diaper bags

Just like during wedding preps, I’ve decided to post here pegs for baby stuff that we like, for our (very near future) reference when we actually buy already. And yes, we probably really need to buy within the next month or so.

Diaper bags!
all photos were from Amazon.com where we probably are going to make our purchase for these bags since so far I haven’t seen a diaper bag that I like in the malls. Saw one before in Greenbelt in Manila but alas we didn’t buy it – a reminder to really buy what you wanted to buy when overseas)

I love this Coach messenger diaper bag. But it’s pink so Hubs may have slight hesitations in carrying it. 😀


This Timi and Leslie tag-a-long Farah bag is pretty as well! And it’s blue so Hubs won’t have hesitations in carrying it. It has lots of compartments too for baby’s needs.



But this JJ Cole diaper bag is both our favorite so far. And it has the color/theme that I’ve been planning for baby.




Think. Think.

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