Ah, they’re mine!

Tuesday last week, a couple of the baby care apps I refer to talked about the development of baby’s sense of touch.





And true enough, late the other week, Yui seems to have finally realised that those flailing things she see beside her are hers. She started grabbing things and (yikes!) even tasting how those flailing things are – which prompts me to make sure her hands are always clean.

And then last Monday, I was able to capture a first – her hands finally are together for the first time!


November 5 had been pretty eventful because it was also the first time she slept for 7 hours straight at night! Mommy wasn’t able to sleep well though because I kept checking in on her – wondering how she is haha.

I’ve read that from when they’re 6 weeks to 6 months, babies start to sleep longer at night. And we’re so thankful that Yui belongs in the 6 weeks category.

November 5 found us with visitors from the ward office as well – a midwife and her interpreter for a routine check on Yui. Everything is fine thankfully. And something beautiful happened for the first time: Yui directly fed from me for five minutes. While in the hospital, Yui wasn’t able to learn to latch properly hence I’ve been pumping breast milk since then and that since then my milk has dwindled. But the midwife taught us how to do it. And Yui did suck despite the fact that she’s already used to feeding from the bottle. That night, Yui again fed directly on me for almost ten minutes. But not again after that. I wish I could say that Yui directly breastfed since then. But after those two miraculous and beautiful occasions, Yui wouldn’t do it again. Nevertheless, at least I had those beautiful fifteen minutes to remember. Thankful still.

For the lucky moms who can breastfeed their babies, enjoy your beautiful moments.

November 13 update: Yui breastfed on me again for 15 minutes!! A beautiful experience. Happy and thankful.

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