Shake Duo

Hubs requested that we drop by Book Express for his book shopping fix on our way home from office. It was a good thing this duo was doing a performance in the open space in front of JR Sakuragicho Station. They were pretty good! Hence I had a good time as I waited for hubs. I noticed though that most of us who were watching were women.

(sorry for the shaky cover on the first minute. I dropped my PET bottle and had to retrieve it haha 🙂 )

They were giving away flyers for their upcoming concerts; their first album is selling at ¥2500 yen.



In fairness the vocalist’s voice was good and blending with the backup was good as well. Beatbox man was pretty good too! No wonder many were hanging around to watch them instead of the usual handful of watchers for other singers on other days.

Hope to hear more from you guys.

autumn on November 30

We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t really been to the countryside to experience autumn. Here in the city, I feel like autumn took a long time in coming. And even when it came, the visit was so short. Short though it may be, yet still beautiful.


Margaret and poinsettia

One of our bosses in our current project invited some of us for dinner at his home last weekend. Since Hubs was busy with work, he had to decline and I had to go alone. The party was a blast; we thoroughly enjoyed the night. When I got back to the house at around midnight though, I saw Hubby had a very enjoyable evening as well. He had a very enjoyable time re-potting our plants that has outgrown their original pots.



And he bought a Margaret (the one with white flowers on the right) simply because the name Marjorie was derived from the name Margaret. Sweet. 🙂


He also bought this happy,Christmassy-looking poinsettia.


The other night, he trimmed big buddy (the first photo) and got a few loose leaves. He tied them with our leftover twines from the wedding and immersed them on water on our Marlowe glass. I just LOVE the arrangement! It looked like a flower to me.



Hubby is definitely the artist AND the green-thumb in our household. 🙂


Mama used to buy this for us as omiyage/present when she came back after being out the whole afternoon; omiyage for us to munch for our afternoon snacks.


The one above is not the 5-peso pilipit that mama used to buy for us. It’s the one I bought earlier in Pompador, at 130yen, roughly 70pesos at the current exchange rate. And the taste is EXACTLY the same. Such a world of difference in price, in a matter of 5-hour plane ride.

The 1st week of Advent and a Happy New Year

I feel so guilty not being able to attend one of the most anticipated Sundays in the Church’s calendar. The 1st week of Advent, which marks the first of the four weeks of waiting for Jesus’ birthday. In the Church’s calendar, today is like the New Year and hence a time of looking forward to the new year’s blessings and joys as well as being thankful to the year that was.

And with a smile, I was thankful that unconsciously, we were also doing our recollections and our share of thanksgiving. We are now cooking something that enabled us to reminisce on how our story started and how it unfolded. Listening to Hubs share how he felt buoys me up and made me really thankful how God has been good to us to have had enabled us to spend our lives together.

And so with joy, love and hope, we look forward happily to the future God has planned for Atsushi and me. I am excited! Because I believe it is gonna be great. We claim it Lord! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!


Already 9pm but both of us are still working. On a Friday at that. But it’s worth the while to stop for a few minutes and appreciate the view. I hope though I could get to take photos of the breathtaking sunsets we’ve been having these days. Next time!




your $2M Christmas tree

Although it’s supposed to be a Christmas tree, I ain’t labeling this under Christmas. It’s just so….commercial for me, this GOLDEN Christmas tree.

Got wind (via twitter) of a pure gold Christmas tree which costs a whooping TWO MILLION DOLLARS!

If you ask me though, it ain’t really that pretty.

Check photos and feature of the Christmas tree here.

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