wedding colors

As Atsushi and I were munching our sumptuous breakfast in the beautiful Ancient House Resort in Hoian, we talked about our motif in our formal ceremony. I initially wanted it to be Spring colors – pink and brown. But after some discussion, we finally settled on Atsushi’s favorite color – Orange , which is to be combined with both our favorite color Green.

The combination of above colors is symbolic as well actually. It represents the  transition from Summer (green) to Autumn (orange) which is around the month that we plan to have our civil wedding; the time of the year when we hope to be joined, civilly, as a couple – granting the powers that be will let us be….

PS (almost 2 months after I published this post):

I came across our wedding colors on Brides magazine (July/August 2009 issue) and I was thrilled even more with how lovely our colors looked!

Mokume Gane

The moment I knew of Mokume Gane rings, I fell in love with them already…

And i’m so happy H2B (husband-to-be Atsushi) agreed! =D

Hopefully we’ll visit their place in Motomachi on September 12. Hopefully hopefully! =)

Having Mokune Gane art for our wedding rings is symbolic as well actually. Simply put, Mokume Gane is the art of melding and laminating different metals together, creating a pattern that resembles a wood. Having come from different countries with different cultures, our union as a married couple is also like a melding and forging of two different cultures and personalities into one couple. Hence, Mokume Gane ring is just perfect for us. I hope though, when we get to visit our choice jeweller, they’d be affordable as well. =D


wow, Mokume Gane is impressive. They even have a research institute!!

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