1st gown fitting

I woke up at 7am with a very nasty tonsilitis and slight fever. My tonsils were so inflamed I was having difficulty swallowing. Gargled, in the hope that some bacteria will be killed and then went back to bed again. I have to get better to be able to go to Makati for my 1st gown fitting with Richie. The next time I woke up, it was at 11:30am already, still with fever. Still, even when movement was sluggish, I pushed myself to dress up, meet with Kat and then head off to Richie’s studio in Palm Village.

Yes, I was late for our 2:30 appointment. But I’m so thankful that Richie was still very gracious and patient with me.

For almost 2 hours, I forgot about my tonsils and colds and fever. Richie was sick as well but still, her bubbliness shown through. I asked her what was her opinion about the superstition of fitting your wedding gown. Laughing, she told us that the “malas” situation she had was when the bride didn’t had her fittings because the bride’s mom was so supertitious that they didn’t allow the bride to have her fittings. End result was that the gown didn’t fit snuggly as it should. Since then, Richie had been strict in having the gown fittings with the loophole that the gown will only be in the almost-finished state even at the last fitting.

We only fitted the lining this afternoon but as it is, I liked the “skeleton” of my gown already. I can just imagine how it would be when it’s finished. And I like how Richie is OC when it comes to fittings. We might have 4 more fittings before the wedding. I like! Cause then I can see my gown turn into me.

2 things I learned during our fitting that made me like Richie even more:

  • she knows what to hide and what to emphasize. let’s focus on what to hide. Richie has been exclaiming how thin I am and that I must have been only 1/3 of her (although I disagree with that). Yet, I have baby fats near my armpits. The curve at the breast part of my gown will then be modified to hide this particular spot. I’ve seen a lot of brides sporting this certain baby fat during their weddings hence I am really grateful to Richie for hiding this.
  • Even if it is beyond her scope, she doled out ideas on what the MOH and bridesmaids can wear in their heads considering the color and style of their gowns.

Richie also liked my shoe design idea although she suggested its better if combination is orange and gold instead of orange and pewter. Of course I’ll follow her. 🙂 I showed her my possiblel hairstyle from the party the other night and she loved it as well and showed me some hair accessories styles that she might put on me. Kakaexcite!

I wish though I can post some of my pictures here or share it with hubbie. But Richie was strict on this and I think, rightly so. As Dino Lara put it when we had our conversation, “there’s something really special during that moment when the groom first sees the bride in her wedding gown”. Hence, even if it takes a lot of EQ, I wouldn’t spoil that “moment” by posting some spoiler pictures.

This train of thought though brought me to a shocking realization: our wedding’s 4 and half months away!! Got to review my checklist!!

For now though, I need to have a healthier body.


Thanks to Kat (my MOH), for setting aside some of her time to accompany me in my fitting.

Irene Sy-Go

I wouldn’t want to have a made-up face go to waste. My trial make-up session had to coincide with an event/party or our prenup (take two!) session. That being said, the most sensible thing to do was to schedule my trial make-up with Irene on the day of our company Christmas party in Fernbrooks where we had to dress up in our black and/or white formal attire.

I’m not one for make-ups. And hubbie doesn’t like heavy make-ups as well. Hence choosing the right makeup artist for our wedding day is crucial. A fellow W@Wie recommended Irene to me back in October, prompting me to check on Irene’s site. I loved Irene’s work; Kat and I were very amazed the night we browsed Irene’s site – it made us realize how good makeup can really enhance one’s features. I pondered on the thought that probably soon, some other bride-to-be will have her share of oohhh’s and aahhh’s with her friends over my before and after photos. But what the heck, care ko; it’s a cycle. =D

Irene advised she’ll be at our office at 3pm. But she arrived a quarter before 3 – this despite hailing from Quezon City and on a December traffic at that.  Really professional.

The whole session lasted for more than 2 hours. Before starting our session, Irene asked me a lot about any allergies, any color/style preferences, the look I want – very thorough. I like! What I specifically liked with her was that she was OC with sanitation as well. She has facial cleansers and hand sanitizers and alcohol (for her tools) ready for use. She wasn’t heavy-handed at all. And even when using eyelash curler on me, I didn’t feel it at all.

Everyone gave a thumbs up on how I looked last night. When hubbie saw my pics and gave his thumbs up as well, it was then final. I’ll have Irene Sy-Go take care of our hair and makeup for our wedding.

We probably will opt for the Jessica Alba hairstyle.

I loved what Rica, Irene’s funny hairstylist, did to my hair.

Above shot as taken at the elevator, by very-preggy-yet-beautiful-buntis-jane.

Notes for the wedding:

  1. will probably not wear any faux eyelashes anymore
  2. teeny-weeny more blush-on
  3. darker shade of peach-pink lipstick since our wedding is early evening
  4. ask Irene to work on making my face less round

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