broken hearted

The moment you love, you really are opening yourself to the possibility of being hurt and being broken hearted. No matter what type of love and whatever relationship you have. Yes, it definitely includes friendship.

It hurts. A lot. You go about your day(s) carting around the hurt. But still, I choose to love.

Because having had known love, I know that loving and forgiving is the better (and best!) option.

Look alike

Hubs and I were admiring Yui as she was also beaming at us.
M: I love her lower lip.
A: I love her upper lip.
M: honto? But she got it from me. It’s similar to mine.
A: I know. I’ve known that the first time I saw her. That’s why I love it.

Happy. Thankful.

first time on solids!

The materials. Check.


Her table wares. Check.


The baby in her (oversized) cover-all bib. Check.


Moirraine was more than ready to get started on solids. Everything that the book said were signs that your baby is ready (stable neck, able to sit, reduced drooling, increased appetite, keen interest in the food the adults partake, chewing motion, increase in weight) Moirraine had exhibited weeks ago. Hence when we finally introduced her first solids – rice cereal – this morning, Moirraine was almost like a pro. I readied myself for some head turning or a stubbornly closed mouth. We had an eager mouth instead. Yey!


cut and shop

While Dad gets a haircut, Mom shops around with the baby on a carry.



baby diaries: so fast

We were playing and cuddling and I just happen to look at the clock. With a start, I realise it’s time for your milk again when I felt like it was just minutes ago when you last had your milk. Time flies really fast baby. Tomorrow you’ll have your first solids. Soon you’ll go to day care. Before Mom knows it, you’ll have your first boyfriend already! Time flies really fast. Grow up well, honey. And Mom and Dad hope you’ll grow up with a kind heart.

BCG stamp

‘Tis the third day yet her BCG twice-stamped skin is still swollen. 😦 The mark of 18 (!!) needles. 😦 All other vaccinations were on her thighs and only single needle at that save for BCG that has to be on the left arm and stamped. Supposedly this is to avoid keloid formation/scarring of the injection site. Hopefully it really doesn’t leave her a lifetime mark like the ones I and my brothers have.


This by the way is the stamp. From Wikipedia.


Incomplete, an act of kindness, Yui’s first solids preps

Tonight and tomorrow night, Hubs is away for a stay-in workshop organised by the company, him being one of the lecturers. I’m happy for Hubs for this opportunity but I sorely miss him; this being the first night we’ve been away from each other ever since our church wedding two years ago let alone the first since Yui was born. Yui seemed to be out of sorts herself as well this evening. Not crying thankfully but more clingy than usual. Nighttime is actually her bonding time with Dad as I go about doing household chores. Funny how she finally settled for the night after hearing her dad on the phone when Hubs called to say goodnight. I am more tired as well since I have to take care of the baby AND do household chores; this after coming home carting a baby in my arms, a bulky baby bag on one shoulder and dragging a stroller/baby car on one hand (Mayumi carried the shopped goods thankfully). But still I’m real thankful because Yui at least wasn’t cranky this evening. In fact she was smiling a lot. So even when I was already very tired, I found myself still having the energy to do some household chores at 1:30am. Thanks to Yui’s help. The miracles of being a mom – you thought you’re tired already yet you still find yourself going and going and going. But really, aside from the lending arm that Hubs gives when he’s around, it definitely is lonely without Atsushi around. Two nights seem to be very long.

Yui is soon to start her solids already and I planned for today and tomorrow to buy the stuff necessary for the first few weeks at least. Been researching on giving baby solids for quite some time now and it’s finally time to actually buy the stuff for us to get started.

For today’s destination, we had to ride the JR train. Unfortunately however, the station we went to doesn’t have an elevator. We had Yui on a baby car and it’s really quite a feat to climb a long flight of stairs with a baby and a big bag albeit Mayumi will carry the folded stroller. The train master however kindly offered to carry Yui’s baby car and even offered that I put my big bag on the stroller for him to carry which of course I had to graciously refuse. When we got up to the platform, he didn’t leave us immediately the moment he set down the stroller. He waited till I was able to safely tuck Yui in in the stroller. Such a kind act. Thankful. Touched. Impressed.

The baby goods shopping was successful. Was really happy with these girly cover-all bibs; hello kitty and suzzy’s zoo being washable cloth type and the owl and flower design being easy to wipe plastic type. We’re ready for solids yey!


It’s snowing…

…and I’m out! Just had my vaccination. (>人<;)


what Valentines is in Japan

My 71 year old sensei was quite surprised when we told her that in the Philippines, and the rest of the world for that matter, it is the men who make the effort on Valentine’s Day. Said she wants to experience that kind of Valentine’s. My sis in law was quite surprised too and asked if the reason for the reverse is religion – to which I said no. Because yes, in Japan, it’s the women who make the effort during V-day; thinking of creative ways to show their affection to the men of their lives. Chocolate displays on the malls are quite a treat to the eyes as well!

Hubs and I have been teasing each other on who will give to whom during vday this year and he told me teasingly that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. I actually planned to go out on Feb 14, to buy Hubs a gift plant (he has a green thumb) and chocolates just like the previous years. But Yui had colds for a couple of days (dear Ward office, please install humidifier and air purifier on the children’s/babies’ floor) and I myself had caught her colds today so no outing for us for the last couple of days. I had to say sorry to Hubs.

When he came home however, I was pleasantly surprised.


Since I have colds, he bought vitamin C as well.


A. Thank you for the love, the happiness and kindness. Love you.

I was showing Moirraine the bouquet and was telling her that “this was given by Daddy”. At the mention of daddy, she turned her head and looked at her dad as if confirming. Could it be she already understands?

one boon in having a baby girl….

…is you can dress her up in the cutest dresses there are.


Or use the cutest gadgets! Yes, even with thermometers.


Happy Hearts Day everyone!

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