Oh the places you’ll go

On your first day at daycare Moirraine anak, we wish you best on your journey. Rise up and shine! The Good Lord bless you.


3 on 30

Many things to be thankful today!

Hubs and I are celebrating our second Church wedding day anniversary.
Always a joy to relive the wedding day memories and the preps
And today marks a momentous day for our daughter as today will be her nyuuenshiki (ε…₯εœ’εΌ)/kindergarten entrance ceremony albeit she’s still not in kindergarten. Suffice it to say I and hubs are so excited for her. This will sort of be my “launching” too to finally be oriented first hand about the Japanese education system. (Which reminds me I still haven’t written about the daycare orientation meeting we had a couple of weeks back).

Last but not least, today also marks the day that I’ll go back to work. It’s just on paper though as I still need to take some leave to consider Yui’s adjustment at the daycare. In a week, it’ll be my first day too!

And for all these blessings and excitement, thank you Po, Lord. πŸ™‚

yakiimo is heaven

It’s warm now as May approaches. So I wasn’t expecting roasted sweet potato (or yakiimo in Japanese) would still be sold – they’re usually around during the colder months. But when we saw a man eating his yakiimo passionately on a bench near the grocery section in Ito Yokado, I also craved for one; which had Mayumi laughing and saying “yappari!” (I knew it!). πŸ˜€

Happy me the big ones are available again this time!




Yakiimo is so sweet it’s like candied sweet potato. Roasting it on the stone however, brought out its natural sweetness.

Ah. Love.


Yui had her share of the goodness as well, had it with her oatmeal. Like Mommy, like daughter I think. πŸ™‚

I used to hear yakiimo jingles on speakers attached to the trucks of yakiimo sellers. They’re very seldom seen nowadays and that yakiimo are now more frequently sold in supermarkets. I’d prefer buying the traditional way though albeit Ito yokado probably has the best yakiimo in the region. πŸ˜€

daycare preps


Towels, gauzes, drawstring bags for Yui’s shoes and pajama set. And other stuff besides. I’ll be putting Yui’s name on these before handing it over to Yui’s nurse sensei.

It’s almost unbelievable that it’s actually already almost three decades when my own mother also put my name on my stuff for my first day in kindergarten. I remember being very proud seeing my name on my place mat and sleeping mat; could still remember the proud sense of ownership seeing my name on my stuff and that my classmates could see it too.

And now it’s my baby girl’s turn. She’s still very young though to feel the excitement for herself. But soon baby, you’ll get to understand and get excited too. For now, Mommy will try to document as much as she can.

baby diaries: sensitive

Usually bedtime is snuggle up time with you Yui. But this evening, right after bath, you already mellowed down. And after burping your last milk intake for the night, you readily went to sleep without Mommy having had the need to sing lullabies. Even while we were still having dinner and you waited for us in your high chair, you seem to notice Mom and Dad are busy. We had to prepare for Dad’s business trip, see.

Thank you Yui Moirraine for being sensitive. Mom and Dad are so thankful.

the baby and the feeder

I can’t remember anymore where I first encountered baby feeders. But what I do remember is that I knew I wanted one for Yui the first time I saw it.

I wanted the Kidsme brand in particular. It turned out to be a good choice after all. It’s soft and good for teething gums, and encourages a baby’s independence without the mess. It comes with a cap so we can easily tow it with us for a day trip. To top it all, it’s so easy to clean. And nope, I’m not paid to endorse the product.

Yui was all smiles and laughter while gnawing at her feeder that has steamed sliced apple in it. So excited and happy probably because after MUCH gnawing (everything she gets her hands on go straight to her mouth), finally here’s something that she can eat and one that tastes good too! I’m also hoping it’s helping her self-esteem too!


baby food: steamed tofu and hard-boiled egg yolk

I’ve loved this soft, silky tofu ever since Okasan sent us a box for the first time some two years ago.


Tofu is one of the suggested baby first foods for 5~6 months that was listed in the guide book/brochures that I got from the ward office. But I delayed on giving Yui one because I only have this Morinaga tofu in mind for Yui and I hadn’t bought one yet.

When we had our first orientation at the daycare last Sunday however, tofu was among those that we need to feed Yui before she goes to daycare – they’ll be feeding Yui this so it would be best if we observe for ourselves first if yui has any reactions to the food.

Thankfully, Okasan sent us two boxes last week. Talk about perfect timing.

So this morning for lunch (Yui’s first time for twice a day feeding!), I thought of giving Yui steamed tofu with hard-boiled egg yolk which she already had with her rice cereal for two dinners.


This Morinaga tofu can actually be eaten as is, without cooking. But I wanted to play it safe with Yui so I had it steamed.

Did the baby like it? Just look at that smile.


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