Nissin Cup Noodle gohan

The company that first introduced instant ramen to the whole world has a new variant in their line. And it’s not noodles this time. For fried rice lovers, this one is a welcome and convenient treat indeed.


It’s so easy to prepare.


Just pour water up to the level indication,


Pour the contents of the packets inside, heat it up for 5.5 minutes in the microwave and voila, you now have instant food!

The actual contents actually just make up around 1/3 of the box but you’d be surprised at how filling it is. Information says one can have 379 kcal from it.


As would be expected, the taste is really good albeit I’d still prefer Hubs’ fried rice over it. 🙂

Sold at ¥258, it is about ¥100 yen pricier than it’s noodles siblings but still, a great alternative, for people on the go.

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