going the extra mile

Was really happy when Dhonna told me of the happy news that she and her husband Ghepoi will be doing our wedding cord. Was even happier when Dhonna told me our cord was already finished. So imagine my happiness when Dhonna told me that they went the extra mile – they are making us a container for our cord! 🙂

This was the first take.

But after talking it out with Dhonna about the pearls being avoided if at all possible on weddings, they revised it to this one. Tada!

Thank you much talaga, Dhonna and Ghepoi! You’ll be blessed, even more so. 🙂 Am thankful of the gift of friendship that even distance and time can’t overcome.

Container and cord will be making their journey from US to Japan then to Manila. Buti pa sya. 😀

31 in 1

I don’t need to hide the facts. Yes, i’ll be 31 in exactly 1 week!! I am excited with this birthday (as I always am with my birthdays haha) because this is the first time I’m gonna celebrate it as a missus. And yes, my last year to hang on to a calendar number.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I celebrated my “great crossover”? Haha, yes, I called it “the great crossover” as I crossed from the tweeties into thirties. Ugh, “thirties” does sound old. Haha! At the time that I was calling it “the great crossover” I didn’t have any inkling that it really was a crossover in many ways than I would have anticipated.

As a 30-yr-old, I really did cross the status boundary from a miss to a missus. I was almost reeling when I remembered how I said out loud back when I was in university that I WILL get married at the age of 30. And then I actually reeled when I realized that I really got married to a man whose qualities I have imagined way back in university days. Answered prayer, eh?

I celebrated my great crossover pampering myself in Makati Shangri-la, yes, by my lonesome. Singles out there, there should be times when you’ll treat yourself and have some pampering, albeit all alone. I hold those “me” times precious to me.

The night before I checked in, I had dinner with groupmates from the office, who suprised me in the manner I like – they gave me their flowers, cake and wine one moment at a time (flowers were sent at the office, cake was during dinner in TGIF, wine was after dinner). I just love the groupmates. Kat and Rey also gave me flowers and treated (?) me to lunch. And Hubbie serenaded me for 3 hours haha! Let’s reminisce, shall we? (Pictures courtesy of Gali Montalbo)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has been a year full of blessings and I look forward to this year that’s brewing with interesting and exciting things to come. But I only have a couple of wishes before I actually hit 31, yes, wishes to come true in less than one week (I need to keep saying 31 to make myself get used to the mental kick everytime I say “31”):

  • be together with Atsushi just before my birthday
  • have my own self-hosted website. I’m trying to read and learn now, but I find API 520,521 a far better interesting read. Haha!

long walks and food ideas

Came across Mrs. Dexter’s post in Freshly Pressed and came to like her simple albeit quality-time-inducing ideas, especially for married couples who have been living together for sometime already.

I specifically agree on her idea #8, re: taking a walk together. Both Hubbie and I loved our long walks together, in our previous trips, and we both dearly long to have our weekend long walks hopefully in the near future. Indeed, I agree with what Mrs. Dexter said that “we always have good conversations when we go on walks, and I always come home feeling loved and encouraged”. It was what I exactly felt in those long walks. 😀

My imagination and yearning to again experiment on cooking was triggered with this:

I imagine flavored minced meat, with bacon, herbs and bits of boiled egg wrapped in cabbage leaves and then steamed on a flavorful broth. Yum…

For now though, we can only anticipate. And hope.

Chancery and Canonical Interviews

Timing was the key for these series of interviews for us. The Pre-Cana and wedding banns are requisites for the interviews hence we attended the Pre-Cana during our Christmas vacation in Tagum and announced our wedding banns from end of November and well into December. We were just in time then to visit the churches for our interviews come early January, just right before Hubbie flies back to Japan.

And what a roadtrip it was. Chancery interview was to be in Lipa Cathedral (or in the seminary of the Chancery Lawyer Fr. Dong Rosales). Canonical interview was to be in St. Francis Xavier Church, Nasugbu Batangas. Both Lipa and Nasugbu are on the edges of Batangas battery limits and would take you some 2 to 3 hours to travel from one to the other. Whew! We actually had to have the Chancery interview on Jan 4 and have the Canonical interview the following day. In between, we visited Caleruega and Ville Sommet and Yellow Coco for Hubbie to see the sites personally. And of course we just have to stay at Sonya’s to check on the place before actually booking our guests.

Chancery interview was so fruitful in that we also found the priest we’ve been looking for to officiate our wedding. I’ve no priest friend and although Mama has a couple or so, flying him to Tagaytay is so out of the question. But both Hubbie and I liked Fr. Dong when we had our interview and he was most kind to show us around Lipa in that we decided to have Fr. Dong for our wedding.

One thing though: he doesn’t allow the Unity Candle on the ceremony. But he allows personal vows so I can settle with that. 😀

Chancery interview certificate! I had to brushout some names though, for privacy and security purposes

Canonical interview was suprisingly really fast! We had to make a queue with the other couples who got there ahead of us (we arrived in St Francis at 8am, left Sonya’s at a quarter to 6 but we were already couple number 11!) but the interview itself was only 2 minutes max each for me and Hubbie. Too bad though I wasn’t able to take a picture of the canonical interview certificate.

Anyways, that’s it, Church documents preps are done! We’re all set for our Church wedding! 😀

PS: Chancery interview is only required for couples where one of the marrying party is non-Catholic, non-Filipino.


Finally! Was able to finish wrapping ang tying up our invites. Started Saturday evening. Whew! Deliveries will commence tomorrow. Have to think of a good outside packaging for those that has to be mailed, to keep everything intact. Can’t wait to give them personally to Hubbie…

Please powers that be.


Thanks to Kat for giving out our invites to JPhil folks. mwah!

our wedding cord

In Hubbie’s words, “we consider this one of our treasures”  in the journey towards our wedding and our married life together. Our friends’ thoughtfulness and time spent to help us out is what we really hold dear. ^_^

Thank you Dhonna and Ghepoi for helping us out in our wedding preps even though we are continents apart. 😀 Miss you mama! 🙂

i particularly like the flower spacer(??). such cute detail.

The colors would be very lovely indeed against my ivory bridal gown and Hubbie’s piña barong. Can’t wait for it! 🙂

9 weeks and counting!

Nine weeks left till our wedding and i think we have almost everything down pat already. Almost. 🙂

Met with Erika and EJ for our invites yesterday morning. Happiness!!! 😀 I’m still working on the invites and I figure it’ll take at least an additional one whole day to finish the RSVPs, addressing and most of all, WRAPPING our invites hence I’d probably be able to start its distribution by Tuesday hopefully. Excited!! Thank you Lene and Erika!! Will talk about the invites in a more lengthy post later, once they’re all out.

Had my 3rd fitting with Richie as well yesterday. The moment I caught sight of my gown, I sighed “ahhhhh” dreamily almost ending with a high-pitched “ahhhhh” whilst giggling. I kept on saying thank you to Richie and her staff. And they in turn tell me it’s not yet finished; that there’s more. I-just-can’t-wait. I remembered a bride’s post on Richie’s FB page, something about “the journey of the bridal gown”. And indeed, it is the same for me. We talked about the latest Puey Quiñones scandal and I saw how Richie cringed with the stories. Really, the scandal was just too much, isn’t it? Anyways, one thing noteworthy with Richie: she doesn’t consider it beneath her to bend and measure me up, help me undress, dress up and even try and help me with my shoes! With this last one though, I just had to say “It’s okay Richie, I can handle it” because it’s just so embarrassing to have Richie help me with my shoes. One thing I love meeting up with Richie is that she, her staff and her shops (all four of them including her condo and Hidalgo’s library haha) are all full of positive vibes – positive vibes that a bride should surround herself even more especially with all the stress of the wedding preps.

Okay, got to go back to my invites! 😀

The Rise of Philippine EPC: When??

I posted below article in my personal blog and deemed of reposting it here when I realized that I know of two wedding suppliers who did the other way around.

I know that Richie Ortega-Torres went to New York to study about fashion design. After a few experiences, she packed her bags and went back here, established a couple or two fashion-related businesses employing 50 or so people.

Roughly, i’ve gathered that Pat Pastelero also studied in New York, and later on went back here to apply and share what she has learned.

There’s a big possibility that they had others reasons of going back here; reasons that I wouldn’t know about. Still though, a number of things are certain:

  • the fashion/events styling /wedding industries benefited with their return
  • not only do they offer services that are world-class but that they also share their world-class knowledge
  • they helped in getting more people get employed with the shops they’ve opened.

I am not pointing fingers on this though because I myself don’t want to live here in Manila for the rest of my life. Of course, I want to be with my husband in Japan! But then, given this, maybe I shouldn’t expect that I’ll ever witness the “rise of Philippine EPC”. But then again, who knows? We have enough brains here still, in the current Philippine EPC industry. Who knows indeed? Because if they can do it, why can’t we?


A contact in Twitter retweeted the article below in Arabian Oil and Gas website about the rise of South Korean contractors. True, our company has actually lost a couple or two projects to South Korean contractors where one (or two) was a project owned by our company’s long-time Client.

Sure, they pose a threat to other competitors, especially to our company (or at least my husband’s, since I have just already recently resigned). But then foremost in my thoughts is the question: When will Philippine EPC have its own rise?

Our engineers and professionals has been highly appraised worldwide. My husband even attended a lecture recently, held by an esteemed Japanese lecturer with international credentials under his belt, where that same lecturer has talked highly of the Filipino people having a lot of potential and being very capable.

And yet, “The Rise of Philippine EPC” is near impossible at the moment. Brain drain does the job. We gather enough experience here at home and when we have enough, our wanderlust, our longing to prove our mettle in the bigger field, our wanting to have better salaries, makes us want to pack our bags and be part of the working force of other countries.

I myself am guilty of this. And if truth be told, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working here in Manila – the city stresses me out (it’s not the same story with other cities though). But if each engineer or professional thinks in exactly the same way, give or take a few other reasons besides, then I do think we will not ever witness “the rise of Philippine EPC”. Not in our lifetime anyway.


orange masking tapes!

Can’t wait to have you fulfill your karma. 😀

2nd gown fitting

My phone broke down sometime early January and so all my info as well as pictures and recordings in that phone is now irretrievable. Including pictures of me in my gown during my second fitting. 😦 It’s just fine as well since Hubbie is really not supposed to see it before the wedding. I remember how Richie was very particular with it. See, Hubbie and I went to Richie’s studio together so that he can have his barong fitting at the same time that I can have my gown fitting. But Richie really did make sure that Atsushi will not even have a glance on the gown. Cute! 🙂

Hence, no pictures here. but the verdict? Two things I learned which so negates my previous assumptions:

  1. I thought rusching can highlight my tummy. But no. As Richie puts it, the rusching actually adds texture to the bodice which can then help hide what needs to be hidden.
  2. The rusching extends beyond the waistline and close to the hips. I thought this would make me shorter. But no. I actually have never seen myself as tall as I saw myself during the fitting. Apparently, extending the torso can add to the illusion of height.

Silk chiffon and tulle – dreamy. Love it.  😀

There’s one big hitch though. Horror of horrors –  I didn’t fit my gown!!! There was  some amount of pulling and tugging just so we can close the zipper almost halfway. But no can do. We had our second fitting a week after New Year. Considering our food consumption over the holidays, it was understandable why I didn’t fit my gown. Horrible.

Now though, I think i’m back to my old waistline. Can’t wait for our 3rd fitting this weekend!! 😀

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