on baby sleeping habits: best advise so far

Best advise so far from my references re: sleeping habits of your baby:

– Help your baby learn the difference between night and day. During the day, keep the normal household noise as usual e.g. radio, tv (we still didn’t purchase one), vacuum cleaner etc. Talk to/play with your baby as much as you can while she’s awake. Keep the blinds/curtains open. At night, keep the bedroom light low. Minimise talking to your baby and if needed, talk in hushed tones.

– Help your baby to have the ability to put herself to sleep. Put her in bed while she’s already drowsy but still awake. Try not to dance her to sleep. Try not to nurse her to sleep. Most babies need to sleep after two hours of being awake so try to put her to sleep before the two hours is up otherwise she’d be cranky and would cry that sleepy cry for hours.

Such golden advise. The first one helped us have better sleep at night. Hope we keep this up! 🙂

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