one month, a new header

Funny how days can just slip and fly by and then wham! Before you know it, it’s been a month after your wedding.

Thirty days after our dream wedding in Caleruega. Almost three weeks since we flew back here in Yokohama. Luggage yet to be unloaded and the library and bedroom are still pictures of chaos. Fortunately, because we pushed through with our housewarming a week after we came back, living room, dining room and kitchen are in some sort of order already. There’s still more that’s yet to be done though.

Thirty days! And I guess it’s high time we replace our header for one that we had from our wedding. Since our blog’s launching, we had been using this picture from one of our prenup last September in Minato Mirai, Yokohama with our friends-officemates-photographers Russell Olaguer and Douglas Cataylo.

 As with the new phase in our life, time to change our header as well.

Thank you much Russell for the great pictures! Sa uulitin! 😀

New photo courtesy of Dino Lara.

Spring prenup by Gali Montalbo

Taking a break with my baby steps to learning Nihon-go.  Here’s some of our pictures from our prenup last spring by our friend Gali Montalbo.

And oh, do watch out when you drop by Lonely Planet and National Geographic’s stock photos. You just might come across Gali’s name on one of the photos 😉

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Prenup part 2,a glimpse

Had our second prenup, Spring version, with our friends Russell Olaguer and Gali Montalbo last April 10, a day before I flew back to Manila to start with our wedding preps.

We’re yet to unpack our luggages and I know our prenup CD is in there somewhere. Hence, i’m sharing here a link to Gali Montalbo’s flickr account.

A glimpse on our 2nd prenup. Enjoy! Will try to post the actual photos here as soon as possible.

Yokohama Pre-nup

Teasers from an afternoon of photoshoot with Russell and Douglas (and Maha in tow as well!). Thanks much guys!! It was an enjoyable afternoon! ^_^

Photoshoot location: Minato Mirai, Sakuragicho, Yokohama

at the back is our office, where our love story started ^_^ (hey there, seatmate!)

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