Brad Pitt in our HAZOP

HAZOP “season” again. And what with the other deadlines piling up, i’ve been having long nights at the office the past couple of days; making up for the other deliverables after a whole day in the meeting. A colleague said i’m a “tough worker”, said his pregnant wife – just two weeks behind me on our baby’s due – already gave up working late.

But i’m able to do the feat because there’s lots to be thankful for.

Thankfully, I have the energy to work just when I needed it. My pregnancy fatigue came early last week just when I wasn’t too loaded yet.

Thankful because Hubs has been really helpful and supportive. When I told him last night I was tired, he readily agreed we take the taxi going home. Mind you, taxi rates here in Japan are really high, especially late at night. And our home is quite far from the office.

When I also told Hubs my back was aching (pregnancy related) and I couldn’t find a good sleeping position that could alleviate the pain, he readily rubbed my back until the pain ebbed. Thankful.

Thankfully, the HAZOP for one of my compressors is done already.

Oh yeah. I’ve mentioned before how our meetings have celebrity look-alikes. This time, we have a Brad Pitt look alike in our HAZOP. Didn’t swoon over him, because after all, I have a husband who himself looks like a celebrity (hehe, dare to object???). But what I really liked with him was when he tried to make some small talk with me. I was expecting that his personality would be like that of a playboy or charao in Japanese. But no. When he talked with me, he asked about the dynamic simulation we did. Serious work stuff. Other women might be disappointed. But I guess I liked the fact that I’m talking intellectual stuff with an absolutely celebrity-looking person.

Going home now and meet my celebrity looking husband. 😀

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