something to be thankful for – weekend edition

Friday. Thankful to have had survived a difficult deadline. There were only two of us left in our project at 8pm aside from our manager. To cap the workweek, our manager urged us for a drink. Hubs was still at work, so I decided to say yes and have some bonding time with teammate and boss while waiting for hubs. The small party proved to be quite enjoyable as we discussed about some social and political issues. After finishing off each of our pint of beer and a bottle of wine, hubs was still at work. Hence I waited for him in one of our favorite yakitori restaurants. My boss was really true to his word – we just had drinks. We had some knickknack and pika-pika and utsumame yes. But I was still hungry. Hence I ate at the yakitori shop. And yes, yakitori is my favorite Japanese food. It’s just so addictive!! It was already 12 when hubs arrived but I was still very thankful even because as late as it may seem, it still wasn’t late for us to share some laughter. The restaurant practically echoed our laughter. Happy.


Saturday. Thankful to have a husband who is excited to cook for me. We were shopping for our grocery supplies for the week and before I knew it, hubs was buying ingredients for a Hokkaido stew. He even walked so fast on our way home, excited as he is to get started with the cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet.

Sunday. Finally, was able to mail off our christmas cards and packages to friends. We are yet to send the nengajo though. But at least was able to achieve a feat today.

And here’s a bonus. Was walking my way home today when I came across a happy site. Ten years back, seeing Christmas lights in front of a Japanese home is VERY rare. Recently though, more and more people seem to have caught up with the Christmas spirit. These little Santas climbing their way up the veranda is just so cute!!! Can you see the third Santa at the top of the ladder? ๐Ÿ˜€


One week to go till Christmas!

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