Tojo Women’s hotel er hospital

I hope to find time next time to feature Tojo Women’s Hospital in detail. One thing though. Sometimes I forget I am in a hospital what with the food they’re serving and the shower amenities.

This is my dinner.


Yep that’s just for me alone.
I’m already perfectly happy with the grilled pork and candied onion, the sautéed mushroom and the shellfish soup for viand. Yet they still threw in steamed snow crab.


Now HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LOOSE WEIGHT while staying here??! I ain’t complaining though. Especially with a dessert as GOOD as this yuzu sorbet.


As it is though, I really hope we could go home soon so hubs can enjoy some time with Yui as well; hospital rules (as a general rule in japan) has his time with Yui limited. 😦

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