laundry string photos

I was instantly charmed when I saw this idea on a bridal website. When Erika suggested it, I was really into the idea already. But Hubby is shy in sharing pictures and I have to consider him.

Thankfully though, more than a month before the wedding, Hubby was already very much convinced with this idea. Was very thankful as well that his family, Otosan and Okasan, was very generous in sharing their pictures. The time when we scoured their family albums was actually one memorable time for me. Because even Obachan and Ojichan were taking out old photos that they were keeping in their drawers and shared them with everyone in the dining room. I particularly love that moment when together, Obachan and Ojichan were pouring over the old family album, laughing and pointing out something on the picture. Sweet.

We displayed a hundred pictures from our childhood up to our latest prenup. There were even pictures of the weddings of my parents’ and Hubby’s parents.

But having this string display earned us more than having something to display during reception. 

We also earned memories as we “unearthed” old memories. Lovely.

I requested Hubby to buy the wooden pins at the last minute. Good thing that his flight to Manila for our wedding was in the evening so he had a few hours to drop by the 100yen-store in Kannai to buy these wooden pins. And yes, he had his guitar and big luggage with him when he went in looking for these pins. Thank you Hubby! 🙂

Raw photos courtesy of Dino Lara.

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