Wishlist: Airplane escort cards

NB by Wifey, Dec 1: I was wrong after all! Hubbie knows how to play airplane origami! yey!

When I saw this on a wedding magazine, I just can’t get my mind off it. My wedding coordinators (Detalye) are gonna provide our escort cards and although I haven’t contacted Erika about this yet, I know it’s a tall order so I really wouldn’t strongly request that they provide us this.

But origami-crafting are really not among the talents that Hubbie and I have hence, I may have to add this on my (insane and seemingly impossible) wishlist being – lovely to behold, but too impractical to obtain.

Wishlist: Pasión for Wedding March

Wifey: I loved Sarah Brightman’s Pasión ever since I first heard the song, which was around the time that Hubbie and I were just starting as a couple ^_^. Learning the translation made me love the song even more. Oh how I so wish I can get to find people (and afford one at that!) who can get to sing this song for us for our wedding march…


(embedding is disabled hence, the link)

For easier reference, herewith are the lyrics which I found in THIS website.

You dream of a love
Which is pure, with no conditions
Strong, eternal as the sun
With which you draw a passion

You dream of a love
Which is clean, with devotion

Be free, spread the wings of the heart
And fly where passion nests

Passion is like a restless wind
That turns into freedom
It is knowing that there’s someone else who lives
Wishing to be able to find you
It is travelling with no fear through the stars and the immensity
It is crossing through fire, walking on waters
Making dreams come true
Passion is that great force
Which moves all creation
It is knowing that someone is waiting for you
Beyond that place where the sun sets
It is forever erasing the word loneliness
It is two souls that join together to reach eternity

You will never need
Someone in whom to trust

An angel who will take your hand
And will lead you to discover a world of passion

(Repeat chorus)

You live with a love
That is strong and with no conditions
Be free and put wings to your heart
Fly where passion nests

Oh, Passion.

cake topper

Goodness! A cake topper alone costs 10,000pesos??!!

It sure would be lovely though to see a cake topper like the one below that looks like me and Atsushi.

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