rustic napkin bouquets

Idea: Erika of Detalye Weddings and Events

Execution: by Atsushi and Marjorie 😀 Doing it together was so much fun! It was one of my favorite evenings on our last week before the wedding. It was good to have our good laughs offset the scary atmosphere of Prince Plaza Hotel II where we stayed for 3 nights. (Segue, on Prince Plaza Hotel II: I am sensitive to “presence” of those not human. At one point, Hubby asked me, “Can you feel the ghost? Even I can feel the ghost”.  That’s how eerie the place was. One good advantage of the place though is its convenience being just right in front of Greenbelt IV.)

Materials: bought by Erika’s team in Divisoria

So proud with our finished products! Ready for handing over to Macy of K by Cunanan to adorn our napkins.

3 months exactly

Our wedding is gonna be hopefully exactly three months from now!  🙂

I’m really all hoity-toity and giddy today because our invites has already been finalized by Lene! Why giddy? Because it’s soooo pretty!! And creative. And out of the box. I just love Lene Dee-Dragon! And we’ve attained what we’ve been aiming for – your not so usual travel-themed invite. Will share it here on our wedsite once we’ve had our invites delivered to our invitees.

So thankful for Lene who’s designing our invites free of charge, to Rey and Dee sisterhood for giving us a warm stay at their place and for MOH Kat who stayed with me in the Dee household to support and keep me company.

For now, I need to update the invitees list to finalize the total number of guests so as to estimate total number of invitations we need (plus allowance) to make as well as the number of reserved seat for each guest (no allowance) that we will put on the RSVP card.

Yet another ASAP item as well is that I need to update our “Tagaytay Hotels and Sites” page since, well, I made a reference to it on our invites.

We are also currently starting discussions for detailing on Reception styling. And you know what? I just love Detalye. 🙂

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