a messy bath

Ever since Yui turned 2 months, when she was already too heavy for me to singlehandedly hold her in her baby tub yet still too small for those bath chairs, we had her have a bath with her Dad. We have a system going. Daddy takes a shower, goes into the tub and holds Yui while Mommy soaps and rinses the baby. Because of the cold months, we dress Yui’s first layer in the bathroom before I whisk her off to the bedroom to continue dressing Yui up. We had this system going smoothly since then.

Now, one thing I’m really happy and proud of is that Yui poops almost like clockwork. And because I know the very day she will poop, I just watch out for her soon-to-poop facial expression. The moment I see it, I put her down, ease her out from her diaper, raise her legs and then she does her thing. Not messy at all. She sometimes even “sing” while she does her thing. The only time before that she had a messy episode was when we were about to go out to see her paediatrician. Suffice it to say we were late for that appointment.

Today was supposedly Yui’s poop day but we were out for most of the day so she didn’t have her moment. Bath time came and we were happily cooing to Yui about the day’s happenings.

And then she stretched her lips; that about-to-poop expression.

Our eyes got big as we thought of the possibility. And in that split second that we hesitated and was about to coax Yui to wait, she let out what she had been holding on for the whole day.

Hubs gave me Yui and got out the tub like he has been scalded. Problem was that we were in the midst of soaping Yui. Oh the chaos and panic that ensued thereafter. And the cleaning up that had to be done after. Thankfully Yui slept right after we dressed her up so we had the time to clean.

The excitement and cleaning after certainly made us very tired later on. But we also had a good laugh after everything got settled and got cleaned.

Life with a growing baby. It gets exciting by the day! 😀

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