daycare peep-in day

Hubs and I had a chance to peep-in at Yui’s daycare today. Parents aren’t usually allowed to stay in the daycare but this week, parents are granted a two-hour period in the morning to observe how our daughter goes about her day at the daycare. We chose today for it.

Through a slit created by the two artworks pasted by the door, we observed Yui and found that indeed, even without us around, she loves to smile and is very curious. Hubs and I had a great time looking in, watching not only our adorable daughter but also her “classmates” who are all older than her (they turned 1 year old last month and one will turn 1 next month). The “peeping-in” was good bonding moment for me and Hubs as well and I’m so happy that even when we were busy at work (hubs especially who’s handling three projects!) we could have this opportunity. Yet another moment to tuck in into our mental family album. πŸ™‚

The artwork that’s a “collaboration” of all the six babies in Yui’s class. We heard about this first artwork in Yui’s renraku note (daycare diary) and we finally saw the output now.


Will update this blog later to show the piece done by Yui alone. ^_^

baby diaries: Happy half birthday baby

Six months flew by so fast, anak. Seemed like it was only yesterday when I kissed your red lips for the first time in the operating room, right after the doctors took you out of Mommy’s tummy. Well, Mom would probably say that “seemed like only yesterday” a number of times from now.

But really, you grow so fast. Your Dad and I marvelled the week your hair finally grew back when the week before that you were still bald. You grow up so fast and of course your Mom and Dad are happy and relieved.

Today, we had your half birthday photoshoot. Dad and Mom are so proud and happy to see you laughing a lot with the photo shop crew. Just three months ago, it was to only me and your Dad that you laughed with. Your horizons are expanding.

And soon, it’ll expand even more. Soon, you’ll be going to daycare. Someone else other than Mom and Dad would be taking care of you. It gives my heart a twinge baby, a little sad even, knowing you’d probably establish a bond with your new caregiver, knowing she’ll witness some of your firsts. But your going to daycare is for your own good as well as for Mom’s own good.

You’ll get to learn early on about your Japanese heritage that has a culture so rich and varied which Mom wishes you will uphold and continue for your children and children’s children. If you would be with Mom at home, you would be missing a lot. That and more other reasons besides. Expand your horizons baby.

Mommy needs to take some time for herself too. And pursue her dreams while taking care of you and Daddy. So that Mom can be a better Mom. There’s this line in MomME Circle, a website celebrating purposeful moms, that sums up why Mom has to go back to work and what Mom yearns to teach you.

She works towards living a brilliant, thriving life because she wants to set a good example for her kids. She knows they are watching and this is what she wants them to learn: to believe in themselves, to know that dreams can come true, and to live purposeful, inspiring lives.

Your Dad is making a lot of effort as well, by the day, in becoming a better dad. Earlier at the Church, Dad, who was then carrying you was swaying and making some small dance steps so that you’d continue in your slumber. Yes there were lots of people around and behind him yet Dad didn’t mind them. This from your Dad who’s shy.

Mom and Dad are not perfect honey. Imperfect though we are, we love you so much and would do our best to give you everything that’s best for you.

Grow well Yui. And may you grow up with a kind heart and a confident spirit. That and many other well wishes besides.

Mom and Dad

Happy half Birthday!


a messy bath

Ever since Yui turned 2 months, when she was already too heavy for me to singlehandedly hold her in her baby tub yet still too small for those bath chairs, we had her have a bath with her Dad. We have a system going. Daddy takes a shower, goes into the tub and holds Yui while Mommy soaps and rinses the baby. Because of the cold months, we dress Yui’s first layer in the bathroom before I whisk her off to the bedroom to continue dressing Yui up. We had this system going smoothly since then.

Now, one thing I’m really happy and proud of is that Yui poops almost like clockwork. And because I know the very day she will poop, I just watch out for her soon-to-poop facial expression. The moment I see it, I put her down, ease her out from her diaper, raise her legs and then she does her thing. Not messy at all. She sometimes even “sing” while she does her thing. The only time before that she had a messy episode was when we were about to go out to see her paediatrician. Suffice it to say we were late for that appointment.

Today was supposedly Yui’s poop day but we were out for most of the day so she didn’t have her moment. Bath time came and we were happily cooing to Yui about the day’s happenings.

And then she stretched her lips; that about-to-poop expression.

Our eyes got big as we thought of the possibility. And in that split second that we hesitated and was about to coax Yui to wait, she let out what she had been holding on for the whole day.

Hubs gave me Yui and got out the tub like he has been scalded. Problem was that we were in the midst of soaping Yui. Oh the chaos and panic that ensued thereafter. And the cleaning up that had to be done after. Thankfully Yui slept right after we dressed her up so we had the time to clean.

The excitement and cleaning after certainly made us very tired later on. But we also had a good laugh after everything got settled and got cleaned.

Life with a growing baby. It gets exciting by the day! πŸ˜€

that first laughter

Moira was all ready to cap her day after having had her warm bath and her milk. I then sang her a lullaby with her still in my arms after her milk. But I had to stop my singing and have to coo because I heard her talk. And she was then talking some more – in a singsong tone which suspiciously sounds like she was singing. Mommy indeed was grinning from ear to ear.

Then I laid her down on her bed and continued to sing a lullaby. But yet again I had to stop so as to return back her smile. My smiling back egged her on and made her smile go wider and wider until it became a full fledged laughter that went on for quite a long while. Her first real laughter with her looking at us; she has been laughing ever since she was five weeks old but it was while she’s sleeping.

Mommy had tears of joy in her eyes and grinning ear to ear whilst daddy was laughing as well; their grip on each other’s hand real tight. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside I almost forgot it’s winter now.

Thank you Lord for a happy baby. πŸ™‚

a labor of love

Each woman who gave/will give birth has her own story. And so this is the story of how I labored for love.

We had our weekly checkup with my new English-speaking OB in the maternity hospital we go to. Hubs and I usually have our checkups during the weekends because of work. Once I took my maternity leave at the end of August though, I had my checkup on a weekday already and chanced upon Hayashi-san, an english speaking OB who spent some of his studies in the US. I had two checkups with him and I couldn’t be any happier. Just the mere fact of being able to talk to an OB who speaks the language I speak took off a lot worries and apprehensions off me, even when I’m already informed what with all the pregnancy books and references I’ve been reading.

Had two weekly checkups with him and on both appointments, he told me I’m already 1cm dilated. On that second appointment, Sept 14, Hayashi-sensei already scheduled me for an induced labor come Sept 19, 5pm; with highly expected delivery on Sept 20 with a probability of cesarean operation depending on my labor progress and our (mine and baby’s) condition. He decided to have it so because he thinks I have small bones and my baby is a bit big.

I have wide hips and I’ve always been told I won’t have any difficulty giving birth because of it – this apparently turned out to be another “old wives’ tale”. Another thing which made me confident I can do the normal delivery is because my mother’s babies are bigger, our youngest being at 8.6lbs, and yet she had us all with normal delivery. a tapang a tao, is what I am.

So then we prepared for Sept 19. Come Sept 16 however, I woke up at 6:30am feeling stronger contractions. I timed my contractions and they were coming at 5min intervals each. As all pregnant women know, the guideline for rushing to the hospital is 1min contraction every 5min for 1 hr. Your dilation is expected to be at 4cm at this time. Albeit it’s just a guideline – your numbers may be a bit different. Mine was 20seconds contractions at 5min interval for almost 2 hours. In those 2 hours, i vomited twice already. It was time to call the hospital. It was a Sunday. And like most hospitals here in Japan, our hospital is not open for usual checkups. But ours was an emergency and when Hubs called and told them about my contractions, they told us to come on over. They were ready for us.

I was checked however and I was still 1cm dilated. Hospital didn’t send me home because of the interval of my contractions. Another check in the afternoon, after 10 hours of pain, proved I’m only 2cm dilated.

I spent an excruciatingly painful evening, with contractions every 4minutes. Most painful during that time was actually when the contractions put some pressure on my back hence touching the part where I had my gikkuri goshi (sprained lower back) back in January which never really got quite healed. I was openly crying to the overnight nurse already, bawling like a kid telling her how painful it is and that I want a no-pain delivery already (our birth plan is normal-no-medication-hence-with-pain-delivery).

But she told me what I already suspected – Monday is a holiday in Japan hence operations with anaesthetists are not possible. She promised to tell the doctor on duty though. She also checked me again at 6am, 24 hours after my intense contractions, but I’m still 2cm dilated. Still a looong way till 10cm.

The morning didn’t provide much relief. Pain is getting more intense, both abdomen and back. I asked Hubs we walk around the hospital to facilitate baby to be positioned lower and every time the contractions hit me, which sometimes come at 3min interval, I would cling to my husband for support while I try to breathe the “sophrology” way.

A check at around 1pm showed I’m only 3.5cm dilated with baby still very much high up, not even in the zero position. I can see the worry on Hubs’ and Mayumi’s faces as they look at me, contorted in pain, both my body and my face. Nurse had to apologise and tell us to wait some more because the doctor on duty is attending another delivery at the moment. See, it was a holiday with limited doctors on duty.

When I was told I’m only 3.5cm, at the back of my mind, I was thinking that I don’t think I can endure another night of labor. I had to give birth that afternoon. I knew that my stomach should be empty if I needed to be operated with epidural or similar. Incidentally, because of the pain, I didn’t have much appetite and what little I eat, I also vomit, so there really wasn’t much food inside me in those last 36 hours.

As we waited for the doctor, my mucus plug came out but my water bag hasn’t broken yet.

When the doctor finally finished the deliveries, it was already 2:30pm. He took a look at me, judged my frame is too small for the belly he saw in me and that I should have a cesarian operation. I already received a dose of pain relief at that time hence was a bit drugged but in my mind, I was contesting him why I should have a cesarean operation – can’t he see how fat I’ve gotten and that other women smaller than me gave birth to bigger babies than mine?

After 30min though, my usual weekend OB, Tojo-sensei, the son of the hospital owner, dropped by to check on me, still in his out-of-duty clothes. I’m barely 4cm dilated. My contractions were at 3min interval already and my pain chart was reading very high. I guess fetal monitor wasn’t going well too. Hence a few minutes after his check, Tojo-sensei went back to our room and explained to my husband why the cesarean operation had to be done within the day. We had to make a go for it. Papers were signed and then I was scheduled for an operation at 5:30pm.

From then on, in the few moments that we were alone, hubs would hug and kiss me and extend his fist for that buddy sign we have whenever we make an agreement and he’d say “we can do this! you can do this”, wearing a very worried face. I’d extend a fist and give a wan smile and say “yes we can do this” albeit at the back of my mind I was saying “I hope I can do this”.

Just before I was wheeled inside the operating room (was in a wheel chair), Hubs caught up with me, stopped the nurse and right there, in front of all the people, he kissed me hard, TWICE! So uncharacteristic of my shy and conservative husband. It was then that I fully understood how worried and afraid he was for me. He knows cesarean operation is almost routine but we’ve all heard some tales and he knows I have already been through a lot of pain and stress for the last 36 hours and we’re not really assured of how my body will react during the operation.

Those kisses gave me a boost of energy and willpower I guess because even when I was barely awake during the past hour, I was strangely awake the whole time I was being operated.

Before the spinal block was administered, the head doctor talked to me – in very good English! His demeanor calmed me as i felt i was in very able hands. And indeed i was for it was the chief doctor i was talking to. So with him and Tojo-sensei on the team, i didn’t have to fret at all.

It was my first major operation ever. Everything was new to me. The overhead lights that I only saw in the movies; heart and pulse and blood pressure monitors were attached to me; oxygen supplied through a tube opening to my nosetrils. Thankfully, they explain their actions to me although I really couldn’t stop them from doing anything I didn’t like, incapacitated as I was. Once the spinal block was administered, I felt numb. It was a weird feeling – I could feel them doing something, pulling something yet I can’t feel a thing (which is exactly what the chief told me). I couldn’t see what they were doing as well because of the blue curtain which they’ve placed across my chest.

God is good. In those crucial times, He gave me blessings to help me along the way and keep my resolve up. Hubs’ kisses lent me more willpower. And an English-speaking, head-of-the-big-maternity-hospital doctor (Icho-sensei) giving me instructions in a calm and confident way throughout the operation wiped away my apprehensions on what they were doing to my body.

I’ve heard not a few times about the conservative thinking of having your baby delivered vaginally – that it’s the best thing and that you’d love your child more if so, especially if you had it with pain.

That thinking and perspective is probably one of the most stupid notions there is (well, probably next to what somebody said – that childbirth pain is akin to the pain you get after mountain climbing). The mother has no less risked her life by subjecting herself on the operating table. One of my bestfriends lost her uterus and 3/4 of her blood while undergoing CS operation and has to have blood transfusion. My operation was especially crucial as well since my body was already under stress and pain for 36 hours with my labor and who knows how my body will react during the operation.

Up to now I really don’t why I was still awake when they brought my baby up to me, drugged as I was even before the spinal block.

The first time I heard my baby cry, there was only one thought in my mind – she has such a sweet voice.

I’ve watched a number of births/deliveries during my last few pregnant weeks and it doesn’t fail to make me cry every time I see the baby crowning and then come out fully. I was even teary eyed when we visited the nursery while hubs and I were walking around while I was still on labor. The miracle of birth just amazes and touches me so.

Hence I thought I’d cry the first time I’d see my baby. But I didn’t. Rather, I felt an overwhelming relief and happiness to see my baby complete, physically and so beautiful and sweet voiced besides. And I’m really thankful I didn’t cry. Cause then the first words I was able to tell my baby were all words of admiration and love.

They brought my baby to me twice – once right after taking her out from my womb and again after they wiped her up, checked and weighed. In the latter one, I was able to kiss her on the lips three times.

Curiously enough, right after they took away my baby, I drifted to unconsciousness,waking just enough to tell the people who were doing something to my body that it’s so cold and that I’m very sleepy. Yep the only two words I can utter then were: COLD and SLEEPY. (Curious: they say you’d speak your native tongue when you’re in an extreme condition. How come I said it in English?) Because goodness it was really cold like it was winter and yet I was naked; my body was terribly shaking from the cold. And I was so sleepy that Hubs told me he can only see the whites on my eyes. I was laughing hard when hubs said how confused he was because Icho-san told him I’m ok and yet when hubs looks at me, I’m shaking uncontrollably (effect of the epidural/spinal block) and he can only see the whites on my eyes.

And so it happened that I was unconscious from a little after 6pm up to 1am. Drifted on and off to sleep since then and was fully awake by 1pm which was really good timing because they brought Yui to our room at that time.

Our first family portrait.


Mom and baby.


The proud and happy daddy (this photo was right after baby’s birth).


I’m used to big babies in the Philippines and US. So at first I couldn’t believe what the doctors were saying – that I have a big baby even before delivery. Later in the nursery, the nurses also comment my baby is big. True enough, as I compare my baby’s statistics with the other babies in the nursery during the 10 days we stayed in the hospital, Yui is the biggest (heaviest) and longest (tallest) baby at birth during our ten days stay.

A labor of 36 grueling hours and then ending up with a cesarean operation is no big joke. But it’s all worth it. Just seeing Yui smile even in her sleep makes my heart both melt and soar to heights at the same time, if that is at all possible. Truly all worth it.

baby-safe home

After almost a month of hiatus, Hubs and I went about mall hopping again looking for baby stuff (and of course shopping for ourselves, on the side ^_^), with Babies R Us as our main objective this time.

We realised that the benefits of window shopping (onsite and online) is that as we get to see more options, what we want gets pretty more defined.

Earlier today, I was telling Hubs that when hopefully Baby already started walking, we should find a way to lock the cabinets in the kitchen, especially the ones under the sink, where the knives are – I do shiver at the thought.

When we looked around Babies R Us earlier, we found really cute options that could help us keep our home safer for Baby.

Cute electric plug socket covers.



And THIS is what we need to lock our cabinets.


I have a feeling Baby will have a lot of Miffy stuff; there’s so many cute baby stuff with Miffy. πŸ™‚

This one’s to lock the fridge.


Even as an adult, I still get my finger pinched between the door and its frame by accident. Knowing how painful it is, this one makes it a must to protect baby from getting pinched.


This on the other HAND, is for unsafe corners.


Who says fashion and function can’t go together? I’ve always been a proponent of fashion and function’s togetherness. Because really, they can.

Miyako and sleeptalking

Since he was out early, of course Hubs dropped by the bookstore. He bought this Baby Names book together with a pregnancy and baby magazine alongside his other books.


After dinner, while I was munching the cake he bought for me last night, we were sorting out possible names for Baby.

Hence it was quite understandable why just a couple minutes ago, Hubs has been saying “Miyako, Miyako, Miyako, hello Miyako” (it was one of the names earlier which I rejected).

Playing along, I answered my sleeptalking husband no. But he said Miyako again and again. So I told him my reason why I don’t like it – yes, he is still asleep. But he heard my reason and answered “ah, really?”.

And then he fell silent after that.

Hehe. I think Hubs would be terribly embarrassed when he reads this tomorrow. Hehehe.

battling pregnancy fatigue

I was again extremely fatigued today. Even before I reached the train station this morning, fatigue has been weighing me down already. It’s the same kind of fatigue I felt back in the first trimester and also a couple or so weeks back before I started taking iron supplement. But I was already out so I trudged on, and just walked and moved about in the office as slow as I can.

Hence I was really thankful that hubs was able to be home early this evening (he had to renew his driver’s license) and cook pregnancy super food.

Grilled salmon! For the omega 3 fatty acids and DHA.


SautΓ©ed spinach and mushroom. Spinach for iron, vitamin Bs and the ever important folic acid. Mushroom for additional loads of vitamin Bs, C and D.


When I arrived (fatigued but I still worked overtime), the table was already set for dinner, complete with Mexican mangoes for dessert and Yakult.

Thank you Hubs. You are really a treasure.

Now I’m a bit revived. I’m hoping this fatigue would be totally gone by tomorrow morning. The problem though is that sleep is still evading me. Sleep, do come now. I have an important meeting with Client tomorrow.

nursery cabinet

Storage cabinets, this time. These designs, both Hubs and I concur. πŸ˜€

These are just so cute! From Rakuten’s global page.




These are made of polypropylene though so I have slight hesitations on it. I prefer wooden furnitures over plastic ones.

Then we saw this. It’s quite pricey but I think it’ll be worth the money. Love the engraved Mickey head. You can choose the handle color. Asked Hubs which he prefer – red or pink, he chose pink πŸ˜€


And here’s a “wishlist”. Hope I’d be able to decorate a room like this for baby. Again, it’s “wishlist” as it might not be possible. πŸ˜€ (from


diaper bags

Just like during wedding preps, I’ve decided to post here pegs for baby stuff that we like, for our (very near future) reference when we actually buy already. And yes, we probably really need to buy within the next month or so.

Diaper bags!
all photos were from where we probably are going to make our purchase for these bags since so far I haven’t seen a diaper bag that I like in the malls. Saw one before in Greenbelt in Manila but alas we didn’t buy it – a reminder to really buy what you wanted to buy when overseas)

I love this Coach messenger diaper bag. But it’s pink so Hubs may have slight hesitations in carrying it. πŸ˜€


This Timi and Leslie tag-a-long Farah bag is pretty as well! And it’s blue so Hubs won’t have hesitations in carrying it. It has lots of compartments too for baby’s needs.



But this JJ Cole diaper bag is both our favorite so far. And it has the color/theme that I’ve been planning for baby.




Think. Think.

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