Hotel Gold (Cesky Krumlov)

Vienna was a dream ever since childhood. And Prague was a dream ever since we started planning our Italy trip. But Cesky Krumlov was a dream when we started our planning for the Eastern Europe trip. True, I wouldn’t have known about the place had our travel agent didn’t recommend it. And the moment I learned about it, I was more excited about it, compared to finally visiting Vienna and Prague. Why so? Because of every girl’s fairy tale dreams. This place has retained its charm from the medieval times up to now. Mark, Cesky Krumlov is one of the few, if not the only one, who wasn’t bombed back in World War 2 hence it’s just but logical for UNESCO to mark the whole town a World Heritage.

But I’ll save my post of the place for later. This post will be about the place we stayed in on our 1 night and 1 day stay in Cesky Krumlov – Hotel Gold.

We’ve only been to a handful of cities in Europe so it may be different with other cities. But at least with the cities we’ve been to, this I can surmise – a four stars hotel is an equivalent of two stars in Asia.

Our Vienna hotel was four stars yet the size of our room is just equivalent to a six-tatami-mat room. Our kitchen at home is twice that of the hotel bathroom. No toiletries except for a 3-in-1 soap/shampoo/rinse (although I really don’t want to complain with this because the shampoo was good for my hair). No bathrobe nor slippers.

Our Prague hotel was even worse – the hallway is reminiscent of a sanatorium or hospital. We’re thankful though that the staff gifted us with two bottles of sparkling wine to celebrate our honeymoon/anniversary with.


But we are most thankful in that our hotel was best where it should be best – at the charming and medieval town of Cesky Krumlov.

We arrived at the town just when it was getting dark. And it was raining. There was only one taxi in the station so we shared the taxi with another Japanese couple (I had to urge hubs to go approach the couple to have the ride with them otherwise we’ll be out in the cold for a long time, waiting for another taxi). As expected, and really almost all guidebooks warned us of this, the taxi driver cheated us; charging us 200czech crowns with only a 5 minute ride.

Wet, cold, hungry, cheated on, we really didn’t feel welcomed. But our moods changed the moment we got inside the big doors of our hotel.

It has a courtyard!


So unlike the hotels we’ve stayed before and even unlike some of the hotels we saw in the area (we dropped off the other Japanese couple earlier and their hotel didn’t have the same courtyard as ours had).

As hubs filled in our info, I was giggling right beside him, taking in the delicious aroma of the food wafting from some part of the building.


The guy showed us to our room and carried our luggage hence he saw me squealing with delight as I saw our charming attic suite room. It’s like a little girl’s dream come true – I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of having a room in the attic even when I was already an adult. Room was about 2.5 times the size of our room in Vienna.




Was taking the pictures from the landing where we laid our luggages. Yes, even the landing was sizable.

The room was traditional. But the bathroom is certainly modern. And big. Twice the size of the bathroom of the room I stayed in in Makati Shangri-la.


And they have the proper toiletries. and we have slippers!


The bathroom has its own heater by the way hence even during winter, you wouldn’t mind staying inside the bathroom for a long time.

Which reminds me. It was already pretty cold during our stay in Cesky; almost like the place is already transitioning from autumn to winter. Yet our room was comfortably warm. Despite the fact that we didn’t use the heating system. The room is sooo comfortable it was quite difficult to get up the following morning to explore the place. And oh, it wasn’t only the room that was warm. The people as well. Will be sharing our story of that warmth in another post.

Charming. And rustic. Typically Bohemian.




Bohemian crystal chandelier is just about everywhere.



I love their key holder.



From the outside, the hotel looked like a farmhouse, similar to the ones you can see in the Bohemian region, as you cross the boundary of Austria and Czech Replublic.


I wish there’s a Philippine flag in there. But at least Japan flag is up so we’re happy.


Small acts of thoughtfulness doesn’t escape me. Hence I’m really happy with these chocolates they’ve put on our pillows (the pillows are the softest I’ve had by the way – in fairness, the pillows in Vienna, Praha and Cesky is just pure heaven).


Cesky. English. German.


Of course, half of it is advertisement. The chocolate was really good, in fairness.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here so much so that I so wish we can come back here again.

And that wish was granted just this evening, actually.

I was so happy with the hotel and how the hotel staff treated us in that I dutifully filled out their questionnaire re: our stay in the hotel which promises the chance of winning in a raffle if I completed the form albeit I was just so happy that I actually didn’t pay heed to this promise.

Now, three weeks after our visit, hotel staff emailed me, informing me that I won below enumerated perks.
Package for two persons including
– A romantic accommodation in the castle-style room for 1 night
– Candle-light dinner
– Relax massage
– Breakfast in your room
– Parking

Arrghhh. But validity is only within six months. Curious because the last day of validity falls on our wedding day anniversary hehe. Of course, much as we’d like to visit the place again, it’s insane to go back there only after six months. We’re not exactly overflowing with money.

Fortunately, it is transferrable and hotel informed us that we can give it as a gift to a friend. And fortunately again, I do have a friend who’ll be having her nth honeymoon as well early next year. Lovely. Inggit na ako sa inyo Rezza! Haha. But I’m really happy that I could share around a possibly great experience like what we had. 🙂

Can’t wait for the voucher to be sent to us! And I hope we don’t loose it like how we lost the postcards we sent ourselves from Vienna. 😦

simple joys

Three notes to start this post:

1. We are really thankful to the people who lend us some of their time and read our posts. And even comment at that! Your visits makes blogging even more worthwhile. Thank you.

2. Among the many reasons a bride has in researching for her wedding details till her back breaks is so that her wedding will be unique, one of a kind, exceptional. Trust that a bride is truly exceptionally happy when she’s able to achieve this.

3. Recognition. To be recognised that the bride has achieved number two above is even sweeter than merely achieving it.

For some this may be mundane. But for us, it’s one simple joy to be thankful for. 🙂 It may change from day to day (this was last night). But at least, on some particular days, we made a mark.

Type in “travel themed wedding” in Google. This particular theme is almost worn out already these days. Hence for us to be on Google’s top six searches is a thing to be happy about.

Out of wanting to be deviant, we added a spice to our travel-theme and infused some rustic tone. Key in “rustic wedding theme” and voila!

And for obvious reasons, we’re happiest with this one. The fusion, Rustic travel themed wedding.

First. Thank you! 🙂


Rustic-travel themed wedding guest giveaways

Hubby and I wanted guests wedding favors that covered both the rustic and travel aspects of our theme. And well, katsa (rustic) bags (can you get any more “travel-ly” than bags??) certainly did fit the bill!

But we want it personalized.

With the help of a co-w@wie Anna, who designed our cartoons for us just in the nick of time, we had our cartoons silkscreen printed on the katsa bags.


  • Cartoon design by Anna Bonnevie
  • Giveaways tag design by Lene Dee-Dragon
  • Printing coordination, twine wrap and tag fringe edge ideas by Erika of Detalye

And oh. I wanted to use our cartoons as a stamp on our postcard thank you cards that we’ll be sending our guests. Customizedesigns did give us freebie stickers but the number of sticker cartoons we have is obviously much less than the number of guests we need to thank for. I tried to edit our cartoons to put some stamp border on it using Photoscape but my computer just freezes over whenever I try to attempt to edit it. After almost a day’s attempt, I had an output. But far from satisfying. I emailed Anna what she used to obtain the same stamp border as our cartoons for our giveaways. And I should have expected – Photoshop is the answer. But what I didn’t expect was the attachment that came with the reply. Anna revised our cartoons and gave me four options for our stamps.

Hubby was so surprised when I just suddenly exclaimed, “wow, Anna is such a nice person!!” when I read Anna’s email. True, Anna is one of those persons I have encountered that would make you say, “People are intrinsically good”.

Thankful for the blessing! 🙂

Katsa bag raw photo courtesy of Dino Lara.

rustic napkin bouquets

Idea: Erika of Detalye Weddings and Events

Execution: by Atsushi and Marjorie 😀 Doing it together was so much fun! It was one of my favorite evenings on our last week before the wedding. It was good to have our good laughs offset the scary atmosphere of Prince Plaza Hotel II where we stayed for 3 nights. (Segue, on Prince Plaza Hotel II: I am sensitive to “presence” of those not human. At one point, Hubby asked me, “Can you feel the ghost? Even I can feel the ghost”.  That’s how eerie the place was. One good advantage of the place though is its convenience being just right in front of Greenbelt IV.)

Materials: bought by Erika’s team in Divisoria

So proud with our finished products! Ready for handing over to Macy of K by Cunanan to adorn our napkins.

rustic-travel themed invites

♫…brown paper packages tied up with strings,these are a few of my favorite things…♫

Yep, our invites indeed are one of my favorite things (among many others in our wedding details). Ever since I saw a passport invite months before we decided to get married, I was bent on having our invites passport-style. But when I actually got started with the wedding preparation, I learned that a LOT of couples already adopted this idea. We’d only be one in hundreds. How to make our invites a bit different from the others?

Lene certainly had more ideas in mind. In her words, “who said we’re just sticking to passports?” I-just-love-her. See, what she had in mind were for us to have:

  • main passport invites, with the front and back cover text and logo gold embossed
  • a postcard for the RSVPs and dress code
  • a train ticket for our gifts preference (we’ll be based in Japan whilst the wedding is in the Philippines hence we had to specifically request our guests to not to follow Filipino tradition on gift giving – which is actually buying house items for the couple)
  • a hotel stationery wherein a
  • location map is attached

Lene also tossed the idea of wrapping our invites with brown craft paper for the rustic touch and Erika (Detalye) tossed the idea of sealing it with  logo sticker.

I love each and every part of our invites because of the detail in each. Take for one our train pass. Our inspiration was from Yokohama’s old subway train pass (nowadays, it has the pink PASMO mascot in the background). 

It has some orange logo in the background. And you know what Lene did?

I was beside her when she was doing this bit. We were just talking about some normal topic, totally non-invites related and then wham, she reduced our logo into minis and had it as background for our train ticket. Imagine my giddiness when I realized what she was doing. Lene is just simply awesome, isn’t she? 🙂

To complete our invites, we wrapped it in laminated craft paper and tied it up with a string. Erika’s team (Detalye) was kind enough to buy the strings for me in Divisoria. For somebody who gets sick e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e she goes to Divisoria, this favor is really something. Dust and aerosols and any minute particles really doesn’t sit well with my nose (that includes tatami and the dust and mites housed in the tatami which means I shouldn’t stay a lot in out tatami room 😦  Or better yet, clean the tatami room thoroughly hehe.)

There was one hitch though that really got me pressured. I can’t ask the printer to set up our invites for me because if they fold the paper and tie it up already, I would have to untie it and unfold it again so as to write the RSVPs and addressees. This could result to a much-wrinkled wrap. Shoganai ne, I have to do the wrapping myself. And for one who has untrained hands, this really put a lot of pressure on me.

But nothing is too strong for prayer and determination. True, before I started folding and tying, I had to pray for it. And I had to say this is for Atsushi and our loved ones.  Suffice it to say that each invite was a labor of love. 🙂  And they turned out not so bad after all.

Requested my ex-colleague/friend Russell Olaguer to take some shots of our photos. They turned out really nice, as expected! Together with Douglas Cataylo, Russell also covered our first prenup. I am so excited for our 2nd prenup tomorrow or sunday, granting good weather conditions with Russell and Gali Montalbo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ugh, I can’t delete the first two pics about the train pass in this slideshow. Anyways the map was in full lime green print (not in the pictures, it was the one folded in the hotel stationery), giving balanced exposure of both our wedding colors. Sorry, I had to mosaic the names though, for privacy purposes.

Oh, by the way, do visit Lene’s FB page for her miniatures and be amazed more with her talent.  Please do visit as well Lene’s portfolio. We are thankful as well to Crowne Print through Erika (Detalye) for their very good output/prints of our invite. Really nice work. 🙂

anything rustic

Rustic is just so romantic. Hope we can have these arrangements without the extra cost if possible.

Although not rustic, this one by Zenas Pineda is just so nice.

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