Longchamp 4×4

I’ve reached the point that i refuse to watch nor read any horror movie/story. The image would really be only retained on my head and torment me for weeks. Hence I’d rather avoid the torture.

Hubby wanted to watch “Exorcist” so much the other week that he offered a bribe, a win-win solution: he’ll buy me a bag if I accompany him. He wanted to watch so much he is willing to buy what I fell for at that time – a Longchamp new arrival that costs 60,000yen.

But of course I had to decline, for two reasons: I feel guilty for taking advantage and I know that the 60k bag would not really free me from the torment the exorcist movie would cause me for weeks. It’s just not worth it.

Fell for this one earlier though, Longchamp 4×4. I have this partiality with hobo bags, all my favorite bags ever were all hobo types. It’s currently sold at 47,000+ yen. I’ll check tomorrow if there’s another horror movie on this weekend. 🙂



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