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today’s cute finds at Babies R Us

Met with a colleague friend earlier who also have a baby who’s just days younger than Yui. The afternoon’s agenda: show her Babies R Us location in our area. Told her when we met last week that the store has lots of super cute yet affordable bibs that I haven’t found yet in other stores (my bestfriend in US who has twins said cover-all bibs aren’t available in the US; at least she hasn’t found any in her area). Me mentioning the bibs was just right on time because my colleague friend also needs to buy quite a number of new bibs for her daughter who is soon to start daycare on April 1st.

Of course, I took the opportunity to look around for Yui’s stuff. Bought her very cute pink, frilly ruffle skirt and shirt as well but these are my favourites in today’s purchases:

Minny Mouse Joint mat. I initially wanted a cute Hello Kitty joint mat but decided against it because the colours and design of the mat was too loud. This is just nice.


Bought this Hello Kitty hand sanitizer though.


This oversized bib with towel that has wonderfully balanced both fashion and function.


Where’s the towel? Here!


So if your baby’s burp spit up turned to full blown vomiting, you have a handy towel to wipe the vomit up.


I also bought Yui a lullaby CD by Jewel. It turned out however that Yui preferred my version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Hehe! But I bought the CD for both Yui and the Dad. Turned out my hunch was right. Hubs loved the songs in that the one hour or so playlist got played for four solid hours. @_@


Cover-all bibs for sending to US.


Didn’t buy yet the stuff needed for Yui’s daycare as we still await for instructions from the ward office and meeting with the daycare nurses. From what my friend has been telling me earlier, I’m excited for Yui. πŸ™‚

baby cabinet and baby bed

Finally, our baby’s cabinet has been delivered! I so love the engraved mickey head.


It came already assembled but sans the mickey head handle. So while brother and sister (hubs and Mayumi) took care of assembling baby’s crib (baby’s crib is just right beside my side of the bed. Perfect arrangement),


I installed the mickey head handles. Voila! πŸ™‚


Giggles on the mickey heads.


After roughly more than one hour of assembly, crib is all up and ready! πŸ™‚


One thing I love with this type of crib is that one side can be lowered. So while sleeping, I can lower down the slide for easy access to baby.


No worries on baby falling because baby’s bed and my bed is jammed up tight (foam is askew in the photo hence the seeming gap).

Now we just have to wait for the futon that we’ve just ordered from Rakuten. Cutie isn’t it?


I’m a very satisfied Rakuten customer actually.

The Mickey baby cabinet we bought at 29,800 yen is really reasonable considering the price of the cabinets we’ve previously purchased from our friendly neighbour furniture shop. You can also select the color of the cabinet (either black or white) and the mickey head handles (comes in white, semi-transparent, blue, pink, black, yellow and of course red). The best part is that it’s wooden and not plastic.

The 7-set futon is at 21,000yen compared to the 5-set futon sold in Keikyu mall at 39,800yen.

The Katoji baby crib we bought at Akachan Honpo at ~13,000yen, courtesy of Otosan. Arigatou Otosan. πŸ™‚

nursery cabinet

Storage cabinets, this time. These designs, both Hubs and I concur. πŸ˜€

These are just so cute! From Rakuten’s global page.




These are made of polypropylene though so I have slight hesitations on it. I prefer wooden furnitures over plastic ones.

Then we saw this. It’s quite pricey but I think it’ll be worth the money. Love the engraved Mickey head. You can choose the handle color. Asked Hubs which he prefer – red or pink, he chose pink πŸ˜€


And here’s a “wishlist”. Hope I’d be able to decorate a room like this for baby. Again, it’s “wishlist” as it might not be possible. πŸ˜€ (from Amazon.com)


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