you wanted to buy when overseas)

I love this Coach messenger diaper bag. But it’s pink so Hubs may have slight hesitations in carrying it. 😀


This Timi and Leslie tag-a-long Farah bag is pretty as well! And it’s blue so Hubs won’t have hesitations in carrying it. It has lots of compartments too for baby’s needs.



But this JJ Cole diaper bag is both our favorite so far. And it has the color/theme that I’ve been planning for baby.




Think. Think.

Christmas books

And they arrived just in time for Christmas!

Fresh out of the box from Amazon.

Figured that since The Neverending Story is a classic already, buying the hardbound cover is best. Was pleasantly surprised it came in colored! yippee! Totally so Christmassy especially since it’s written in that old fairy-tale stories kind of font which I found out during our Prague trip was really what was used in the olden days, even in their law books.

It came in hardbound but I bought it at Amazon at a cheaper price compared to the paperback copy sold in Book Express in front of Sakuragicho JR station (albeit I was thankful they’re selling a copy of this book. Through them, I learned there IS such a book).

Was equally surprised that the size of The Prophets of Ghost Ants copy was as big as the hardbound ones.

Together with the book I bought last night, my hands are surely full over the holidays.

Happy reading everyone!!

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