dresses and docs!

It has been quite a productive day for both me and Hubby.

I had a great morning with Richie nailing down the specifics of my gown. I so wonder how Richie will turn her magic wand on my gown. Can’t wait for the first fitting!! And as always, Richie was great to talk with. Met her charming and pretty daughter Olivia as well. =)

Kat, Cindy and I also met with Rey’s mom and aunts who will be doing the entourage’s (women) dresses to nail down as well their gown designs. I am so kilig as well thinking how their dresses would be like and how beautiful they would be!

As for Hubby, he was able to have a headstart with our marriage documents.

And oh, I got my ento invites now as well! Better start punching holes and attaching the pony garters. I’m excited to distribute them tomorrow! I just hope though I know how to make a beautiful knot. haha! goodluck to me!


The FEED Phase of this project found us seatmates in 34th Floor South Wing of Queens A. If not for that, it would have taken longer for us to find each other. I say “longer” because I believe that eventually, we will still find each other. But then again, I think, that that time when furtuitous events led us to being projectmates and seatmates has been the perfect time that we have been praying for.


EPC is now underway for this plant. Hope it’ll be a very productive phase this time, as it has been in the previous phase.

Moving in

Hubby has just moved in to our new place! Piles and piles of boxes for now; with a box or two somewhere for my books and coats that I brought with me last month.
When we were house-hunting a month ago, we looked for a sunny place. And indeed we got one! Both the living room and dining area have access to the veranda which faces the east. The sun also comes streaming in on our bedroom window. Lovely. The library on the other hand faces the west and it might be lovely in the afternoons. (I think, haha. we didn’t get to see it during sunset) Although probably it might not be as sunny as the other rooms which is just as good since it would house all our books.



living room!

dining area!; and beyond the counter, kitchen!

Kudos Hubby, good work! =)

engineer bride bloopers

I inquired at some invitation suppliers this afternoon at neighboring malls for printing services of our save-the-dates. On one supplier, she was asking for some samples of what I wanted. She used the word “mock up”. The engineer me heard “mark up” and was thinking of P&IDs. Hence the engineer me got so confused why she was asking for mark up. hahaha!

Detalye Weddings and Events

Finding the perfect coordinator for our wedding had been a long process for me. I have contacted a lot of coordinators, both suggested by W@W and referred to by my other major suppliers. Some who were highly recommended in W@W were already booked on our wedding date. Some, I didn’t bother to contact further (there were some that I really didn’t bother to contact anymore) because their websites have misspelled words and wrong grammar (i-Tagalog mo na lang!) or that their email seem to be very impersonal and seems to be just copy-paste from one bride to another. There was even one supposed high caliber coordinator who emailed me with 2 redundant paragraphs which clearly told me that he wasn’t focusing on his email to me and that I am just another bride, no different from the next Juana. There was also one, who asked me my name in reply to a text query I sent even when I gave her my name right after I said “Hi Ms ___!”  I didn’t bother to reply to that anymore because clearly, it was an indicator of how unorganized my wedding is gonna be if i’ll hire her.

So, I was almost near dispair until I browsed W@W archive and found good commendations about Detalye and Erika. I inquired and I gave a whoop when Erika confirmed their availability on my wedding date. What was left then was if the two of us are gonna click, gonna have the rapport, gonna have a good time even when it’s just the first meeting.

I set CBTL in ATC for our meeting place and I was happy when she agreed. This came as a pleasant surprise for me since most coordinators come from the north; one coordinator even proposed we meet halfway – at The Fort! haha (waaaay far from Alabang). I learned later Detalye is based in Sucat hence really really convenient for me.

The first plus with Erika and her husband? They arrived on the dot. As for how our meeting went? Well, first impressions really matter to me. With Detalye? Well, is hiring them on the spot proof enough? =D

Couture and Reception Venue

Yey! Two other major suppliers booked yesterday and today. By booked meaning not just pencil-booked anymore but that we were able to make the necessary downpayments already.

Happy with Ville Sommet, for our reception. This place was Hubby’s first choice (because of the very nice scenery, he says) and my second choice. My first choice was Splendido for three reasons: it’s cheaper, less hassle because the caterer is in-house (I don’t have to go about food tasting with accredited suppliers) and I heard that food is good. However, Splendido is already booked for our wedding date. Thankfully though Ville Sommet is still open for our wedding date, so, hurray! I laughed out loud as Kat commented “Para kang reyna dito Marj on your day”. The weather on the day we made our ocular visit was quite gloomy. Yet still we were charmed with the place! The pictures we took didn’t quite give the place justice though.

pathway to Glasshouse, passing by the Trellis

And this afternoon, I visited Patricia (Richie) Ortega-Torres’  workshop where I was entertained by her very accommodating assistant, even giving me swatches so that I’ll have some idea of the fabric that Richie will use on my gown. Got my measurements as well. Diet na to!!! =D

Yokohama Pre-nup

Teasers from an afternoon of photoshoot with Russell and Douglas (and Maha in tow as well!). Thanks much guys!! It was an enjoyable afternoon! ^_^

Photoshoot location: Minato Mirai, Sakuragicho, Yokohama

at the back is our office, where our love story started ^_^ (hey there, seatmate!)

Richie Ortega-Torres

(note by wifey: I had the same post on my heartstrings blog)
Finally, I had my wedding gown designs!! These are by Richie Ortega-Torres. When I saw her creations on the internet, I fell in love with them. And when I met her, the two of us just hit it off; the two of us instantly connected and established rapport. That connection turned out to be priceless I guess; I tried to contact 2 other designers but I lost heart to them because they didn’t have the professionalism, bubble and openness that Richie had with me.
Help me out on the decision-making, will you?
Gown choice A (front):
Gown choice A (back):
Image of the sheer-style shoulder of Gown A:


Gown choice B (front):

Gown choice B (back):
Lovely aren’t they?

Hizon’s Catering

I admit, I was already leaning on booking for another caterer. But as I haven’t contacted that certain caterer yet and hence still not sure as to their availability, I just can’t pass up the chance to join Hizon’s grand foodtasting at The Oasis.

In all fairness, I must hand it to them that they still accommodated me even when I only confirmed my attendance for the event a day before. Thing is though, when we showed up for the event and I looked for my AE, the certain AE wasn’t at the register table and nobody knew if she has arrived or not. Some even doesn’t know if my AE was their co-employee. The AEs (I assume they were AEs) in the table were convincing one another to take me up instead and finally they “bullied” (it felt like that to me) somebody to take me on because they couldn’t find my AE’s folder on the table. Good thing though somebody found my AE’s folder burried by the other folders, only to find that my name wasn’t on it. This was fine by me since I did just confirm the day before and I have my AE’s email and text confirmation that I am registered to join the event.

First impressions really matter with me and the “register table” incident certainly put their group down several notches on my standards chart (if not at the bottom). Yet, I let it pass.

Now the food. It was okay. Although I really wasn’t exclaiming delightfully how good it was (which I would have wanted for our wedding caterer), still it was good enough. There was only one dish that stood out though, which was their Roast Beef with Mushroom gravy sauce. It tasted like lechon. Delicious. But if only one dish was worth mentioning among several dishes, that would be a problem isn’t it?

They made it up with their dessert though. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g was just lovely. Especially the mango panna cotta.

After the event was done though, I know deep within that I still haven’t found our caterer that satisfied my palate.

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