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As I’ve mentioned before, Kidfolio is one of the apps I refer to on a daily basis to help me get more knowledge on how to take care of my baby Yui.

Today’s topic as highlighted below is about crib bumpers.

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This doesn’t come as a surprise for me though as I’ve read a lot already about the dangers of and how unnecessary crib bumpers are.

Just this morning (and a number of times before that) I woke up with Yui’s face jammed right into the slats of her crib. I shiver at the thought what could have happened had I been vain enough to put a crib bumper on Yui’s crib.

Maybe they’re safe if you can be sure that your baby will be rooted on the same place you’ve laid her on in her crib. But of course you couldn’t be sure. So yes, crib bumpers are definitely no-nos on a baby’s crib.


4 Weeks, Day 5
When you were pregnant, you probably imagined a coordinated nursery complete with crib bumpers that matched the curtains. But crib bumpers can be dangerous. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a reminder for parents to place babies on their backs in a crib without stuffed animals, pillows, and cushioned bumpers. There have been many documented cases where newborns were smothered by bumpers, and older babies can use them to try to climb out of their cribs. Small babies can become trapped between the bumper and the crib rails. So, for the sake of your baby’s safety, return bumpers to the baby store in exchange for something more useful, and embrace the crib’s sleek, clean look.

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