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Jelly in PET bottle

When I buy from the vending machine, it’s usually very easy to select what drink I wanted. Sometimes I just look at the drawing at the label and decide what to buy without actually reading what’s written on it (for now I can only read hiragana and katakana).

Was very thirsty and I wanted something different from my usual caffe latte/milk tea/apple juice fare so I opted for this pear/nashi.


I only read about the “La France JELLY” after opening the cap and finding out that I can only drink a sip.

Now, why would one put jelly in a PET bottle? How can one scoop out the jelly?
an update
When I bought the bottle and realised it was jelly I bought, I shook it about three times every now and then for about one hour. No change. Turns out you have to shake it 10 times.


I don’t like jellies actually. But this one? I think I’m gonna buy again the next time I see one in the vending machine.

sausage forest, anyone?

Want any ideas for your child’s bento/lunch box?


How about forest theme?





You can also opt for an Under the Sea theme. The tanukis (the ones above the squid-shaped ones) of course is with the forest theme.


And nope I didn’t make these. Nor did I took these photos in an exhibit. These were on display in a supermarket. Of course we helped ourselves with the samplers (and bought some as well).



a woman can have it all

A career woman.
A mother of SIX.
A Nobel laureate.

Leymah Gbowee is one inspiration.

Read on for snippets of how she does things.


While Hubs bought his “daily goods” in the nearby Japanese Bookstore, I’m enjoying my book as well, with a nice view.


green thumb hubby

I just can’t get enough of melons recently. Thankfully hubs is all too patient to buy even when it’s heavy to carry along with the other groceries.

Little did I know, Hubs planted the melon seeds we had last Saturday. There was still nothing on the pot this morning. But lo and behold after 12 hours!


Hubs is just amazing with plants! I forgot already if we had honeydew or the cantaloupe variety last weekend. Curious and excited!

hanabi and ramen

The yearly hanabi (fireworks display) sponsored by Kanagawa Shimbun which is held right in front of our office was held today. Wanting to avoid the crowd after the hanabi, hubs and I hurried home when the hanabi was just getting started. There was such a crowd that I didn’t hazard taking a photo anymore; I was only intent on protecting my pregnant belly against the rushers.

Two things I’m glad with with the throng of people: one, there are definitely more people this year than last year – people last year weren’t really particularly feeling festive after the big earthquake in Tohoku region. I’m happy that the people in general seem more buoyed now, more genki. Secondly, it always is really nice to see people dressed in the traditional summer clothes – the yukata. It’s not as elaborate and expensive looking as the kimono but still it’s nice to behold.

We were so hungry but we couldn’t eat in our office area because we wanted to be out of the crowd ASAP. But cooking would take time. Hence we decided to eat near our home. But the best restaurants in our area are the ramen houses. Hubs usually don’t prefer eating ramen but thankfully this evening, he urged we eat ramen. Yey!


Left one is Atsushi’s. It’s tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen that’s soy sauce flavoured whilst mine on the right is miso flavoured. I could taste the vinegar in Atsushi’s broth. It’s good but I’m happier with my flavour (albeit mine is more expensive and Atsushi’s has more pork slice).

Because we got guilty with all the fat content, we bought fruits in the fruit store just in front of the ramen house.
Plums and grapes for dessert.


Just balanced, right? 🙂

Dear Amazon, can you please be more earth-friendly?

We usually order my pre-natal vitamins online as we find it cheaper. One bottle only costs us less than 50% of how it costs in Akachan Honpo or Babys R Us. (A bottle costs around 2500yen in the mall whereas online, we just had it at 1001yen.)

The thing is though, like all of the other Amazon deliveries we’ve had, the size of the box doesn’t seem to be proportional in size to that of the delivered item. Look!



Even though I’m only the recipient, it makes me feel guilty to receive such a big box for a purchase that’s quite small. Comparing with the deliveries we’ve had with Rakuten, Rakuten packaging seems more proportional.

And mind you, the disproportional size is consistent whether we order from Amazon US or Japan.

This is a simple call to Amazon to be please more responsible with their carbon footprint and be a bit more earth-friendly.
This by the way is the prenatal vitamins I’m taking; two tablets a day which gives me 400mcg of folic acid, 155mg calcium, B vitamins, iron and vitamin D. Am taking separate calcium supplement though since it’s not everyday that I take my milk and even when I have one, it’s still below the RDA for pregnant women.



No this isn’t one of those posts extolling the virtues of women. How we are the better gender than the men. If truth be told, I find it funny when some “causes” that cry for gender equality glorify womanhood too much because it defeats the purpose of the word “equality”.

But then again, as I take a pause, probably there really won’t be any equality, not in the truest sense of the word. I mean, I am really glad that at work, most of the time, I don’t feel that I’m treated as one of the weaker gender. Thankfully, my colleagues treat me and discusses with me as an equal.

But again I say, there can never be equality. Because even as we work with equal effort and are able to produce equal or better output than our colleagues, us women have to take care of the monthly periods we’re having – which may come with differing levels of pain and accompanying hormones that plays with our emotions. We submit the same deliverables as our male colleagues, this despite our monthly little battles.

And then there’s pregnancy. Except for a lucky few, most of us suffer the terrible morning sickness. It’s a real dilemma – you’re either hungry or craving for something and yet when you’ve had it, you’ll just throw it up the next time you visit the restroom. And once you’re through the morning sickness phase, there’ll be other body aches you have to contend with. And (again) since you’re done with morning sickness, as you progress with your pregnancy, there’s the weight gain to manage. I’m gonna ‘fess up – call it hormones or mood swings or what – but I was pretty emotional during lunch because I saw myself in the mirror and I saw a really fat woman. With ankles and feet that are getting bigger and bloated as the day wears on. I absolutely love my baby, I smile every time I feel her kick and I wouldn’t for the life of me go on diet during this pregnancy. But I’m just human and I get emotional seeing how I get bloated by the day and yet the other Japanese pregnant women in the office have faces, ankles and feet half the size of mine, even at the end of the day. Yet despite all the woes, most of us career women still submit (and have to submit, if we want to keep our positions) the same deliverables with the same quality as the men.

Women really sacrifice a lot in pregnancy. If the majority of women would be selfish and decide not to have any kids, then the whole world would be in jeopardy. But then again women are not like that. Because for most of us, even when we absolutely love our careers, there’s still that innate desire to nurture a baby in our wombs, to care for a baby who looks like the man you vowed to be with for the rest of your life.

I won’t touch childbirth yet. It’s a topic that I am both very excited yet do cringe with the thought of the pain I might go through.

And even when you’ve raised a number of kids (and husband), there’s still that phase women have to face during the prime years of their life – the menopausal stage. I’ve heard stories. And we are experiencing it through our mothers and aunts and female relatives and through friends. Some women ace it. Some women are permanently emotionally changed because of it. And yet the men of their lives – and even the women in their lives, especially younger ones – may not be aware, much less fully understand what they’re going through.

So really, for most of today, my thoughts are on the hills and valleys of the womankind. How we go through a lot. And how thankfully most, if not all, of us ace it. Some men might complain we are emotional. But thanks to those “emotions”, women are emotionally stronger and are statistically less susceptible to commit suicide.

I’m almost blabbering here. But what I really just want to put across is that I am amazed with women. I say this, speaking almost like a third-no-gender party. Kudos, us women. Cheers. Mabuhay. Kampai.

June is for hydrangea


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