one boon in having a baby girl….

…is you can dress her up in the cutest dresses there are.


Or use the cutest gadgets! Yes, even with thermometers.


Happy Hearts Day everyone!

baby thermometer

Yui has this very cute Snoopy thermometer.


It has a bendable tip for hyper kids.


But that’s the thing. It’s for kids. Kids who can be told or coaxed to stay put. Not for babies. Whenever I try to measure Yui’s temperature and put it on her underarm, she would squirm and fuss and try to taste the thermometer by moving her mouth against the thermometer. And one other thing, it often takes more than one minute – forever for babies – for the beep to be on, indicating that measuring is done. And oh, she’s wearing layers now because of the cold season so at times it’s quite a challenge to try and insert the tip in Yui’s armpit.

Hence we finally bought this thermometer that could take a baby’s temperature within 1 second.


Since you’ll be putting the nozzle on your baby’s ear, it may, after a couple or so of use become dirty. Hence nozzle covers are also included in the package.


If the nozzle cover runs out, you can buy a set of nozzle covers in Akachan Honpo or in drug stores.

As for the price, we bought the Snoopy one at ~¥1700 whilst Omron one is more than ¥3000.

For now, Snoopy will have to wait till Yui gets older or, us older people can use it. 😀

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