lightbulb moment

I don’t think I can ever survive a day without at least a minute of quality time with God. But if truth be told, I am not highly religious. Not religious in the sense that I am not a regular church-goer and there are a number of facts that I don’t know about in the Catholic dogma. 

Was able to attend a Palm Sunday mass this afternoon and it was with a surprise that I had moments of “oh! so this is how it is done during Palm Sundays”. I realized that the last Palm Sunday mass I attended was back in 2007 in Japan hence it was quite different with how we do it here in Philippines. I tried to remember when was the last time I attended a Philippine Palm Sunday mass. Even when I wanted to say my last was before my Singapore stint (because with that I can have a proper excuse), I am ashamed to admit that I think my last Pinoy Palm Sunday mass was back in University days, the latest of which was probably 2001.

But I am so thankful I was able to finally attend one this year. Thankful because I was deeply moved during the mass. I felt the strong yearning to unload in the altar my worries about Taal, about wanting to have a beautiful and joyful wedding for Atsushi, for my parents and family, for Atsushi’s parents and family, for our close friends. And suddenly, I felt joyful and peaceful. I can feel God smiling at me and blessing us even more and telling me to let go and not worry so much. Everything will turn out fine….

I will try to put work-OC Marj to sleep, at least for the next 2 weeks, albeit I probably need to remind myself about this every now and then. I have to let our suppliers be, with what they’re good at – they’re more experienced in this. I will just have to finish my tasks at hand which are mostly filling out all-important lists and also the napkin rings.

Believe that everything will turn out fine.

Yesterday, I was worried that I haven’t found yet the candles that was perfect for offertory even after scouring our neighborhood friendly malls (ATC and SM Southmall). But I walked in National bookstore earlier and lo and behold, the first thing I saw were just the thing I was looking for.

The angels look so joyful with their ribbons and trumpets.

I also have some idea already what to do with the matches. And I’ll be borrowing my parents’ Bible albeit it’s in Bisaya.

I also found the perfect missing piece to our principal sponsors’ giveaways, at a very affordable price.

Had rehearsals with Edna and Rodel (MPO) for Edna’s parts on the wedding. The very moment I heard Rodel hit the note in his keyboard, a smile lit up my face – good music really lifts up moods. Rodel was pretty impressed with Edna’s voice. But of course. Edna’s voice was just beautiful…

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