Lupicia’s Kotobuki

Finally had the time to drop by Lupicia in Kamiooka to cater to a w@wie friend’s request to canvass for particular flavors. One of her recommended flavors was Kotobuki and goodness, the smell was just so good I ended up buying five packs haha. Four of them are gifts by the way. Loved Lupicia’s packaging for our principal sponsors giveaways. But I love this new packaging as well, which can be a nice giveaway for secondary sponsors.



As I have a cat’s tongue (Japanese idiom for a person who cannot drink nor eat anything hot), I had to let my cup of tea go cold before I can take a sip. I don’t mind really, since I can take my sweet time smelling the tea. A sensual experience, especially if the smell is as good as the kotobuki.

By the way, kotobuki 寿 means long life or congratulations. Fitting for weddings I might say.

principal sponsors wedding favors

I have already incorporated our rustic/travel theme in a lot of details in our wedding. To break the monotony, we thought of non-travel/rustic related thank you gifts to our principal sponsors, Bestman and MOH.

We initially thought of giving them Alamid coffee – The Philippine Civet coffee, tagged as the world’s rarest brew. But owing to a number of reasons, we had to select another option (will post a separate entry about this coffee). Other than looking for a good calendar for our guestbook, one of our goals for my March Japan visit was also to look for a good principal sponsors wedding favors.

Found the perfect one in Keikyu Kamiooka. Lupicia.

They have this pretty set that’s perfect for giveaways. The flower ornament is just so pretty(!!) and almost-rustic. We chose Sakurambo (cherry) flavor.

The loose tea leaves are inside the round canister. What made us finally make a go for this as our giveaways actually is that you can customize the lid of the canister. They have a number of designs for different occasions and among the designs available for weddings, I chose this design, for obvious reasons. You can just imagine how giggly I went when I saw the colors on this design. As for the font, it would be too long if we specify “Atsushi and Marjorie”, hence, we settled for a simple “A & M”. And of course, the date has to be inscribed on it as well.

It comes with a matching Sakurambo (cherry) flavored tea honey.

Now the one thing missing in this set is the tea ball for the loose tea. They were selling some in the shop but it was at 400yen each. I looked for one in Gourdo’s in Manila as well and found a very very pretty lime-green colored tea diffuser. Perfect accessory to complement our colors. Except that it was at 300pesos. haha. Found this one in another mall though and I couldn’t be any happier.

It looked so pretty on the VIP table.

And oh, another thing that made me all giggly with this set is that the package comes with a paperbag that has our colors. Yep, both orange and lime green. The lime green came off as pistachio green in my phone camera though. Look at the odd color of the hand haha. In real life, they are colors that would definitely make a bride giddy.

Perfect. Just perfect.

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