I’ve been playfully complaining to Hubs that I absolutely cannot read his penmanship – even his hiragana and katakana, the characters of which I’m familiar with now. I tell him it’s like the penmanship of a kindergarten. And he laughs because he says his penmanship has been lauded as very professional. I try to write.


He tells me my penmanship IS the kindergarten type. Hoh well. At least I can read it. πŸ™‚

on my wonder years and Kaloka

Looking back to our “growing years”, boring is certainly not a word in Elna’s (aka Kaloka) vocabulary; where there’s fun and excitement Elna was sure in the thick of it. And when I say “growing years”, I mean almost the whole span of it for Elna has been my longest running classmate ever – we were classmates since 1st grade and got accelerated together in 5th grade (accelerated being we jumped to the next higher grade within the same year, hence graduating elementary a year ahead from our real batchmates). We were both quite active in academic and extra-curricular activities back then and as Math Quizzers in high school, together with Rezza and our Math mentor Sir Iroy, Elna and I also went to trips to different towns to compete (and win! Hehe) against other students with our Math prowess. Those girls and our Math mentor surely made Math easy and very interesting despite the fact that we had to spend even some of our weekends with Math. Had I pushed with my plans months before graduation to pursue accountancy, Elna and I would have been classmates all the way to college since we also went to the same university. But I found out about Chemical Engineering and pursued the course and so struggled with Math from thereon hahaha (thankfully, struggled just enough to keep my scholarships).

Ever the fun and interesting person that she is, Elna has been maintaining a blog for the last couple of years or so where her posts on fashion are among my favorites. I remember in grade school how we waited with big-eyed excitement as Elna sketches pretty girls in pretty dresses.

Do visit her in her new address — I especially liked her recent post on marriage.

Elna also did a touching feature on us when our wedding got featured in the Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines magazine. Thanks for that El! πŸ™‚

Here’s to more years of friendship! πŸ™‚ albeit separated by continents. πŸ™‚


spring in our neighbourhood



happy birthday A!

A very special day indeed! Not because of the annular solar eclipse but because it’s the birthday of the most important person in my life. Been showering hubs of my feelings since last night so it’ll be just a simple greeting here, teehee.

Happy Birthday, my dear dear A! πŸ™‚

(this is the complimentary “birthday cake” that Kihachi prepared for us. We had my birthday dinner in this fine dining restaurant. Thought it best to have Atsushi’s birthday here as well).

They also gave us a birthday card with our souvenir photo.


Will post the great food we had for dinner next time, in my goodfoodhunt blog.

A meaningful day for the both of us, in more ways than one.

Happy birthday again Hubby! πŸ™‚
I pray you more happiness, blessings and love. And patience (for me hehe). Mwah!

annular solar eclipse 2012

People in the office have been talking about this once-in-a-millenium-event since last week. Hubs and I were of course anticipating it as well – for uhm, some mushy idea that I have (you know, walking hand in hand under a perfect ring in the sky….yeah. I shouldn’t have mentioned it).

But alas, my insomnia was at its worst last night, making me sleep at 4am and so I only woke up at 7:30, just right when the apparently smaller diameter moon was perfectly blocking the sun, creating the ring. When hubs brought me outside (having had woken up earlier he of course witnessed the ring), I was only able to witness the half moon vision. And when I got inside to get my camera again (iPhone was no good), the cloud was already blocking even the half moon vision.

Some friends and colleagues were lucky like hubs though. This photo taken by our friend Russell Olaguer is surely amazing.


Truly a Ring of Fire.

Hubs told me of a song popularized in 1990 by the Japanese band, Dreams Come True. It tells of this year’s annular solar eclipse.

Can you give me the ring? Only one. I will wait for you up to solar eclipse in 2012.

Please don’t forget. Yes, it’s the ring of the sun.

If you are close to me, I am so happy that I cry

Sigh. Isn’t it romantic? πŸ™‚

By the way, Russell was also the one who took our early autumn prenup . Look for more of his amazing photos in his Flickr account or subscribe to him in Facebook.

the happy pregger

Receiving a warm email on a Monday morning is like a harbinger to a great workweek ahead. And when topped off by a surprise work of art, featuring you no less, you’re sure to start the week beaming with positivity.

From an esteemed mentor-friend, all the way from Houston, David Coyle. From the man who reminds me of the Bible adage

to one who has, more will be given.

Indeed, not just gifted with intellect and wit and sportsmanship, but with talent as well! Care to agree with me? πŸ™‚


The caption of the email (which I plagiarised here as the title of this post hehe) surely equates with the big smile on my face. And as I reflect, yes, I sure am a happy pregger. Indeed. πŸ™‚

I love how my pregnancy badge was included in this watercolour painting.

Thank you David for this. Most importantly, thank you for the time you spent in doing this. This will not be forgotten. πŸ™‚

our wedding video is finally in

Finally, after waiting for more than a year (yes, it was well over what was agreed in the contract), we finally have our wedding video with us. And it being a Jason Magbanua video, it sure was well worth the long wait. Sure I bitched and complained around in twitter on it being so late. Who wouldn’t?? Albeit when we finally got our parcel, we could say that it was really worth it. No mediocrity at all with the presentation.



We were travelling when they had to finalise our video cover. And since we’re travelling, I couldn’t give them photos for the cover, hence they asked some from our photographer Dino Lara. I needn’t have to fret what photos would they choose. Both Dino’s and Jason’s team have excellent taste so as expected, the photos chosen were among my favourites.

Even when I asked of it, Jason’s secretary didn’t ask us anymore for courier fees for sending the package to Japan. I think it was their way of making up for being late. Fair enough.

Was laughing how hubs was reacting while watching the video. It reminded me again of how much courage he needed to muster to kiss and hug me like he did in front of our loved ones knowing that going along with tradition will really make me happy. Thank you A.

Of course I was teary eyed the whole while we were watching the video. And more so while watching my dance with my father. There was a time years back when I thought I wouldn’t be able to give him that. But by God’s grace, I met the perfect man for me, who gave me a beautiful wedding where I was able to dance the big dance with Papa.

We laughed and were yet touched again by the speeches. Thank you for the words, beloved friends and mentors. We will always cherish and be grateful for them.

And speaking of speeches, I think I owe our guests an apology. My speech was soooo unorganised! But with my massive migraine at that time and of course the emotions churning inside me, I hope you understand why so and really, all I needed to say is “thank you” which I said quite A number of times haha. I dearly hope for your understanding our dear friends.

It was also really nice how, aside from the usual scenes to be selected – preparation, ceremony, program, vows, speeches – jason’s team added another scene selection in the DVD: our song number. It was of course the first time I saw and heard the songs we rendered. And again I can only be really thankful that I was able to sing like that despite my terrible terrible migraine.

Will try to share some parts of the DVD in the future. If and when I figure out how to rip parts of it. Teehee.

God is good. Thank you Lord for all the love and blessing.

after the OB visit

We’re back in Japan after our 10-day vacay in Manila and Davao. Lots to be thankful for in that trip! We were able to have bonding time with my family and friends over lots of good food. Had my fill of milkfish and Papa’s great cooking as well! End result, I gained more than 3 kg in 3 weeks – far too excessive for my own good. I almost laughed when I saw our Ob’s expression when he saw my weight on my boshitetcho (mother-child record book). Almost laughed only because it was my weight after all.

Ob then told us to try and control my weight gain; of which I am positive that I can since we’re back in Japan and hence can now resume my daily walks to and fro office.

After the ob visit this morning, we had lunch at the nearby family restaurant. This is mainly why Japanese maternity hospitals and clinics don’t give away prenatal vitamins.


The Japanese basically have such a healthy diet. The spinach side dish alone can take care of your daily requirement of folate and iron.

After lunch, Hubs and I decided to make the 15-minute walk to the station to try burn the extra weight we’ve gained thus far. With this kind of view along the way, I absolutely wouldn’t mind walking further than 15 minutes. With a comfortable 19degrees C temperature at that!


Baby, so glad to see you again this morning. πŸ™‚ Mommy and Daddy were squealing with delight as we saw you rolling and twisting about. Love you. πŸ™‚

Vie de France’ sesame and banana juice

I love sesame dressing. Hence I’d love to hug whoever has concocted this nutty, fruity drink – black sesame and banana juice.


For those who love peanut butter on banana, you’d surely love this shake as well. And it’s very healthy to boot! Sesame seeds

are a very good source of the minerals copper and manganese and are also a good source of magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, selenium, zinc, dietary fiber and monounsaturated fats.

(for more info on the healthy goodness of sesame seeds, click here.). And of course, everyone knows that bananas are high in potassium, dietary fiber and Vitamin B6.

Now, I’ve read TONSsss of literature related to what to eat and what Not to eat when pregnant but it is only now, when I was searching for health benefits of sesame seeds that I came across key words about sesame seeds being not advisable for pregnant women. Further research showed this to be a myth however (read THIS and THIS).

Hello Kitty airplane fleet

Have you read this yet? Cuteness overload!! Am not sure though if there’d be lots of men who’ll be very enthusiastic on riding this one.
Read here:
hello kitty themed airplane

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