more sweets!

Found a new Kitkat flavour! So cute! I think it can actually be a wedding favor especially for those who have a Sakura theme.


The taste? Love it – this coming from a maccha lover. There’s a hint of something mixed in though that I can’t quite put a finger on what flavour it is similar with. Nonetheless, it’s still very good.

This one was today’s office omiyage from Saudi Arabia.


And. Thankful for bonuses and tax refunds. Would hopefully buy the Laura Ashley curtains I’ve been having a crush on. πŸ™‚

Kitkat green tea Air in

They don’t just come in different flavors. They also come in different….forms. This one’s the “air in” variety. Reminds me of sports shoes actually. πŸ˜€


Will update this post once I’ll have my snacks later and get a taste on the bubbles effect.
Some update.

This is what I just love with buying Japanese food. You’ll know how many calories you are getting. This one bar for instance gives you 40kcal of energy.


Indeed, this variant has bubbles. Matcha and chocolate is much thicker than the wafer itself. But I ain’t complaining! It definitely is VERY good; not overly sweet at all. πŸ™‚


KitKat – Kanto Region Edition

Love these special KitKat editions. Perfect for pasalubong / omiyage / presents.

Yokohama edition, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor.


Yokohama edition, Annin dofu or almond jelly flavor.


Tokyo-Nihonbashi edition, Kuromitsu or Japanese sugar syrup flavor. Kuromitsu literally means “black honey”; kuro (ι»’, くろ) for black and mitsu (み぀) for honey.


Buy now, for your loved ones!


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