a Royal Park cake

The P&ID section of our team was awarded by the Project team as People of the Month last month and got some cash gift. Wanting to share their gift with the entire (insert project name) Process team, they bought a cake from Royal Park Hotel confectionery for everyone on the team. Knowing how expensive Royal Park Hotel is, I know this cake is expensive. Alas though, it’s very SINFUL for me – one because of the RICH cream filling and second because of the peanuts on it (which may cause allergy for baby later on). But, I have to show solidarity with the team so I ate my share as well (hehehe excuses). My progress is good so far this week with regards weight gain control and it’s only once in a blue moon that I consume peanut so I’m hoping it will not harm baby (since books say only “excessive consumption”).

In the background is my 15year old calculator which I really consider a treasure. Teehee. 😀

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