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For some time, I had been confused on how will the National Statistics Office (NSO) get to have in their records that I’m already married. We were married in Japan and our marriage certificate is in Japanese. Now, if I were a different kind of person, if we didn’t report our marriage in Japan, I could very well get married again here in the Philippines, with another person!

So, how does the information trickle down to our government statistics office here? As I am worried over the confusion that might happen when I renew my passport in the DFA tomorrow, I asked the NSO a couple of days ago on how and when can they have a copy of my marriage certificate.

Says NSO and I quote:


Dear Ma’am:

Thank you for your e-mail.

For events that occurred outside the Philippines, registration is done at the
office of the Philippine Consulate located in the country where the event took

Thereafter, the said office will forward the copy of the civil registry record
to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) here in Manila.  In turn, it will
be DFA-Manila who will be providing a copy to the National Statistics Office

Upon forwarding of the DFA to the NSO, the record is assigned reference
numbers. Please provide us the following information in order to assist the
NSO in the search and retrieval of your marriage certificate:


The above information can be obtained from the DFA in Manila. It is also
suggested that you verify first with DFA-Manila if the marriage record, sent
by the Philippine Consulate, had already been received by the  Records
Management Division, and if DFA-Manila has already forwarded a copy to  the
NSO.   Kindly get in touch with DFA-Manila at (632) 834-4000.

Thereafter, you may submit your request for marriage certificate through our
website (

Thank you.

Yours truly,

e-Census Operations


So there. First step is made by the couple which is the ROM (Report of Marriage) in our case which was applied by Hubbie more than two weeks ago. We’re still waiting for the ROM certificate up to now though. Albeit the question is if at this time, when all documents are in transit, I’d be able to get a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) from NSO if I request for one. 

Anyways, if there’d be some election on the BEST PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT AGENCY, I would highly and proudly vote for the NSO’s e-census. So far, they’re the only government office that I am really impressed with the service. Superb customer service, they have. I wish all other government agencies would emulate them.


Updated: Church Requirements

Called both Lipa Chancery and Xavier Parish this morning and finally steps have been nailed down.

What the Lipa Chancery needs is for us to submit copies of the following:

  1. my Baptismal Certificate
  2. my Confirmation Certificate
  3. Marriage Contract – translated copy attached
  4. Copy of my CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage)
  5. Groom’s Certificate of Singleness – Koseki Tohon (Family Register) and the translated copy will suffice
  6. Certificate of Freedom to Marry for the Groom – Item 5 will suffice since Hubbie is non-practicing Christian
  7. Photocopy of the Groom’s passport

Since I’m now in Manila, they agreed that I can send the copies to them via LBC. They will then assess our papers and if cleared, and granting availability of the priest, they will schedule us for an interview on January 4 (to be confirmed) . Depending on the interview results, they will issue a clearance certificate to Xavier Parish, informing the Parish of the “go signal” for us to marry.

At the same time, I will also send copies of the following to Xavier Parish via LBC:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. New Copy of Baptismal Certificate
  3. New Copy of Confirmation Certificate
  4. Name/License No. of Officiating Priest
  5. Name of Sponsors
  6. Wallet size picture

If in case I still don’t have with me Items 4 and 5, no problem with them, says Sally. They will then issue the request for the publication of the wedding banns which I will publish in my hometown in Davao.

Xavier Parish will adjust our Canonical interview schedule depending on our interview schedule with Lipa Chancery, granting availability of Parish Priest. So if our schedule with Lipa Chancery is morning of January 4, they can schedule us on the afternoon of January 4 (to be confirmed).

So happy!

At the time of publication, the following are the helpful contact details of both Lipa Chancery and Xavier Parish:

Lipa Chancery: 6343.7562572; 63917.3545163; Archdiocesan Chancery, Archdiocese of Lipa, Cathedral Site, Lipa City, Batangas; Contact: Ivy P. Vilela

Xavier Parish: 6343.4160564; St. Francis Xavier Parish JP Laurel St. Nasugbu, Batangas 4231; Contact: Sally Dastas

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