Longchamp 4×4

I’ve reached the point that i refuse to watch nor read any horror movie/story. The image would really be only retained on my head and torment me for weeks. Hence I’d rather avoid the torture.

Hubby wanted to watch “Exorcist” so much the other week that he offered a bribe, a win-win solution: he’ll buy me a bag if I accompany him. He wanted to watch so much he is willing to buy what I fell for at that time – a Longchamp new arrival that costs 60,000yen.

But of course I had to decline, for two reasons: I feel guilty for taking advantage and I know that the 60k bag would not really free me from the torment the exorcist movie would cause me for weeks. It’s just not worth it.

Fell for this one earlier though, Longchamp 4×4. I have this partiality with hobo bags, all my favorite bags ever were all hobo types. It’s currently sold at 47,000+ yen. I’ll check tomorrow if there’s another horror movie on this weekend. 🙂



rainy days and love

The hunt for the perfect chocolate-colored, high-heeled boots had gone on for so long that today, hubby and I separated ways after dropping by the church so that I can go to any mall I want to, as long as I want to. This has gone on for a month and I somehow feel guilty to hubby already when I get out from shop after shop without a paper bag at hand; I can almost hear his sigh of frustration when I get out the shop and still empty-handed although he would assure me he is ok and aren’t really frustrated. But of course, I really couldn’t allow myself to buy boots which cost more than $400 and yet I’m only halfhearted with it or that it will cause my feet some torture (my feet are really quite…..special, to avoid being derogatory to oneself).

Thankfully, it was a productive afternoon. Albeit by the time I was finished it was already 5 o’clock and it was already dark as I got out the station. There was a soft drizzle but I didn’t have an umbrella with me. Worried with my whereabouts, Hubs called me up where I was and offered to pick me up in the station.

He had colds yesterday and I have a big paper bag with me which I can use as a shield from the soft drizzle but still he offered to pick me up. And even when I was a bit guilty, I still felt warm inside when he came to the station, hair disheveled obviously from sleep, carrying our big pink umbrella.

Times like this, you just love rainy days.

As we walked, I was suddenly reminded of my university/college days. I remember nights when it was raining like cats and dogs and one of us was stuck in the university gate or the corner from our dormitory without an umbrella. Even when it was a torrential rain, a friend from our dormitory would think about the one who got stuck, and without hesitation would pick up her friend. Even when it meant getting wet with rain. I did my share, I also picked up a friend. But it was because somebody else did it before me.

I guess selfless acts like that would probably be remembered for as long as you live, even when you haven’t already seen such friends for a long time.

paperbag cover

The sky has been overcast since noon and looks like it’s about to rain now that it’s late afternoon. And so, just like any other shop here in Japan, the saleslady wrapped my paperbag with a plastic cover so that my paperbag and my purchase, which would then be wet from the open end of the paperbag if ever, would be protected from getting wet. Really quite thoughtful isn’t it?


And yes, I finally found chocolate colored high-heeled boots (the specs for this month-long hunt) for this winter that fit my feet and legs. Yey!
Updated this post to add a photo of ze boots (as urged by hubs).


I just love the colorful sole.


Date at Enoshima

As we wait for our late lunch, we enjoy this fine malt Enoshima beer. I don’t like beer much because they are bitter. But this one I definitely can drink. 乾杯!

(guess who’s having the bigger volume. 🙂 )



Wien Staatsoper

Been having some sort of writer’s block lately. Lots of deep thoughts churning inside my head these days that I’d rather just be silent. And mull and chew on the stuff that’s nagging me or better yet discuss it with Hubs. Suffered a terrible migraine last weekend and yet again hubby proved how he’s the best husband there is. Because he took care of me, I decided not to cut my head off lest he be a widower, even when the pain was strongly telling me to go and cut my head off. 😀

Anyways, I digress much. Let’s battle the writer’s block, shall we?

Upon arrival in Vienna and depositing our luggage in our 4-star-but-doesn’t-seem-quite-so-4-star hotel, we immediately set off to go looking for Vienna’s State Opera House aka Wien Staatsoper. Our mobile map app (don’t you just LOVE Steve Jobs? And yes, for us, like Michael Jackson, he isn’t really quite dead yet… 😦 ) told us The Staatsoper was just a 23-minute, 2km walk from our hotel. However, being a tourist and a first-time traveller on that country, what was normally a 23-minute walk took three times longer as it was coupled with lots of picture taking and even stopping over to watch a great performance of some local (or neighboring country) band in the park – for free.

To quote Rick Steves,

Vienna is the cradle and the world capital for classical music and The Staatsoper is its throne room

. Built in 1869, it is one of the world’s premier houses of music, built in the Neo-Renaissance style. It’s the harbinger of a busy intersection in Vienna – Kärtner Strasse meeting Ringstrasse. Mighty impressive, isn’t it?

(All photos unedited save for the watermark).



I’ve some attachment with lampposts. Probably it wells out of dreaming of Narnia. LOL.


The Staatsoper feature a different opera per day. Our visit fell on Il Barbiere di Siviglia on stage.


Er, we practically headed straight to Staatsoper the moment we hit town. Show was at 7, we were outside the opera at six, just in time to tour around the place before the performance hence no time for dinner anymore. Hence, we bought some snacks and cheese on a grocery store on the way to the Opera. End result, hubby was carrying a plastic bag with our purchases while almost everyone around us were dressed to the nines.


Impressive. Lavish. Sumptuous.






We booked a seat in a private box albeit a bit far from the stage.



Everything that’s red is vee~~~~lvet.


The stage!


Almost everyone who watched made some effort to dress up. But a Japanese couple who sat right in front of the orchestra was really serious with the dress code – the woman was wearing a kimono. I figure that since it’s a bit impractical to be a tourist and cart around a kimono, they probably are working in Vienna and that the husband is probably a consul? If this is twitter, I’d add a hashtag #assumingmuch. 🙂


Yes, the play was in Italian. But no fret. We had our Staatsoper version of “subtitle”.


Hence, we still laughed as the plot unfolded; Il Barbiere was a comedy yes. A word of caution though. Don’t watch the opera right after traveling halfway across the world without a wink of sleep. But I must say though that the orchestra was soooo good they were lulling us to sleep sometimes. 😉

In totality, it was a GREAT experience!

It was already pretty late when we got out the opera and tired as we are, we were not up for a late night dinner and would rather just flop into the bed and try to recover our jetlag to prepare ourselves for long days of walking in the next few days. Hence, we decided to try the must-try wiener hotdog. Our first (of many) good food experience during our trip.


Ho-hum. Time for sleep!

K.u.K Hofzuckerbäcker Demel

It’s time for goodfoodhunt’s October post! Decided to feature our delicious experience in Demel this time.

Do drop by and click the link! —> K.u.K Hofzuckerbäcker Demel

P.S. goodfoodhunt.wordpresss.com is my blog that’s solely dedicated on featuring good food.

KitKat – Kanto Region Edition

Love these special KitKat editions. Perfect for pasalubong / omiyage / presents.

Yokohama edition, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor.


Yokohama edition, Annin dofu or almond jelly flavor.


Tokyo-Nihonbashi edition, Kuromitsu or Japanese sugar syrup flavor. Kuromitsu literally means “black honey”; kuro (黒, くろ) for black and mitsu (みつ) for honey.


Buy now, for your loved ones!


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